Cruel Intentions: The '90s Musical

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Enter the manipulative world of Manhattan's most dangerous liaisons: Sebastian Valmont and Kathryn Merteuil. Seduced by revenge and fuelled by passion, the step-siblings bet on destroying an innocent girl. As they weave a web of secrets and temptation, they become entangled in the cruellest game of all: love. The cult movie you love laced with '90s classics including Britney, Christina, *NSYNC and REM, all performed live. 'Fun, sexy, seductive. It's a great time!' (Huffington Post). 'Funny... nostalgia-fuelled. The choice lines and inspired soundtrack hits are all there... the best of the '90s!' (New York Times).

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Kathryn Wright 121 days ago

This is an all around fun show that even got a laugh out of my hard to please other half.

Sean Davis 122 days ago

Cruel Intentions The ‘90s Musical (***)
A brother and his stepsister set out to corrupt two young virgins to the songs of the 1990s. Even though the cast was talented, because I did not know the popular songs, and my old ears could rarely understand their lyrics, I found most of this sex centered story of little interest. However, my companion, who knew the songs, loved it, and thought it destined for London.

This was the 57th most enjoyable of the 88 shows I have seen so far this year. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website:

Lynn Tennent 122 days ago

If you loved the film you’ll love the show. The cast were talented and made the show fun and light. I liked how some of the hits of the 90s were incorporated within the show. Really enjoyed the performance.

Danielle Seatter 123 days ago

If you've seen the film and love 90's music then you are in for a treat. It was both funny and poignant. Great cast, great energy and the audience loved it!

Guy 126 days ago

I’m not one to glibly compliment but this was a fun fast paced 80 minutes with excellent performances from the talented cast, great arrangements of 90s classics. Well worth taking the time to visit this production

David Dobson 127 days ago

Excellent show with a very talented cast. Well worth seeing!

David Henderson 128 days ago

In spite of the rather black tone of the original film, this musical still managed to be a lot of fun, revelling in the dark comedy of the clash between the naive and manipulative New York teenagers. The actors seemed to be having a lot of fun and this provided a great evening's entertainment.

karen 129 days ago

Fantastic show! West end quality performers and funny, clever use of the great 90's music. I love musical shows and this is one of the best shows I've been to this year. The audience got it and seemed to have a great time. Highly recommended. A watch out for youngsters - some sexually explicit talk.

Clare Miller 129 days ago

Wow! This show was fabulous from start to finish. Excellent acting and very talented singers each and every one. I loved the tongue and cheek genre and how they cleverly and humorously weaved popular 90s music into the story. The vibe from the packed audience tonight was that everyone loved it too- a must see!

Christie Clinton 130 days ago

Funny, sexual, emotional, great acting and singing, lots of nostalgic tunes, great bodies! Really loved the show despite not being into musicals.

LTW 132 days ago

Sorry but I do not know how this show got good reviews by the media as it is a rather poor attempt to weave a story around popular music.

For a musical, the vocals were poor and the acting more amateurish than professional.

For me, and the few people seated around me, it was a cringeworthy hour+, and we were happy to see it end.

Not recommended unless you want to see poor cover versions of your favourite 90s hits.

Reported/Removed 113 days ago

This review was reported and removed after review by a Moderator.

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The Play's the Thing UK 105 days ago

There’s a reason the film made a killing at the box office, and the musical version loses none of the sexy, sleazy comic darkness that made the original (or rather, the original remake of 18th century French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses) such a hit.

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The Awkward Corner (3.5/5 stars) 109 days ago

It’s corny, it’s fun, it’s awkward, its production values are very good, it’s not going to change your life, and it’s definitely not going to start or finish on time, but it is a fun night of silly and new musical theatre. Go for the cult movie references, stay for the excellent soundtrack and music.

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Culture Bean 110 days ago

Cruel Intentions, the ugly film all about angsty American teenagers has been transformed into a Musical. This jukebox style show is full of 90s songs you no doubt sing in the shower, from Britney to *NSYNC and Natalie Imbruglia.

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The List (4/5 stars) 113 days ago

Jukebox musical adaption of the sexy cult film fuelled by a near-perfect 90s soundtrack...

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Broadway World (4/5 stars) 116 days ago

The bent to film adaptions and jukebox productions in new musical theatre does not fill everyone's hearts with joy. Where are the original narratives? But Cruel Intentions: The 90s Musical combines both of these elements with perfect pitch. It is pure nostalgia and escapism, the night of entertainment and fun...

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British (4/5 stars) 116 days ago

With leading producer Bill Kenwright on board, this new incarnation of Cruel Intentions is surely lined up to delight more audiences after its Edinburgh run.

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My Fair Theatre Goer (4/5 stars) 117 days ago

Cruel Intentions is a fitting title indeed. The musical paints a picture of the young and wealthy elite in New York as devoid of all moral bearings and with little to do to pass the time. Audiences should expect a slick production, an unstoppable wave of 90s-nostalgia and eye candy galore.

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K107FM (4/5 stars) 117 days ago

The cast were young, fit and immaculately prepared for an almost non-stop musical. Based in Manhattan the plot involves step-siblings and a bet to deflower the headmaster’s daughter and all the sub-relationships that get in the way. Comical and sexy at times the 1990’s pop songs woven into the story actually do suggest a Bittersweet Symphony. The hint of pop dance too came through as these well-rehearsed young voices carried the songs with ease. We had Kiss Me, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Torn, Bye Bye Bye and Genie In A Bottle to remind the 90’s audience of their youth from the teen hit selection.

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UK Theatre Network (3/5 stars) 117 days ago

" enthusiastic and talented cast belted out 90s classics as evil step-siblings Kathryn and Sebastian set out to corrupt the naive Cecile."

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Musical Theatre Review (4/5 stars) 119 days ago

The well-chosen cast can all really sing which helps and Jonathan O’Boyle’s production make very clever use of the space in the Spiegeltent in George Square Gardens. A couple of stylish sofas at the back could be part of the set for the Laclos novel/Christopher Hampton play and all the character interaction takes place far forward into the audience.

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Fest (3/5 stars) 120 days ago

As a film adaptation of Les Liaisons dangereuses, Cruel Intentions took improbable leaps, transferring the warring affairs of the French nobility to a Catholic high school on the Upper East Side. The musical, however, takes only baby steps away from its source material, inviting constant comparisons. Half the songs are...

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Life as Theatre (3/5 stars) 121 days ago

Well, Cruel Intentions: The 90’s Musical is certainly something, though exactly what that something is, is difficult to ascertain. If the original 1999 film, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe wasn’t exactly subtle in its 1990’s adaptation of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, the musical goes to a whole other level. It’s a blend of 90’s pop hits set among the rich suburbs of New York, ups the camp factor to a hundred. It’s all a little bit rubbish but seems to revel in that fact and with a terrific cast playing it all with a little bit of a wink its no doubt it is often gloriously entertaining. High art, well no, but it doesn’t need to be to produce a Festival hit.

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Everything Theatre (3/5 stars) 121 days ago

Hits by Natalie Imbruglia, Britney Spears, Alanis Morrisette and Christina Aguilera are deliciously sung by the female leads. Whilst Scott Hunter and Dean John-Wilson add some comedy into the mix.

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Miro Magazine (3/5 stars) 121 days ago

Yes, we all go to the Fringe for those deep one-person pieces and political manifestos… But people having sex and being horrible to each other is a pretty close second. And all this banging is accompanied by swathes of tongue-in-cheek 90’s bangers that merge to produce a dark, kinky, ferocious 80 minutes of sordid manipulation.


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To Do List (5/5 stars) 122 days ago

An inspired cast and irresistible 90s indie pop make this bitchy new musical a runaway Mean Girls-esque hit!This US musical reincarnation of the saucy 90s movie about posh brat high schoolers coming of age shouldn’t work – but good news, it TOTALLY does and oh boy it’s a fun ride.Every...

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Theatre Weekly (4/5 stars) 124 days ago

"How much fun can you have watching a pair of step-siblings plotting and scheming to destroy the lives of everyone around them? A lot, it would seem going by the Saturday night audience at The Assembly’s Spiegeltent Palais du Variété, and especially when the plot is set to a cavalcade of 90’s hit songs as it is in Cruel Intentions, the off broadway musical making its UK Premier at Edinburgh Fringe."

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The Scotsman (3/5 stars) 125 days ago

If there’s a second or even third-hand feel to this jukebox musical version of the 1999 teenage reimagining of 1980s adaption of de Laclos’ 1782 novel of sexual intrigue then it really shouldn’t be that surprising. ...

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Culture Fix (5/5 stars) 125 days ago

1999 cult classic film Cruel Intentions receives a musical rebirth thanks to Jordan Ross, Lindsey Rosin and Roger Kumble’s new adaption. Directed by Jonathan O’Boyle and choreographed by Gary Lloyd this is a slick and sexy piece of musical theatre, laced with well-pitched comedy, a delightfully nostalgic soundtrack and impressive performances.
Cruel Intentions: The 90s Musical packs acerbic wit, a much-loved nineties soundtrack, and slick and sexy dramatic conviction to produce an outstanding musical theatre experience.

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Edinburgh Guide (4/5 stars) 125 days ago

A deliciously dark romp through the tortured actions of stepsiblings Sebastian and Kathryn, this musical brings unexpectedly hilarious moments within its biting teenage satire. The songs are used particularly well, with the unusual timing and application of familiar songs into the fabric of the storyline, one of the highlights and...

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 127 days ago

With millennial nostalgia at its peak, there can be no better time to head to the Edinburgh Fringe and experience Cruel Intentions: The ‘90s Musical. With a soundtrack to die for⁠—no pun intended—and the *NSYNC dance moves we didn’t realise we still knew off by heart, this musical is the...

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Whats On Stage (4/5 stars) 130 days ago

Opening to the strains of Placebo's "Every You Every Me" and ending with The Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony", the musical version of Cruel Intentions is a veritable '90s pop fest. It shamelessly and gloriously revels in some of the best tunes that decade spewed out, using emo refrains alongside peppy...

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