Edward Hilsum: Silver

Cabaret and Variety (magic, solo show)

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The award-winning star of the spectacular Champions of Magic show spent months on a tour bus, entertaining tens of thousands across the UK and America... Now the 'hugely gifted British talent' (Katherine Ryan) is getting back to basics. In his intimate and heart-warming new show, The Magic Circle's Stage Magician of the Year and Magicana's International Rising Star of Magic returns to Edinburgh leaving the pyrotechnics and paraphernalia behind to showcase 'absolutely beautiful illusions' (BroadwayBaby.com) and 'immaculate sleight-of-hand' (The Magic Circle) that 'makes you believe in real magic' (Dynamo). 'Charming' (Guardian). 'Hilsum is a genius' (TheatreFullStop.com).

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Jill Richardson 79 days ago

A fantastic show. I had my friends little girl, Hannah, with me who was invited on stage. She loved it (unfortunately she has been trying to master the trick of removing the card from the glass of water since we got home though, wet carpet!!!) the tricks were very impressive along with the stories. Would highly recommend. Edward was kind enough to offer to sign a poster for Hannah and she is so happy with her coin. Thank you Edward and all the best for the future!

Simon Hughes 79 days ago

This guy was amazing. Small venue and close up magic at its finest. A truly memorable and professional show.

Mahnoor Ahmed 83 days ago

Absolutely excellent show, well worth the watch! Edward’s tricks were incredible and had the whole audience in awe. I enjoy magic shows and this one was one of my absolute favourites! Lovely lad with a charming personality. I could not recommend the show enough.

lks 85 days ago

I saw this show a couple days ago and it ws absolutely magical, I really enjoyed it. Edward is charming and it's such a fantastic show, I've no idea how he did any of his tricks, and they were absolutely amazing. I really really enjoyed the show, all the illusions and the story that went along with it. Thanks so much for a fantastic experience, I hope to see another one of your shows again soon!

Mark Wanless 85 days ago

What a wonderful experience. Intimate, intriguing, captivating show with a variety of styles of magic from an extremely personable and engaging young man. Highly recommended. Matthew says thank you too!

Jim C 87 days ago

Gentle, warm, intimate show, from an engaging and staggeringly talented magician. This might just be the best kept secret show on the fringe.

James Kennedy 87 days ago

Simply Stunning!
I have to say this is one of the top shows I have seen this year at the Fringe, Edward has a sense of wonderment within his magic himself that can only be equalled by a child experiencing Magic for the first time! A true professional I expect to see a great future for this young Magician.

Amanda Edmondson 88 days ago

What a fantastic show!! Very talented young man - he left audience wondering! Great audience participation!
Strongly recommend - I’d definitely watch again!

Thomas Tesler 88 days ago

Really amazing and well done! This is BY FAR the best free fringe show you can see!

Miriam Otto 89 days ago

This is when magic happens ...
When you sit in the cosy performance space at CC Blooms at Greenside Place in Edinburgh on classic folding chairs surrounded by rustical roughly hewn stone walls and modern neon lights in pink and ocean blue and watch Edward Hilsum unfold his magic while he stands in a rainbow of light, reminiscing of movies from the 70s.

You will start to believe in wonders and the magic of life again, if you have lost it.
 Especially the guests that get invited on his stage to his small black podium. The ones who are normally the hardest to enchant return with a glow on their faces. You literally see their yaws dropping and their eyes widen full of surprise or whisper silent words of reassurance to their friends, that it is possible and real. *
Edward’s fingers run fast and his tricks run smooth. He creates a perfect world of illusion for you, making things appear and disappear in front of your eyes. You will wonder countless times “How is he doing this?!”. He calls it his “new intimate show” because you feel as if you are only an arms length away from him.

Edward is a great storyteller and knows how to get his audience into it, finding yourself suddenly sitting there and dwelling in beautiful moments and past memories.
Understanding that this is what magic is about. Sometimes a picture of a great moment or your ‪favorite‬ song let you swoon and transport you back in time.
When the award winning artist Edward can’t touch your heart, who else can?
Don’t miss it!

Edward Hilsum’s show Silver plays ‪until 25th of August‬, every afternoon ‪at 4.15 pm‬ at CC Blooms. Free entry.

Zoe Armes 89 days ago

This show was incredible! Picked randomly as we couldn’t get tickets to another magic show we’d chosen and I’m so pleased how it turned out. Edward is charming, engaging and friendly and involved both myself and my partners daughter in the show with mind blowing results! We’ll be thinking about it for days! Totally recommend.

Donna Matthews 90 days ago

An absolute must! Highlight of our Fringe experience, I now believe in magic!!

Deanna MacLellan 90 days ago

I'm out from Australia, and decided on a whim to see Edward's show. This was the single GREATEST show I have ever seen in my life! He involved me in one of his tricks and made me feel like I was really performing the magic myself. What a truly wonderful experiance for me on my holiday. He is charming and expressive and makes you feel right at home as you watch him perform incredible, mind blowing MAGIC! Thank you Edward for the opportunity to be on stage with you. You are incredible! I hope to see one of your shows again soon!

Tara Clay 90 days ago

Freaking amazing. I’m still tripping off that magic. Going back tomorrow!

Algimantas 91 days ago

This is one of those hidden gems of magic and free Fringe. No big posters, no buzz about it, but that was the best magic show i've seen so far in Free Fringe, and i've seen many of em. Make sure u get a sepfie coz he will be famous in a couple of years.

lisa griffiths 92 days ago

I am fortunate enough to be person, the stand out magic trick was performed on/to.


Rachel 92 days ago

Took my children (9 and 11) to see this. We were all blown away. The show was excellent, and beautifully done. It's amazing being so close and intimate too. Absolutely fantastic and would highly recommend.

Julie Wright 93 days ago

This show will move you in so many ways. It tugs at your heart strings and leaves you in no doubt that magic is real!

Virginia Baldock 93 days ago

I would concur with previous reviewer, Ed's presentation style is charming and captivating. His 21st century trick will keep you pondering for days! A MUST see show.

Graeme Beveridge 93 days ago

@EdwardHilsum Great show at @CCBloomsBar Both my son and I loved it especially your final coin trick. Thanks also for the personalised poster to my son - top man and top show @edfringe ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lyndsey 93 days ago

Absolutely wonderful show - we've been talking about our different theories about how Edward managed to dupe us all (young and old!) for the last 2 hours! A definite must-see (especially as part of the free fringe!), you won't believe your eyes.... magic *is* real...

Debbie Rosenberg 94 days ago

Both my 22-year old son and I loved this show. It worked well in a small venue. Highly recommended!

Lesley Milloy 94 days ago

This show is amazing. Edward has a very lovely and professional delivery. He is hugely talented and his show is applicable to all age groups - I really recommend seeing it. Another reviewer is wondering how he did the mobile phone photo into the frame (magic?) - but how on earth did he do the rings in a chain trick (perhaps not a trick at all !)

Kat Peddie 94 days ago

Saw the show earlier today and my son went to bed still figuring out just HOW you did those tricks! Amazing to see something so fantastic right in front of our eyes! Would thoroughly recommend!

Jess 94 days ago

Seriously amazing show. So intimate and entertaining from a brilliant (and lovely!) magician. I no longer trust my own eyes.

Callum Cochrane 97 days ago

Brilliant, superb, phenomenal - you get the idea though! We chose to do this show just in passing, and So glad we did! Excellent, five star entertainment. A must see on the Edinburgh Fringe 2019!

Robert Beveridge 98 days ago

This was a wonderful display of close up magic, presented by a rising star. The climax of a picture taken from an audience members phone was incredible. Edward is a highly talented and likeable entertainer. Highly recommended.

Emma 100 days ago

Fantastic show. Edward is charming and engaging - the audience were entranced from the very beginning. Hugely talented magician. Don't want to give too much away but if you love magic you won't want to miss him!

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 80 days ago

When he was seven years old, Edward Hilsum attended a party at which a magician was performing. This chance event changed the course of his life and led him to his own career as a stage magician and the world is richer for it. The moment that drew him into...

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World Magic Review (4/5 stars) 91 days ago

Many magicians start their shows by discussing their discovery of magic as a child, to prime their audience to experience a similar childlike sense of wonder. Perhaps it is Edward Hilsum’s youthful face that allows him to use this tactic so compellingly in Silver, or maybe he really is just something special.

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