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Start your day early in the Athens of the North by getting your bearings from poorly informed Chartered Town Planner, Angus. He will explain the city's early beginnings, help you interpret its unique urban grain and highlight the actions of the movers and shakers that have helped make it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Angus is confident that nothing he tells you will be repeated in any other guidebook, history book or rival walking tour. If you enjoy BBC Radio 4's The Unbelievable Truth, you will love his irreverent tramp along the High Street and its historic closes.

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Ally Kadambi 24 days ago

I’m so glad we booked this! Absolutely hilarious, the best walking tour I’ve ever been on!

Becky W 28 days ago

Very witty and clever. Angus clearly has great knowledge of Edinburgh and was able to easily adapt the show due to weather conditions! Very difficult to spot the truths! A great hour (and a bit!)

Helena Wayth 29 days ago

Absolutely brilliant - a must see! So clever, considered and articulate. A great way to spend 90 minutes in the Old Town 'learning' about a thoroughly entertaining alternative history, people and events...

Viv Pyner 29 days ago

Brilliant walking tour with not much walking but plenty of "facts" about Edinburgh. Surely unmissable if you are a fan of Radio 4's "The Unbelievable Truth".

Louise Dewar 30 days ago

We loved this show! Brilliantly put together - entertaining and original.

Camila Bentancur 32 days ago

The most creative, witty and funny walking tour in town! We really enjoyed it!

+ we went with our toddler and Angus was super kind with him & us :)

Thanks for a great hour!

James 32 days ago

Funny and enjoyable. Well worth it.

Anstey Harris 33 days ago

This walking tour was an absolute highlight of our Fringe. How Angus remains so spectacularly deadpan whilst his audience are literally crying with laughter is a mystery. Superb fun, entertaining, and unmissable. The absolute highlight for us was the staff of the ‘cygnet library’. PLEASE go and take this tour/see this show. You will be forever grateful that you did.

Hawk Stone 33 days ago

I loved the tour. We walked around town and saw beautiful buildings and landmarks as we tried to hide our laughter of at his completly absurd narrating about unicorns and other facts about edinburgh.

Susan Looker 34 days ago

An inspired tour that made us laugh and smile at every twist in the road. We loved the ‘fact or fiction’ theme that kept us guessing ( listening and laughing) as we looked across at the views, buildings and monuments in and around the Royal Mile. Thank you for a fabulously entertaining hour -we enjoyed every minute!

Mike MacCana 35 days ago

Brilliant. Absolute deadpan delivery and hilarious content. Would have liked to cover a wider area and host needs to admit he’s bald but will definitely go again next year.

James Blague 36 days ago

The best thing about this fabulous, clever, witty, walking tour that begins on the Royal Mile and ends not very far away, is the unexpected feeling of superiority you feel when passing the two or three “proper” walking tours you encounter along the way and see the boredom of both the guides and their captives.
Angus plays it (almost) straight and has you sniggering from the start. Beautifully structured, with callbacks and repeating themes that Stewart Lee or Daniel Kitson would be proud of.
If you want to see a bit of Edinburgh on foot, ignore the official tours and book this one.
Favourite quote, stood outside the second biggest structure in the city, “I’ve done a lot of research but I’ve no idea what this place is. Let’s move on...”

Manuel Metz 37 days ago

Hilarious, unique and totally informative but not in the right way #cockburn delievered most seriously by a very charismatic guide. Great fun!!!
If you aren't a native english speaker, you need a good level in English to understand most of it. And if you aren't knowledgable in British culture, ask your fellow audiance members to sing the songs Angus refers to.

DONNA EWEN 37 days ago

If you like your humour historic and deadpan, this is a show for you. We were rapt by Editburgh's tongue in cheek descriptions and now many of our fair ctity's statues will make me grin on passing. A big thank you to the host who squeezed our party of 4 on at the last minute - the Jack Dee of town planning. Highly recommended

Mary Tierney 38 days ago

Brilliant, kept laughing throughout. Learnt nothing but that’s not the point! Thoroughly recommend.

Colin Wells 39 days ago

Just finished the Editburgh tour. Super Fringe event. Very funny, original and entertaining. Strongly recommended.

Maddie 39 days ago

We had a fantastic time at the walking tour. Angus is brilliantly engaging, entertaining, and friendly. A great show/performance for anyone looking to do something slightly different at the Fringe!

Julie Wallman 40 days ago

There wasn't much walking, we really only covered a very small area, but none of that mattered as our guide was very likeable and his information was very nearly believable. A very enjoyable hour.

John Lawrance 41 days ago

Thoroughly enjoyed today’s walk, lots of amusing and interesting facts, mostly not true, which was very entertaining and a pleasant change! We are strong walkers but feel the title ‘Walking Tour’ was an exaggeration and might put some potential customers off? Perhaps call it an Entertaining Stroll? Hope it carries on after the Fringe, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone-a surprising find!

sammy c 43 days ago

Most enjoyable and engaging host, Angus really cares that you've had fun. You'll learn stuff too! Totally recommend.

Joe Kidd 43 days ago

Absolutely the best thing I’ve seen this Fringe. Apparently behind plague, famine, pestilence and war, side splitting is now the most common death of tourists in Edinburgh.

William Evans 43 days ago

Not your average city tour! An unexpectedly charming little show. Not too much walking but lots of laughter.

Mel F 47 days ago

A fantastic humorous spoof of the many tours of Edinburgh you can go on. Some interesting takes on the weirder side of Edinburgh and not too far to walk either!

Martin Chitty 50 days ago

An engaging, entertaining and whimsical hour well worth spending on this not entirely serious tour. Made me laugh out loud.

Liz O'Neill 55 days ago

Fabulous fun with a few actual facts thrown in to keep you on your toes. Kept 2 middle-agers and a hard to please teen engaged and amused throughout.

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The American 39 days ago

On this hour-plus-long walking tour of Edinburgh’s Old Town, I had the distinct pleasure of being in on the joke. Our guide, town planner and dry wit, Angus Dodds, divulged that his mission for the tour was to poke fun at the over-earnest and sometimes boring historical walking tours that abound in the area.

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The American 47 days ago

"Side-splitting!" For any who enjoy a good parody and a bit of walking, I highly recommend this entertaining excursion. Our group was good humored, and I jealously suspected that there were even more inside jokes for the town planners of the group! At the end, I noticed that most of the walkers stayed on to compliment Angus, a good sign indeed.

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