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  • Assembly Rooms - Music Hall
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  • Aug 25
  • 1 hour 20 minutes
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  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
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From the creators of The Greatest Showman, La La Land and Dear Evan Hansen, Edges is a contemporary song-cycle which explores universal issues such as love, commitment, identity, and meaning. In a range of songs, spanning across genres and musical styles, the characters deal with confronting emotions, escaping expectations and deciphering complicated relationships. In the modern age of social media and information overload, this charming, witty and honest examination of adulthood in your early 20s explores what happens when we are teetering on the edges of our lives, and asks who we are, and what will we become.

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Michael Colao 108 days ago

It's a song-cycle, so do not go in expecting a plot or any character development (though there are occasionally hints that there is going to be some character development, but they remain only hints.. Though it is well-performed throughout. We enjoyed ourselves, but we probably would have enjoyed a musical more.

John Dewhurst 110 days ago

Hate to give a negative review, but I found the show tedious and boring. All the girls had similar voices and it felt like an audition for The Voice. When their singing became high or loud, the lyrics became inaudible. Difficult to empathise with any of the Characters.

Ian Ritchie 111 days ago

Four young women and a three piece band perform a song-cycle about relationships. Who knew that growing up female was such a challenge - makes me glad to be a boy. As usual with the RCS the performances were all excellent. ****

SG 112 days ago

Edges is a SONG CYCLE - do not expect any scenes. However, the 4 girls really bought all the songs to life. A couple of the girls voices seem tired and overworked so I do fear the rest of their run due to the cracks in their voices. Amazing band and slick changes between songs making the song cycle feel like a story. The 4 girls worked well together.

Violaine Bigot 115 days ago

The story of four girls with their girl problems, approached in a naive and old-fashioned way - it's such a shame to look at thirty-year-old women in this way Rather brutal transition. All musical, no dialogue, which we missed, and not much dancing, which is a pity too... Hyper-exhausting for the spectator to have no respite between songs ... Nevertheless, we salute the performance of the actresses and musicians, who gave it their all!

Sally 115 days ago

Sensational! This gem of a song cycle is an emotional rollercoaster. 4 outstanding performers and a top-notch band and MD. Clever staging and subtle direction. There are 14 beautiful songs each with a very relatable story arc. We laughed, we cried. It was beautiful. Don’t miss it!

Will Hall 115 days ago


Kathy Troy 117 days ago

Beautiful performance! I felt and believed the emotion of every word sung and played by the extraordinary cast and band. Don’t miss it!!

Steve Johnson 118 days ago

I loved this. It's a song cycle rather than a conventional musical, with a gorgeous score performed by a sensational cast of four, plus band, who radiate talent and star quality. A brilliant way to start a day at the Fringe!

Susan 119 days ago

Disappointing. Being the Conservatoire, the production quality was excellent and the performers were clearly quite talented, but without any plot, the performance dragged. Before long, I was watching my watch, anxious for it all to end - the sooner the better. I do appreciate that the performers were beyond good, but it just wasn't entertaining. A clear case of the operation was a success, but the patient died.

Prior to covid, the Royal Conservatoire gave us some really fun, high energy performances - 9 to 5... Legally Blonde... even Naughty Cat. Since then, not so much. Do you really think that in the midst of a cost of living crisis/pandemic, we really want to see Beth die again, and be told to be kind... No thanks. Before we mindlessly bowl up again on the basis of past glories, we will be carefully checking the reviews.

Ingrid 120 days ago

A disappointing performance: story wasn’t clear; choreography was good in the beginning, but then forgotten; singers were not always loud enough.

L 122 days ago

The music and performers were top notch, particularly the one playing the (unnamed) character who liked science. Sadly though, due to a decision to put the songs in a different order than they are normally performed, there seemed to be no plot that an audience unfamiliar with the musical could follow. I personally grew tired of trying to unpick a possible storyline and opted to enjoy each song as its own story. Also, the seats in the venue are quite uncomfortable to sit in for the length of the show. 2 and a half to 3 stars.

Sophia 123 days ago

Amazing singing but very unclear plot line, could benefit from some dialogue to add context. I thought I was being slow for not following but my friend group watching this was also lost. The only expectation the characters seemed to defy was wanting more than living in a small town and working at Pizza Hut? There was a brewing gay romance between 2 characters but honestly one of the characters involved in this had more convincing chemistry with her onscreen sister. There is so much potential but please add some dialogue so we know who these characters are, where are they in life? How do they know each over? Is it 2008? Why are they talking about Facebook? Who on earth did one character break up with? None of these are compelling questions without some context

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Mini Travellers (4/5 stars) 109 days ago

I’d recommend Edges as a brilliant show to take teenagers and beyond to.

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LondonTheatre1 (4/5 stars) 109 days ago

The show will strike a chord, if not several, with a lot of people, and its relative relatability and expressions of complex emotions make this a production worth seeing.

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Mini Travellers (4/5 stars) 110 days ago

The house band are phenomenal. They support a brilliant cast, who create amazing harmonies and some very poignant moments.

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British Theatre Guide (5/5 stars) 116 days ago

Edges is an exuberant production, beautifully staged and an absolute little gem. I urge you to go.

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