Crossing the Void

Theatre (new writing, contemporary)

  • theSpace on the Mile - Space 3
  • 15:35
  • Aug 26
  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: koi collective and New Celts Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing themes, Strong language/swearing, Trigger warning for suicide
  • Accessibility:
    Relaxed Performance
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  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
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Sally MacAlister collaborates with upcoming theatre company koi collective to premiere a new comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe. Hannah has been dead for a year, and her pals are still struggling to find their feet. Hoping a seance will bring the group together again, the girls toast, celebrate and mourn over a bottle of Bucky. However, ghosts of many forms drift amongst them, secrets hang in the air and lines are crossed that unpick the stitches of their social fabric, revealing the ultimate truth – the group are now no more than strangers.

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Lorenzo Novani 37 days ago

The characters are well written and brilliantly acted. The piece is thoroughly engaging at all times with a compelling premise, both fun and tragic at the same time. I know it's a fine balance between making things clear to the audience and allowing them the space to do the work but myself and a few others left with a niggling doubt about an aspect of the twist/conclusion that could easily be tidied up by the writer. Anyway. Go see it. It's excellent.

Flora Law 40 days ago

Utterly brilliant show. Fantastic acting throughout and great writing and directing. I was totally engaged by the story and had goose bumps at times. It deals with harrowing themes including suicide and the reality of grief and how it takes a hold of the different characters. Despite this I found myself laughing throughout at the clever writing and delivery from the very talented cast. I will definitely be coming to see this show again during its run at the Edinburgh Fringe and have recommended it to others.

Charles 42 days ago

Superb ensemble: excellent direction and acting with sustained intensity throughout -- including through silences.... Recommended!

Jac 44 days ago

Crossing the Void is a must see. The combination of an incredible script by Sally McAlister and phenomenal performances delivered by 5 exceptional young actors. This will not be the last we see of Koi Collective.
Zara Louise Kennedy (Lorna)
Zoe Isobel Kinniburgh (Josie)
Evie Mortimer (Charlie)
Georgia Lee Roberts (Abby)
Amelia Fleur Yayici (Finn)

Graham Kennedy 44 days ago

There really is something otherworldly about this production. You step off the High Street and into the lives of five very different young women, thrown together by tragic events. Their initial niceties soon erode as raw grief and regret pull at the tenuous strands of their relationships.

In this world the twists and turns of the plot are masterfully acted by five young actors who deliver with passion, commitment and beautifully timed humour. I found myself crying with laughter and had the hairs of the back of my neck stand up; it really is an emotional rollercoaster so make sure you strap in as the cast keep on delivering right up to the tumultuous finale.

And there it ends … and you head back into the daylight wondering if 70 minutes have passed, or have you really witnessed something super(natural).

Well done the Koi Collective!

Finlay Cassie 47 days ago

Crossing the Void is absolutely brilliant. The cast are outstanding, they can have you in a fit of laughter in one moment and completely heartbroken the next. All of the actors demonstrate an incredible range and manage to turn in distinctive and memorable performances.

The writing perfectly balances mystery, emotion and complex dynamics of the group. The use of video complements the action on stage really well and is used just enough to enhance the show without overpowering it.

Get you tickets quick because this is sure to be a sell out!

Michael Brown 49 days ago

Throughly enjoyed 'Crossing The Void.' The show is was a tremendous mediation on grief and grief, guilt and how consuming our need for closure can be and lengths we'll go to get it. The ensemble cast works well together, and overall the show stayed in my head long enough that it was only the next day when things clicked in my head and I let out an audible 'ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.'

But yeah, a great show with some outstanding performances.

Viv Aitken 51 days ago

Saw this show on opening night and loved it. Very talented cast, engaging storyline and some surprising twists. It’s a play about life, death, love and lies. Would highly recommend it!

Hannah Stewart 51 days ago

This show was amazing. Hilarious and heart breaking at the same time. Brilliant acting and such an exhilarating story told. 100% worth going to see.

Maz25 53 days ago

Excellent performance, very well done. Would definitely recommend.

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The Student (4/5 stars) 33 days ago

An impressive Fringe debut for Edinburgh-based theatre company Koi Collective, in collaboration with scriptwriter Sally MacAlister, Crossing the Void is a brave premiere, which profoundly explores the fracturing of old friendships, in a sensationally supernatural light.

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Bouquets & Brickbats (4/5 stars) 41 days ago

Crossing the Void is a dynamic piece of theatre, and the team spirit behind the production feels almost palpable. There’s clearly a sense of shared ownership between the writer, director and actors – and this successful collaboration has paid dividends.

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Binge Fringe (4/5 stars) 43 days ago

It holds you throughout with a genuine sense of anticipation, and cuts deep into the fabric of the human relationship without ever taking itself so seriously that you disconnect.

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North West End UK (4/5 stars) 47 days ago

A successful collaboration, that of these young women, who, although only at their first experiences, prove themselves masters of their story and of the skills necessary to tell it.

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