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  • Underbelly, Bristo Square - McEwan Hall
  • 11:00
  • Aug 26
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 3+ (3 and older)
  • Country: Australia
  • Group: Underbelly and Erth
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From creators Erth Visual & Physical Inc, critically acclaimed international hit Erth's Dinosaur Zoo™ takes audiences into a new dimension of theatre. Get right up close and personal with an amazing array of prehistoric creatures, from baby dinos to some of the largest carnivores and herbivores that have ever walked the planet. Erth’s dinosaurs are unmistakably "alive" and mostly friendly in this fun, educational and original performance, connecting young audiences to the real science of palaeontology. Experience the thrill of this extraordinarily imaginative work that will delight audiences.

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Catherine Husband 116 days ago

What a fantastic show!!! Incredible Dinosaur puppets (although calling them puppets doesn't do them justice!). I went along with my 3 year old daughter who absolutely loved it. Please don't be put off by other reviews. There were dinosaurs on the stage for pretty much all of the performance. I thought my daughter would find it a bit scary, but she didn't at all. Excellent presenter made it funny and informative for adults as well as children. My only suggestion for anyone going to see the show would be not to sit in the first row (AA) if you have a small child as they won't be able to see over the high stage (we moved further back). Would highly recommend it!

Hollie Berry 125 days ago

Really wish I had read the review by Aimara Reques before I went with my 3 year old! It was completely inappropriate for his age. I would say 10 years upwards dinosaur obsessed kids would be interested to learn more facts. It really was 90% a man speaking and 10% dinosaurs that only the very few participants invited on stage had any interaction with. Very disappointed

Ross Finley 130 days ago

This is a great show for kids and adults alike. I went with my dinosaur obsessed 3 year old son and he loved every minute of this, the pure excitement on his face was worth the price alone. Yes i can imagine that some kids would be scared by some of the parts in the show, when T-Rex comes out there were more than a few jumping onto parents knees. I had expected that there would only be a handful of kids invited onto the stage to take part, but was surprised that there were loads invited to be involved which must have been fantastic for them. I'm a bit confused by one of the other reviews saying that the show is 90% taking and 10% dinosaurs, other than the initial 5 minute introduction there were dinosaurs on stage for the rest of the show. Yes it's expensive, but it's the fringe so I wouldn't expect anything less.

Beverley 132 days ago

I would not recommend this show. The dinosaurs were impressive to look at, and the information shared was interesting. The show was built around on-stage participants, and this is why I feel compelled to leave a review. The size and noise of the dinosaurs was scary for audience members but children were invited on stage. Far from it being a memorable fun experience for them the presenter continually went too far, terrifying the children, and being off-hand with them. This couldn’t be viewed in any way as humour for the audience, it was verging on cruelty. One child left the stage in floods of tears being told ‘leave the stage then’ when she expressed she was scared, another small boy was repeatedly told to jump into a dinosaurs mouth - he couldn’t have been more than 3, and the presenter just kept repeating it until the boy did what he was told, it was clear to all he was terrified but doing what he was told. Another small boy who could barely walk by himself was physically recoiling as the presenter continually shouted ‘chomp chomp’ with his head in the dinosaurs mouth, it was plain to see that the child was physically terrified, closing his eyes and sucking his thumb for comfort. Another very small child, not more than 3 was physically shaking, being told to stand on one leg and he couldn’t as he was so terrified. This is not humorous at all, and was VERY uncomfortable viewing. The presenter was highly condescending to the children, lots of quips about them being stupid and asking them to repeatedly kiss dinosaurs in a very disrespectful manner. I think someone needs to asses this show for suitability, terrifying children like this and laughing at their fear is not entertainment and I’m shocked that Edinburgh Fringe would support such highly inappropriate content in the name of humour.

Aimara Reques 134 days ago

I saw this show with my 4 year old grandson and two of his friends and we were actually very disappointed. Don't bring young children to watch this as I'm almost certain they will not enjoy it. You get a man talking 90% of the show, giving you a lecture on Dinos and you see and experience very little of the actual Dinos. It's 90% talking, a one man show, not particularly entertaining, and 10% of the actual Dinos on the stage performing and interacting with the children. It's not art or a real performance but a lecture full of information which doesn't really resonate with young children. I think you have to get to the heart and then to the head to have a better chance to connect with your young audience. And it was terribly expensive. I paid £73! for four tickets. I even had to pay £17 or so for my young 4 year old grandson and each of his friends. I did so because the site promised you would have good seats! But in fact our seats were OK but not exactly brilliant. Over all I would give 1 to 2 stars out of 5! Real shame really as we travelled all the way from Glasgow to get to Edinburgh by 11am and the kids were very excited. But the experience was overall disappointing as I said. Fortunately, there was lots going on around the town and kids had a good time in Edinburgh after all. Phew!!!

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The Scotsman (5/5 stars) 112 days ago

“Hands up who would like to meet a baby dinosaur that eats vomit?” says host Scott Wright, referring to the infant parasavolophus in the arms of one of his puppeteers, which fed on the regurgitated food of its parents. There’s a baby triceratops on stage too, in the show that...

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ThreeWeeks (3/5 stars) 116 days ago

Our host Scott, an Australian palaeontologist and our notional zookeeper, invites us to enjoy what proves to be a dinosaur TED talk supported by a pageant of impressive puppets. We start with a small, hand-held baby Triceratops, progressing through half a dozen mostly Antipodean species to the full (juvenile) Tyrannosaurus...

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One4Review (3/5 stars) 118 days ago

Set in the gorgeous McEwan Hall, Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo is part puppet show, part palaeontology lesson. The show begins with our host, Scott, reminding us all that although the dinosaurs look and sound real, they are just very good puppets. … Read More...

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Primary Times 128 days ago

This show is an absolute must for all dinosaur lovers. This international hit brings a selection of dinosaurs, from babies to the largest carnivores that walked the earth and engages this viewers in real science of palaeontology.
Fabulous show for those (young and old) who have always wanted to get up close to dinosaurs and also sometimes the opportunity to meet them at the end.

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Edinburgh Festival For Kids (3/5 stars) 128 days ago

All young dinosaur lovers will enjoy a visit to this show – part palaeontology lesson and the rest marvelling at the incredible puppetry and realistic dinosaurs you see before you…

Whispers of ‘are they real??’, (our mini reviewer included), are testament to how amazingly life-like these dinosaurs really are !! This somewhat slow-paced production is more of a dinosaur lesson than a show, so come prepared for that. We are however treated to facts, history and loads more; the presentation is lively and engaging – plenty of audience participation means the children are delighted and as the dinosaurs get progressively larger – from babies up – the attention in the hall is ever more focussed.

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Deadline News (5/5 stars) 128 days ago

We learn a lot in Scott’s company and laugh with him as he pokes gentle fun at the volunteers, clearly seeing echoes of his own passion in their excitement and awe.

The classic dinosaurs are here alongside recent scientific discoveries and Gus’s six-year-old palaeontologist mind was racing as he tried hard to file and retain all this glorious new knowledge.

Parents with a nostalgic fondness for David Belamey will immediately warm to Scott who appears to enjoy the performance as much as the crowd.

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The List (4/5 stars) 132 days ago

Dramatic and educational international puppetry hit...

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