The Ecstasy of Victoria Woodhull

Theatre (immersive, storytelling)

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Reach across the mortal plane! A budding clairvoyant is haunted by the spirit of Victoria Woodhull, the unsung heroine of the Suffrage movement who was ultimately written out of history by her peers for “radical views” on free love, economic justice, and the fight for equality. Victoria’s extraordinary story culminates when she becomes the first woman to run for President of the United States almost 50 years before American women could vote. Help our clairvoyant bring the story of Victoria’s life into the light! 'Exciting, fresh and ready to be devoured' (

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Eleanor May Blackburn 34 days ago

Truly beautiful and poignant. The acting writing and direction were all a complete joy. An expertly crafted piece that demands people to recognise this incredible woman of the past.

Rosie 34 days ago

I just loved this! The staging felt super intimate, with audience participation and welcoming eye contact making it a wonderfully engaging show. Funny, clever and performed by a superbly talented actor, I would absolutely recommend this! Just bring a jacket because, as one would expect in the presence of spirits, the performance space is pretty cold!

Cynthia Shaw 34 days ago

What a delightful show! Ashley takes us on a whirlwind tour of the amazing life of Victoria Woodhull. She is convincing in the characters she creates and obviously delights in. As she whirls around stage as a medium, she magically tells the life story of Victoria. I definitely have to find out more about this incredible woman who joyfully and purposefully made her powerful way in the world of men in the 1800's. Fantastic!

Liza Grashion 38 days ago

This was an amazing performance delivered by a talented actress sadly in front of a handful of people. We loved the story and the way it was revealed. It deserved a much bigger audience.

Graham Osborne 38 days ago

This performance was simply brilliant.The show is about a suffragette who as a child is beaten and abused by her father.We are introduced to a clairvoyant played by Ashley Ford and we are asked to a seance to search for the spirit of the Suffragette. The Suffragette's name is Victoria Woodhull.She is a very clever and talented woman because Victoria runs for The US presidency 50 years before women can vote,then Victoria becomes the first woman,together with her sister,to open a brokerage firm on Wall Street in 1870.After that the sisters start a newspaper with the money they made from the stock firm.The newspaper is used for promoting womens suffrage.We are introduced to Victoria's sister,Named Tennessee and the women history remembers for winning the right to vote say that Victoria Woodhull is a new champion.I loved it and will see it again.I give the performance 5 STARS.

Amy Aliazzo 38 days ago

Ashley Ford captivated the audience from the first hilarious second of this show! As she delved deeper into the serious side of Victoria Woodhull's fascinating life, I found myself in shock that this pioneer was written out of history! The show is so well-directed; Ashley Ford uses every inch of the stage with a charismatic and engaging energy that keeps the audience thoroughly entertained throughout. And the writing is clear and'll leave not only having learned so much, but wanting to know more about this historical figure! A must-see!

Carol Cahill 40 days ago

What a great actress and clever story telling. Def recommend this show and looking forward to reading more about Victoria Woodhall's interesting life.

Elena Mazzon 42 days ago

This is a fantastic solo show. Beautifully acted and bought to life by Ashley Ford. Not only the story is fascinating, introducing us to the life and adventures of a woman we have probably (unfortunately) never heard of, but the play has been so well written and the whole performance is captivating and entertaining. I can only recommend this show! Besides, the company is from the States, don't miss this precious opportunity to catch them before they are gone!

Brian Wood 43 days ago

Absolutely loved it! It's a valuable, important show that is incredibly relevant to the world we live in today. I'd recommend everyone see it!

Vanessa Mangione 44 days ago

A brilliant and witty show about an important but forgotten piece of history. Highly recommend it!!!

iona hordern 46 days ago

Carefully crafted production telling the story of a remarkable woman. Portrayed with energy and humour. 50mins well spent!

Chloe Deas 47 days ago

This was brilliant - from start to finish the audience were treated to a wonderful performance. This is a story that deserves to be better known, and in my opinion, this show deserves 5 stars. Go see this show if you get the chance.

Mike Lemme 47 days ago

Powerful and hilarious. I loved every minute of this show. Highly recommend! Congrats to the entire team!!

Jennifer Grace 48 days ago

Thoroughly enjoyed this show, would definitely recommend. Funny, poignant and relevant! The energy was high and sustained throughout and it was excellent performed and written. Definitely go and see!!

Jeff Ahern 49 days ago

Really enjoyed this show. Captivating and very well acted. Such a terrific job. I highly recommend it!

Christine 52 days ago

Highly recommend! Brilliant and multifaceted acting and learned a lot. Great production team!

E S 53 days ago

absolutely fantastic, thoroughly enjoyed every minute! Beautifully written, and through the faultless blending of historical fact, comedy and overall wonderful storytelling, this show delivers the seemingly forgotten story of a feminist pioneer, and is absolutely a must-see!

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The Smu Reviews (3/5 stars) 30 days ago

Lightly comedic but with a dramatic, theatrical sensibility

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 43 days ago

The spirit of a suffragette is summoned in this engaging biography

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Broadway World (3/5 stars) 48 days ago

Following this performance, you leave wondering why you hadn't heard about Woodhull sooner!

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