Come Die with Me: The Murder Mystery Musical Parody

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Calling all reality show fans, murder mystery enthusiasts and lovers of drama, gossip and gore... have we got the show for you! This ode to the beloved British TV classic has all the best bits of the competition: Food? Check. Drama? Check. Murder? Chec... wait. The brand new murderous musical by up-and-coming playwright Hannah McGregor (Hamlet: The Play The Panto The Musical), devised alongside director Amber Docherty and a multi-talented cast of creatives will have you giggling, gasping and gagging and that's before the choose your own ending!

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P Greene 32 days ago

Silly but fun. Enjoyed the OTT characters and the singing and acting.

Lenno 33 days ago

I really enjoyed watching the show. It catched me from the first second since the cast, the story and the humor was so great. Thank you for this incredible experience!

Paul 33 days ago

Fast, funny and fun! Such a privilege to see a great new show on its first run! Really hope it runs again in future as I want to take more people along.

Willow Dunlevie 34 days ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this show. I thought the concept was really fun and it was executed incredibly. The vocals from this whole cast were exceptional, the fact they've written all the music themselves was amazing! I thought there were some really funny sections of the show and it flowed very well with the story. I love that the end of the show was up to the audience too, and the vision of the whole story was very clear. I would 100% recommend a trip out to see this show this fringe festival, and bring some friends !

Adam 35 days ago

I mostly liked it, it’s definitely a fun, original concept that has ton of potential and in terms of the script, a lot of things work well … I laughed a lot. The cast is talented (tho vocally uneven) and they create a great range of interesting characters. The problem is this isn’t a musical … barely a play with songs in it, and not even very good ones at that. Just because something’s catchy doesn’t mean you can ignore the technical aspects of songwriting. I also wish they had a live pianist or a small band, the tracks always feel sterile … my suggestion, make this a play or get a proper musician on board to bring this to the next level! 3/5

Anna 36 days ago

This show is so clever and really well done - the songs are fantastic! You’ll end up laughing the whole time.

G 37 days ago

Saw the show on Saturday and absolutely loved it. Such a fun concept and amazing acting throughout. Very funny and 100% worth seeing! Would happily go again.

T 37 days ago

Songs that will stick in your head, great performers and a very funny storyline. I highly recommend this show!

Fiona Wilson 38 days ago

5 stars all round! Come Die With Me was one of the most entertaining shows I have seen. Every actor was fantastic, and the commitments to each of their characters was so strong. The brilliant writing, catchy musical numbers and each of the actors’ wonderful performances make for an excellent fringe show. I could not stop laughing the entire way through it. Would
reccommed to everyone I know!

Angharad 39 days ago

An really funny original show with great characters and songs, and a super talented cast. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun musical comedy!

Seb 39 days ago

An incredible show!! So original and fun - had me smiling from start to finish. If you love catchy original songs, Barbie references and a strong ensemble cast, definitely give this one a try!

Olivia 40 days ago

A great show with a really talented cast, catching music and a brilliant plot! Don’t miss this amazing show!

Richard P 40 days ago

This is the kind of show that could go places. It fills you up with laughter and chills from the vocals of the performers through the beautiful written music. If you want to see a musical at fringe this year, this is the one. 5 stars!

S S 40 days ago

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this show- but my mind was creatively stolen for an hour of fantastically written comedy.
The vocals were skilfully flaunted within the first number and captivated the audience for the duration of the show. Another notable mention was the audience participation towards the end. Very very well thought.
Now i don’t want to reveal any spoilers for the show… so go and see it for yourself !!! Not worth missing !!!

Silly Car 40 days ago

This musical, penned by the incredibly gifted Hannah McGregor, is an absolute must-see for Fringegoers this year. Together with cunning director Amber Docherty, McGregor has birthed a brilliantly humourous show from absolutely nothing, and that alone deserves every praise. The entire team of creatives (yes, that includes the cast, who helped devise the majority of scenes/characters) have done an equally impressive job of bringing the words on the page to life. It was no doubt a daunting task for these young creatives to bring a new musical to a very loud and often opinionated Fringe audience, but I strongly believe there is something in this show for everyone, be that Orla Bayne’s impressive riffs in their riveting solo, Andrew Lodge’s expert portrayal of Frederick Reginald Fronk- whatever his name is, or even a Yorkshire Pudding puppet show. For such a small venue, Docherty has approached this project with exactly the right attitude, utilising every space available in the theatre, and even at times leaking into the audience. A special mention should go to Roza Stevenson and Heather Richardson. Both wonderful actors in their own part; they also blew me away with their standout vocals and palpable on stage chemistry. Despite a few let downs in terms of actors’ diction (only a let down because I wanted to hear more of the brilliant humour) I left this show with a smile on my face knowing the work of an excellent independent theatre company is continuing at an impressive pace. Well done to all at HappySad!

Geri 40 days ago

This show needs improvement
Unfortunately come die with me didnt entertain me at all. The plot was hard to follow and the writing wasn't good or funny as i thought it could of been. I couldn't see the actors faces as the blocking wasn't the best. The actors had beautiful singing voices however the lyrics didnt match the talent. I thought there would be more audience interaction due to the murder mystery however was disappointed that it was at the end. The actors reaction to eachother was over the top and not funny. The characters were one sided. I hope to see an improvement on the next performance you create as i believe there is some potential there.

SG 41 days ago

For a show that’s been devised by the actors themselves it was good but not amazing. It felt a little under-rehearsed but the company singing bought the show to life. Audience participation was a fun idea and if you like to watch SILLY things then this is a show for you. All of the characters were really clear and feel a lot of hard work has gone into creating the characters!

Alex M 42 days ago

3 stars: it was a fun show, although definitely a bit rough around the edges (notably, it was hard to hear performers over the backing tracks, or some soloists over the backing chorus). I saw it on the opening night, though, so hopefully some of those will be ironed out.

Olorin 42 days ago

If you like shows, see this show. If you enjoy a cast that blends amazingly when they sing, see this show. If you like comedy witch a solid plot and thorough writing, see this show! If you want to see potentially the best musical for amateur performers done at fringe this year, SEE THIS SHOW!! I wish I could see it more than once. Put these songs on Spotify!!

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One4Review (4/5 stars) 33 days ago

A real imaginative piece mixed with original catchy tunes.

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All Edinburgh Theatre (3/5 stars) 34 days ago

Undoubtedly good-hearted and good fun.

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Broadway World (4/5 stars) 36 days ago

Comedic timing skills are strong, invoking plenty of laughs from the audience.

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