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  • Pleasance Dome - QueenDome
  • 16:10
  • Aug 25
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 12+ (Restriction)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: The North Wall in association with The Pleasance
  • Warnings and additional info: This show contains strong language and themes some may find distressing.
  • Accessibility:
    Audio enhancement system
    Signed Performance
    Relaxed Performance
    May not apply to all performances. You'll find more information about accessibile performances and how to book tickets in the accessibility tab below.
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 2 years


'When you see a scar you know someone's had pain, but if you can't see it how would you know?' In a school for excluded pupils in Hackney, Bailey waits for a decision that could change her life, whilst her headteacher prepares to leave it all behind. Full of humour and heart, Marika Mckennell's timely new play gives voice to those who have fallen through the cracks in mainstream education. Directed by Fringe First Award winner Ria Parry.

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General venue access

  • Audio enhancement system
    Signed Performance
    Relaxed Performance
  • Accessible entry: Main queue inside Dome at left of building. 5 steps up to the space or Level access to left of venue — ask staff for assistance.
  • Wheelchair access type: Level Access

  • Stairs: 2 - 5
    Number of stairs is provided as guidance and is not in addition to any wheelchair access type (lift/ramp etc) stated above.

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Signed performances

  • Dates: 15 August
  • Interpreter: Laura Goulden - Not Selected
  • Type: BSL
  • Booking options: You can book independently online, or contact our access team to book your tickets and request any specific seating requests in relation to the location of the interpeter.

Captioned performances

  • Dates: 12 August
  • Type: Open
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Relaxed performances

  • Dates: 13 August
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  • Character Introduction Details
  • Additional information: Information not supplied

Be aware that this show features:

  • Characters expressing anger
  • Heavily dialogue-driven scenes
  • Audience chill out area
  • Permission to move around and make noise
  • Show guide or synopsis or character list

Show does not feature:

  • Total Audience Black Out
  • Flashing Lights/Strobed Lighting
  • Loud/repetitive/high pitched/unexpected or overlapping sound
  • Distinctive smells
  • Special effects (e.g. smoke/bubbles/pyrotechnics)
  • Latex balloons
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  • Audience required to sing/speak along with/for performer
  • Audience invited on stage
  • Performer goes into audience area
  • An intermission
  • Permission to engage with performer

How and when to make an access booking

Our access tickets service is available to anyone who:

  • Would like to book specific accessibility services, e.g. a hearing loop, audio description headsets, captioning units, seating in relation to the location of the BSL interpreter
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  • Is a wheelchair user
  • Requires a complimentary personal assistant ticket to attend a performance

Donald Bogle 60 days ago

Excellent - touching and evocative whilst still being funny and uplifting at times. Highly recommend.

Samantha Cedermark 85 days ago

E8. A superb piece of new writing. We were sucked right into the lives of these characters. Wonderfully performed. The young actress who played Bailey was amazing. Had me in tears. Go and see this please.

Julie Phillips 87 days ago

I’m a retired teacher. A sad reflection of a career that brought me joy

Claire 88 days ago

Play about Pupil Referral Units (where teenagers are sent if they've been expelled from too many schools). Really touching, the kind of theme where you couldn't stop thinking about the subject matter after you left the theatre. Your heart went out to the characters. Fantastic writing - would really recommend

Mike Tivnen 92 days ago

Not a barrel of laughs, but then neither is life at the bottom of the pile, which is where these excluded pupils in Hackney are. And this is undoubtedly thought provoking and moving, as well as being really quite entertaining. Strong performances from the cast who force you to engage with and empathise with the characters and their seemingly hopeless, impossible situations. The audience was sparse at our performance – undeservedly so as it really deserves to be widely seen. Please go see it.

nadia fraser 94 days ago

Wow....this was just great! Superb acting from a talented cast.
Would definitely recommend

Anoushka Bonwick 97 days ago

Incredible acting, skill fully directed and a poignant show that has a lot of heart. One of my favourite shows I have seen so far (and I’ve been here for 9 days now!)

Sean Davis 98 days ago

E8 (***)
After school, two troubled teens find refuge in their classroom with the two teachers assigned to nine such pupils. The brash, smart girl dominates the play as the lives of the other three become secondary to trying to placate and/or control her. The lead teacher is so soft hearted, that the play becomes simply about when, and not if, the girl will get whatever she wants.

This was the 31st most enjoyable of the 48 shows I have seen so far this year. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website: www.fringefan.com.

Penny Mckee 98 days ago

Wonderfully acted and riveting vignette about a disturbed excluded young black teenage Londoner- nothing goes her way. Thought provoking exposure of an all too common and under-resourced problem wonderfully explored by 4 gifted actors.
Do see it - no happy ending tho- you are left wondering what will become of her.

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ThreeWeeks (4/5 stars) 76 days ago

Examining the lives of kids excluded from mainstream education, this honest and unflinching account sheds a much needed perspective on the state of a failing education system. Set in real time, it takes us on a journey with these characters, spending their days in a cramped inner city classroom, as...

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The F Word 78 days ago

It feels real and raw, showing the heart of these kids: an important scene that allows the human side to shine through.

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The Independent (4/5 stars) 80 days ago

Ryan (Harry McMullen) is unable to concentrate for long or express himself, while Bailey (Alice Vilanculo) has a violent temper, but hopes to find a better life away from her aunt’s home with a fostering referral. Showing a slice of life rather than a route to easy solutions, the play...

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 80 days ago

But in this age of growing wealth gaps, rising knife crime and families trapped in low-wage, zero-hours jobs, the tensions surrounding young people trying to navigate their way through their teens are enough to drive too many over the edge, into open conflict with the society around them.Marika Mckennell’s powerful...

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Everything Theatre (4/5 stars) 82 days ago

An hour of real time inside a local Pupil Referral Unit, packed with rage, hope and injustice. The intense delivery packs quite a punch.

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Voice Magazine (3/5 stars) 84 days ago

E8 says important things and tells an important story

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ScotsGay (4/5 stars) 88 days ago

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is an eclectic mix of artistic wares – sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss, and sometimes, you are faced with a performance that sits on a pedestal atop Fringe mountain – and my god, does E8 belong up there. The performance begins the moment you enter...

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The List (4/5 stars) 90 days ago

The kids are not alright...

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Fest (3/5 stars) 90 days ago

After the end of lessons at a school for kids who’ve been excluded from mainstream education, two teachers and two pupils hash out personal and political problems with a system stretched beyond breaking. Bailey wants to see the email that could change her life, and will tear down the classroom...

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An Organised Mess 90 days ago

E8 successfully brings a hidden part of our education system to light. Demonstrating the ability to educate is never determined by the classroom. Chaotic home lives, peer groups and friendship circles being far more responsible for a child’s ability to benefit from an education.

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The Skinny (3/5 stars) 92 days ago

It’s late on a Friday afternoon in a shabby, cramped classroom in East London. The school day is long over, but teenager Bailey sits at a desk, idly seething, as the headteacher, Polly, organises some paperwork. This is not a standard school, but a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) – an...

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The Wee Review (3/5 stars) 96 days ago

An Alternative Provision School need not be a euphemism. ‘At best it’s a family,’ says Marika Mckennell, the writer of E8. Her play might help you agree. It will certainly get you halfway there. Polly, Acting Headteacher, reckons that pupils need to ‘feel safe enough to kick off’, which might...

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 96 days ago

It’s a late Friday afternoon and Polly is packing her things before she starts her PhD. Her time as headteacher has been enjoyable, but it is time to leave the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) – an alternative to mainstream education for those unable to attend through exclusion, illness or otherwise...

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