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After their successful run of Greyhounds in 2018, Time & Again return with Edwardian epic, Clouds! The year is 1913 and women are rising up... Winifred Baxter is determined to become the first Englishwoman to enter an air race, learning to fly amidst the chaos of the suffragette movement, a glorious garden party and far too much nephology: the study of clouds. New writing combining the suffocating society of pre-war Britain with a touch of comedy, early feminism and pure vintage flair! 'Atmospheric and entertaining' **** (List). 'Pretty much perfect' **** ( 'Clever and charming' **** ( **** (

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Keith Prince 117 days ago

One of the best shows seen on the Fringe this year, excellent cast, well acted and scripted, good storyline, something rather different around the suffragette theme, and a monoplane to boot!

K Byrne 118 days ago

One of the best shows I've seen at the Fringe this year.
Took my 8yr old (who picked the show out of the many on offer) and my 11yr old (who wants to be a pilot) -- the show was pitched just right to be interesting to kids, but its not at all a show for kids... Just a wonderful piece of theatre, skillfully acted, and visually pleasing.
For us it raised an interesting discussion around making choices and sacrifices, and what that means to an individual.
Highly, highly recommend this show.

Nancy Workman 121 days ago

In my experience, a lot of Fringe plays fall down in the script department--not "Clouds." One of the best-written original plays I've ever seen at the Fringe. The author, who plays the lead, has real talent.

stephen mcmanus 121 days ago

Five-star performance. Every so often you stumble across a show at fringe and have no idea how marvellous it will be. Superb cast and very profound moving story. Absolutely fabulous. Going to see it again and recommend it to everyone

Graham Bull 125 days ago

A very well written slice of Women’s struggle for equality also incorporating the class system in Edwardian England. All about to be swept away in the War to end all Wars. Told through the prism of a wannabe aviator. Totally believable characters, an engaging story. Please see this!

Clara Spoelgen 127 days ago

So moving. The costumes and mannerisms if the characters transported me to another time. Such an interesting story and script. I enjoyed every moment of this.

Joan Greening 127 days ago

A very enjoyable period piece with lovely costumes and a plane on stage. I commend this company for their attention to detail and for having a programme. It is always pleasing to see the names of the actors, the writer and director. There were some lovely performances and I would highly recommend this play.

Mia 128 days ago

Interesting story, very moving.

I was crying at parts of this show and laughing at others. I loved the energy from Phillip Brook and Sylvia Lovejoy playing high energy characters and I thought Dara Fitzmaurice was very commanding and intimidating (in a good way!) I loved Theodore Baxter who was a very good, slightly jumpy man but was one of my favourites. Finally Winifred Baxter was very good as the uncaring, strong, confident female flyer but I wish she'd been a little louder. I missed some lines which was a shame. I also wish (spoiler!) we had found out if she raced in the end or not

Overall I really enjoy the performance.

LTW 129 days ago

Wonderful period story brought to life even before the show started!

The acting was wonderful and on point; the show captivating and educating.

Highly recommend!

Lottie Walker 130 days ago

Loved this. Interesting piece about a real character I knew nothing about before. Super acting and sense of time and place cleverly depicted by the introduction of The suffragettes. Recommended.

Derek Mac Liam 132 days ago

An enjoyable experience that did what a period peice should really do and bring me into time and I certainly felt like i was in 1913 with the gorgeous costumes and lovely airplane set. The show itself itself is quite charming and sweet i found myself grinning throughout most of the show. Characters were mostly likeable and i cared about them with some great performances. Unfortunately the show lacked weight and build leading to show being somewhat flat, tending ti drag and having these very unearned big climatic moments that came as more of "oh she's shouting now" than a release of tension and intenisty . It also seemed to lack bite i would say. Nothing strikes home as hard hitting or big to point where it could be considered inoffensive and safe.
I would recommend it to people who enjoy period pieces and as something a bit lighter that isnt straight up comedy.

Jacqueline Wheble 132 days ago

A beautifully crafted slice of Edwardian life. Manages to make you laugh, sigh and consider the place of women and men in a stultifying society with such a lightness of touch...and there is a plane on set!! Highly recommended!

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Theatre Weekly (4/5 stars) 114 days ago

So, whether you’re a scrutinising history buff, or just a fan of inspiring stories, the historical drama that is so perfected through Clouds will truly keep you coming back time and again.

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British Theatre Guide (3/5 stars) 118 days ago

Welcome to 1913, a time of change and political turmoil where women are protesting and seeking to gain suffrage.Time and Again Theatre Company’s new play Clouds challenges the male dominance in all things and the total inequality that existed between men and women in that period, although there are still...

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Edinburgh Guide (4/5 stars) 119 days ago

A wonderfully atmospheric play set in 1913, Clouds is an interesting snapshot – and reminder – of the battles that women fought, indeed are still fighting, in having a fair and equal world. Looking at a not only how a female pilot fared at the time, but also Suffragettes and...

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Ed Fringe Review (4/5 stars) 121 days ago

A powerful piece of theatre which is well worth your time...

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Ed Fringe Review (3/5 stars) 121 days ago

A charming and uplifting tale...

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The Wee Review (3/5 stars) 123 days ago

Time & Again Theatre bring us a daring tale from the early 20th century. The year is 1913 and women are rising up to vocalise their demands. The Suffragette movement, led by Emmeline Pankhurst is gaining full steam. With that backdrop, our protagonist Winnifred ‘Freddie’ Baxter, decides she is going...

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The Feminist Fringe (4/5 stars) 123 days ago

With themes of femininity, female empowerment and social conformity, I left the performance feeling inspired and with a list of references to research. This play takes the audience straight into the heart of the dynamic, political climate of the 1900s in a way that is accessible, enjoyable and informative. Definitely would recommend.

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