Ed Byrne: Tragedy Plus Time

Comedy (stand-up)

  • Assembly Rooms - Music Hall
  • 21:30
  • Aug 27
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: VSM
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing or potentially triggering themes, Strong language/swearing, More information
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Attributed to Mark Twain, humour is defined as tragedy plus time. Join Ed as he tests that formula by mining the most tragic event in his life for laughs. Praise for Ed's previous Edinburgh sold out run: ***** 'High quality stand-up from a master of observational comedy' (BroadwayBaby.com). ***** 'Definitely stand-up at its best' (VoiceMag.uk). ***** 'A masterclass from one of the finest comedians' (Magazine.DailyBusinessGroup.co.uk). ****½ 'wicked sense of humour, a charismatic stage presence engulfs the massive room packed to the rafters' (One4review.co.uk).

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Gav W 93 days ago

I've seen various Ed shows since the 90s - and this is definitely Ed back to his best. A gorgeously well crafted show full of sadness, joy and laughter.

Richard Vanryne 96 days ago

A beautifully rounded, hilarious show covering loss and poorly timed jokes. What a wonderful human Ed is. Absolutely brilliant.

Helen Steer 97 days ago

This was the show of the fringe for me. Poignant, engaging and very very funny. What a show

Tom Ratcliffe 97 days ago

Funny, moving, heartfelt, well crafted and you'll leave with some thought provoking advice. Really great.

Sheila McD 98 days ago

Comedy at it’s best - Ed’s show will make you laugh, cry, think and phone your family.

Rox Dinsdale 98 days ago

Clever but sad, left the venue crying, if you’ve ever said anything to a dying family member (friend) which you regret….. beware. Went to another show after, to cheer myself up.

James Cranston 100 days ago

Fantastic show! Extremely funny but also one that makes you think.

Alison 100 days ago

I am so glad we went to see this show. It is raw, and the subject matter is dark but Ed delivers such a deeply personal tribute to his brother and clearly wants the overriding message to be that we should not hold grudges against those closest to us as life is shorter than you think. We laughed, were shocked at times, cried and feel privileged to have witnessed Ed bare his soul. I’m sure his brother Paul would be proud.

Sal 101 days ago

Ed Byrne at his best. So sad to hear about Paul's death, and all the heart-wrenching family dynamics surrounded it. But Ed wrote and delivered the show brilliantly - clever, very moving, hilarious and truly memorable. I highly recommend this show, if you're open to the tough subject matter and some very dark jokes. All the best to the Byrne family.

John 104 days ago

The show started good enough but quickly turned in to a self indulgence rant, about his brother death, it would appear that when comedians run out of material they go for the shock or tasteless material in the hope they can make it back on to TV. I found this show quite sad, yes we all need to grieve in our own way, but I am not sure doing in show is a good way. If only he had spend 10 minutes on this subject and the rest of the time as a comical tribute to his brothers work it may have been a better show! Sorry can't recommend this show.

Thomas Vincent 104 days ago

Byrne at his best. A funny, poignant and angry raconteur. This show will chime with anyone who has experienced the ups and downs, and joys and losses of family life.

Sarah Hay 104 days ago

Both the heaviest and the funniest show I've seen. It's an absolute masterpiece. I laughed, I cried, I texted my mum.

Alison 105 days ago

Brave , open and challenging - glad I went - a comedy night I will not forget

Tom Fairnie 105 days ago

Seen Ed before and loved that show but this didn't work for me. The fact a lady on the front row stood up to applaud at the end was a sad reflection. Would not recommend

Lesley 106 days ago

15 August. Excellent show tough, emotional and very personal material handled with professionalism and sprinkles of dark humour. Well done Ed. Add this show to your 'must see' list if you can.

Audrey 106 days ago

Really enjoyed this show - It was a tough watch (based on the sad subject matter) but Ed’s delivery made me feel less guilty for finding the humour in his grief. He knows what he’s doing and he does it well!

Lynn Shooter 107 days ago

This was our final show before departing the Fringe and it didn't disappoint despite the subject matter. A very sad and personal situation for Ed to share but very professionally delivered and he managed to make the audience laugh.

Mary Rivett 108 days ago

Brilliant. Side splitting and heart rending in equal measure. Thank you Ed, we love you.

Elli Mansfield 109 days ago

I've always enjoyed Ed Byrne's comedy and this is something completely different. It's a show about his brother's death. It's dark, raw, funny and sad in equal measures. Very brave and perfectly delivered.

Martin Pleasance 109 days ago

It was painful and funny, so far beyond everyone’s comfort zone. If it helps Ed process the gaping chasm left by Paul’s death then it was a master class of a top brain crafting a perspective on his reality. Whatever it was we salute the genius of Ed Byrne and truly wish him peace.

Agnes Joyce Wells 109 days ago

As an intensive care nurse I found this show disturbing. It was apparent that witnessing the death of his younger brother was a momentous moment in Ed’s life, but I felt it tragic that people would laugh and actually enjoy the exposure Ed Byrne allowed his audience to hear. I understand that making jokes about a personal tragedy is a way to deal with the raw emotion a death brings. But surely this could have been kept private as most people would do. I cannot recommend this show.

Julie Phillips 110 days ago

What a great end to our day. We laughed so hard. Very sad subject matter concerning the death of his younger brother. But Ed delivered it perfectly. A must see show add it to your list.

Colleen 111 days ago

I loved it sad heartbreaking subject matter but slways ending with loud belly laughs. Well done to Yvonne the BSL translator, not easy to keep up with the speed he talks. Venue pre seated waiting area was hotter than hell and standing in that area makes you feel feint but worth it to see the show

A Jones 111 days ago

This is a solid show but I can't help but feel uncomfortable for the person whose perspective we will never hear from, and whose death the whole show depends, Ed Byrne's baby brother Paul. Though I am ignorant to the specific family dynamics, it must be very hard to grow up in the shadow of a famous older sibling, particularly one with such a sharp tongue. It is hard not to feel for Byrne's brother, his private messages and failings thrown into the public forum without consent. His final moments of life described without grace or dignity, all was chaos and discomfort. My heart broke hearing about it. I can only hope that as Ed Byrne moves through the many phases of grief that his regret for this show does not outweigh the positive reviews and rewards he is garnering.

Marcus Cauchi 113 days ago

Painfully raw, vulnerable and powerful stuff. A genuine delight to see Ed live, but what raw subject matter.

I reckon you pulled it off Ed. And Paul would be proud. You made me reflect on my own situation with family.

Oh, and my wife hated it BTW. Too soon and too raw, she felt. I disagree. Great show and powerful stuff

Pam Sharp 113 days ago

Such a well crafted show.
Although it deals with loss i thought it was an entertaining and engaging show. Ed managed to thread humour through the storytelling and we really enjoyed it.
A great show

Autumn McCartan 115 days ago

The first time I ever heard the term Edinburgh Fringe was out of Ed’s mouth 17 years ago. I was really hoping to see him perform here all those years later and I’m so glad that when I did it was with such a special show. Hilarious and vulnerable, I laughed and cried; this show was everything it needed to be. Thank you, Ed.

Emily Anderson 115 days ago

Outstanding. Gut-wrenchingly sad and funny at the same time. A very brave show.

Leo Kelion 115 days ago

Laugh out loud (a lot) comedy with a message that will last with you for years afterwards.
Ed is at the top of his game and this send-off to his late brother is one to savour and learn from.

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Theatre, Films and Arts (5/5 stars) 96 days ago

Move over Michael Mcintyre and James Corden it’s time to let Ed Byrne onto the Royal list for Wimbledon box seats, his wife would be ecstatic.

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LondonTheatre1 (5/5 stars) 97 days ago

Filing out of the venue, I heard someone say, “I need to call my mum”. And I don’t think it was to give them a lift.

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Daily Business (5/5 stars) 102 days ago

Ed Byrne is reinventing the genre

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The Telegraph (4/5 stars) 104 days ago

[An] affectionate joshing tribute to baby Byrne.

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The Student (4/5 stars) 105 days ago

I could not recommend this show enough.

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Edinburgh Reviews (5/5 stars) 106 days ago

Ed Byrne: Tragedy Plus Time is beautifully written, flawlessly performed and with plenty of belly laughs and heart. Highly recommend.

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Fest (5/5 stars) 109 days ago

A fierce tribute to Paul Byrne and lost sibling rivalry.

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North West End UK (5/5 stars) 110 days ago

An absolute master of observational comedy

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Theatre Travels 112 days ago

Byrne’s show is energetic, moving and the funniest thing I’ve seen at the festival so far.

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