A Chorus Line

Musicals and Opera (musical theatre, drama)

  • Paradise in Augustines - The Sanctuary
  • 16:50
  • Aug 19
  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group
  • Warnings and additional info: Adult language including the use of homophobic slur, sexual referencing, bullying reference, sexual abuse reference, suicidal thoughts reference. Use of haze and flashing lights
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'Well, it would be nice to be a star… But I’m not, I’m a dancer.' A Chorus Line is a concept musical that explores the bittersweet lives of Broadway performers through a gruelling audition process. The chorus of overly-devoted, under-paid dancers show the dedication it takes to keep going in the hopes that one day they will achieve success. Through a complex fusion of moving songs, large-scale dance numbers, and compelling drama, the auditionees are cut down to a final eight. Now it is their turn to tell their story and stand in the spotlight.

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Samuel Brooks 26 days ago

Well cast, consistently impressive vocals and orchestral accompaniments.
However, characterisation and overall acting was not entirely strong enough, with little use of space and lack of physical direction outside of musical numbers.

Standout performances:
- Amelia Brenan as 'Judy'
- Ben Atkinson as 'Mark'
- Lauren Green as 'Bobby'
- Minnie Cross as 'Kristine'
- Sofia Pricolo as 'Diana'

Ed Green 34 days ago

What a great night out! Fabulous singing and dance routines, a sharp script and good casting. A Chorus Line carries off a comic turn and poignancy with aplomb. Highly recommended!

Katherine Harvey 35 days ago

This show really is fantastic. We were lucky enough to get tickets to the final performance and the emotion and commitment from the actors was class. The dancing was incredible and there are some seriously talented singers in the cast. Certain to see some future stars appearing from this chorus line!

Laura MacDonald 35 days ago

What an amazing show! Can’t believe that this was completely devised and delivered by students. The energy, choreography, music and production quality was second to none. Some real standout performances in there too, with all of the big dance numbers completely on point. ‘At the ballet’ deserves a special mention - Maggie’s soaring vocals were unbelievable! As does ‘Sing’- perfect comedic timing. It was truly an outstanding performance!

Rachel Williams Brenan 37 days ago

So thrilled to see A CHORUS LINE back,and "ALIVE and KICKING"..For a non-professional show, this show is as professional as they get. From the moment the incredible band strike up, the music fills us with hope and possibility. This talented cast put their hearts and souls into every moment and each character was spot on. Despite having a challenging performance space, the group superbly danced, sung and acted through their characters' journeys. This cast is a testament to Michael Bennet's forward thinking creation. Under the direction of Bella Taylor, EUSOG brings to life the real stories of the fascinating, extraordinary and brave performers that inspired A Chorus Line. It is an important insight into performers' lives and I commend EUSOG for their amazing performance of a musical that is still relevant fifty years later.

Peggy 37 days ago

The female characters in this show were brilliant through and through! All triple threats, the lot of them. For a musical as well known as this one, it’s a bit of a let down with the boys in this cast. Kinda sad that the women are held to a higher standard, almost as if they are in a different show. The band was very talented but seemed a bit show-boat-y in comparison to the cast. I wish the band was quieter so I could have heard the vocals better.

Jamie Miller 37 days ago

Fantastic show full of energetic song and dance. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Natalie Vaughan 37 days ago

Great show - the dancing, acting and singing were amazing. It was a smorgasbord of interesting stories, meaning you’re constantly entertained! Some stand-out stars in there. A good watch for an evening out!

Neil Pearson 37 days ago

Knockout show and completely sold out — a tribute to cast, band and crew.

Chris Grady 40 days ago

I saw the original Broadway transfer many times, and numerous productions over 40+ years. It was joyous to see a company exploring the narrative of each character with their hearts open and with immense joy. I agree with Carrie below in only one respect - they deserved a deeper stage and a fantastic prosc width to show off the line to its finest. But this is the Fringe and St Augustine's is a wonderful venue, and it is a sell out, and I disagree in so much else in their 2/5 commentary - but that is another joy of the Fringe we can choose to disagree. I picked up elements of the book and lyrics which I had forgotten. I am so pleased to have seen it. Every member of the company found depth and truth in their individual stories. The original 'line' from whom these stories were 'acquired' should feel honoured.

Carrie . 40 days ago

A strong dance -forward show that was surprisingly well done by these kids. With the space that was chosen for this show, they did the best they could. Unfortunately it made the actors seem cramped and awkward especially during the final number which should be the most uniform blocked piece in the show but was clunky and left more to be desired. While the acting stood out as a highlight, this organization should change their name from “opera” group to “dramatic talking” group. With some character exceptions, the singing bar was very low and some other shows at fringe this year that aren’t even labeled as musicals outperformed these actors majorly in the music department. Did they just not have a good pool of people for casting? It’s a nice romp for an evening but not something to miss out about. 2/5

Chris Harris 40 days ago

I've seen around 10 shows at this year's Fringe. This was undoubtedly the best I've seen. I'm struggling to find the words to do it justice. What this cast, band, and production team have achieved in such a small space is nothing short of incredible. I feel so lucky to have watched it. Take a bow, EUSOG...

Ian 40 days ago

Very very good - congratulations to everyone concerned.

If you didn't get tickets before the run sold out, start begging for a return.

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