Theatre (immersive, interactive)

  • Pleasance Dome - Potterrow Plaza- Container 1
  • 20:45
  • Aug 28
  • 35 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: DARKFIELD
  • Warnings and additional info: This show contains extended moments of complete darkness and distressing or potentially triggering themes. It is not suitable for anyone who suffers with claustrophobia.
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies are not allowed in the venue
  • Policy applies to: Children under 2 years
Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the performance start time for the pre-show briefing.


Welcome to DARKFIELD. We hope you enjoy your stay. Eulogy is a surreal, otherworldly journey through a dreamlike, labyrinthine hotel that exists entirely in your mind. Performed in complete darkness over 35 minutes, this intense and exhilarating ride uses binaural sound and speech recognition technology to deceive the senses and transport audience members through rooms, down corridors and into the bowels of this strange and not altogether comfortable hotel. How your dream unfolds is, in part, up to you. However, make sure you don't volunteer to become the subject of the eulogy every guest is preparing to deliver.

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Paul Devine 105 days ago

Spicy take. I've seen 3 other darkfield shows (seance, flight and coma)

This was the worst. It wasn't actively bad, but compared to the others, it was just OK. The story felt muddled. It was also the least comfortable with regard to the cutout for your legs meaning that there are bits of metal sticking out at either side.

I did like that some of the audio was specific to the audience member's bunk name, and that the answers you give into the mic have an actual impact, albeit slight. Interested to see where darkfield go next with these ideas.

Sara 108 days ago

Liked the speech technology, not the lack of concern for the participants. I don’t think the warnings on the website are sufficient for the show, you are told you are not able to exit at any point after a 30s test in the darkness. If you were to have a medical emergency or a panic attack during the show there is literally no way for you to exit safely or let someone know you need help and they act like just having a 30s test in the dark means this is acceptable. For basic security reasons please insert buttons for emergencies that are available to those who attend.

Alice Connolly 108 days ago

What an experience!! I was terrified (in a good way)!! You really feel like you're being pushed around a dream-like hotel on a trolley - it's hard to believe that's not really happening! I love the look of inside the shipping container - I think it would have been cool if the lights turned on sometimes and you see glimpes of live performers in there, walking past you. Would definitely recommend a Darkfield experience though!

Issak 109 days ago

Enjoyed this immersive experience, something slightly different and was just the right length. Not to be taken too seriously and is just a something to enjoy don't think too deeply in to the narrative.

Hilary MacCormick 112 days ago

I'm a big fan of immersive experiences and so I really enjoyed this show! I think the shipping containers allowed them to make a really unique experience and control their environment. If the headphones had even more noise cancelling properties, it would have taken things to the next level. I'd love to see this concept expanded upon and lengthened into a more complex story and interaction.

Rainy 113 days ago

Really boring. Nonspecific narrative. Evoked nothing in me whatsoever. I found the reveal at the end pretty fricking obvious. It’s nice to be in total darkness and the pillow was quite comfy to sit on.

Lea L 114 days ago

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Not creepy or unnerving but mind blowing how the story can be told through sounds, whispers and questions in complete and utter darkness. Definitely recommended as a new experience.

Lynn Shooter 119 days ago

If you want to try something different, this is the show for you, but not if you're scared of the dark! The sound quality was brilliant - a surreal experience, as was mentioned in another review.

Sandy 119 days ago

Having been to quite a few shows already this year, this is one I would NOT recommend. Almost fell asleep which was very disappointing. Not enough going on to keep you interested.

David Ferguson 121 days ago

A very surreal and immersive experience that toys with the senses.

Flying Dutchman 126 days ago

Really novel show set in a shipping container in darkness having to use your imagination.
Very high quality sound reproduction with sensual voices makes for a great experience.
I won't say too much other than I rated it a solid 4/5
I'm a local and very reluctant to rate much a 5.

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Playbill 115 days ago

For Fringe goers looking for a memorable experience at this year’s festival, Darkfield is ready to provide.

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Longstaff Reviews (4/5 stars) 120 days ago

An adrenaline response that thrill seekers will adore.

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Geek Chocolate 121 days ago

a demonstration of the profound impact of sound overriding what the mind believes to be true, motion and presences felt and heard where there are none, but an interesting experience for those who are not, as the saying goes, “of a nervous disposition.”

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Broadway World (3/5 stars) 125 days ago

The use of technology is, expectedly, impressive and seamless.

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Participants - for further details on our audience and published review policies, including how to add or opt out of reviews, please click here.