The Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show 2022: Are We There Yet?

Comedy (sketch show)

  • Pleasance Dome - AceDome
  • 17:20
  • Aug 29
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: The Cambridge Footlights
  • Warnings and additional info: This show contains strong language.
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All aboard The Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show 2022: Are We There Yet? Buckle up as we hit the road for a tour of life itself, visiting more sketch-shaped destinations than a travel agent could dream of. Join five curious tourists for a holiday filled with laughs, quirky characters and sand in uncomfortable places. 'The most renowned sketch troupe of them all' (Independent) embark on their annual international tour with a brand-new show, travelling to London, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, New York and more! You'd be silly to miss it.

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George S 31 days ago

A few gems here. But you had to look hard apart from the one about “tits” which could not fail. Let’s hope, for the sake of all our reputations, the International tour is to Edinburgh and back and fails to leave the UK. Sorry, I went to Cambridge and I really tried to like it but was disappointed.

S Bailey 35 days ago

I rarely fall asleep during shows, but I came very close this time. The sketches went on far too long, the energy dissipated, the punchlines were not worth the build-up. Some sketches were genuinely funny and a few actors really committed. Needed to have sketches that are half the length. Disappointing given the Footlights’ declining reputation over recent years.

Shep 35 days ago

Vaughan H. 36 days ago

Disappointing. I went because of their reputation and history, but sadly I didn't find anything laugh-out-loud funny, and in the end I couldn't wait for it to finish. What a waste.

James Gill 37 days ago

Some really entertaining sketches. Felt like a tough crowd when I went! Maybe I’m a little immature but I enjoyed the sketch with the bird names, among others that I am struggling to remember now!

Felt like the music that wraps each sketch could be tighter?

Simran 37 days ago

Absolutely amazing cast and such a funny sketch show - would definitely recommend! I had a blast ;)

Jamie 38 days ago

A funny sketch show, some of it cleverly written, all of it performed well, and it got loads of laughs. A wide variety of material, and for once in a fringe sketch show, it wasn't all knob gags.

Jessica 40 days ago

By far the best sketch comedy show I’ve seen. All of the sketches were well written and the five performers were very talented and engaging. The audience really loved it!

Flo 40 days ago

This was a fantastic show! I’ve seen a lot of sketch shows at the fringe but this is by far one of the best. Really creative sketch ideas, well-rehearsed, and the performers bounce off each other and the audience in a great way. The energy stayed high throughout, which can definitely be a challenge for such a fast paced show. Can’t recommend enough!

Angela Allan 41 days ago

Very talented bunch. Most of the sketches well written - a couple could have been stronger. But do go see them - rather refreshing.

Peter 41 days ago

I went to see this a couple of days ago. It had some funny sketches with some witty premises. I would say this is second funniest thing I’ve seen at The Fringe (after Police Cops: The Musical). Definitely recommend

Cath Thompson 42 days ago

I saw this show yesterday and found it really poor. The actors may have been talented or not, but there's no way of telling as the material was just so weak. The name obviously goes a long way because it was very popular but I would not recommend.

Mark 42 days ago

Brilliant show with lots of excellent and very funny pieces. Lots of laughter from the audience at the cleverly written and well performed sketches.

Charles Brecknell 42 days ago

Disappointing sketch show, not recommended. I did wonder at first why they always ran a music clip at the end of each sketch- & then it hit me: it was to hide the lack of applause/laughter. They know the material is dire & it shows.

James 45 days ago

Disappointing, I’m afraid, especially from the Footlights. The premises for most sketches just weren’t very good, and for the few where there was some promise the writing and performances didn’t deliver. Assuming this may have been some of their newer members, and I genuinely wish them all the best and hope this experience has been useful for them and they come back stronger next year.

Ben Shaw 46 days ago

Disappointing - cast showed some sparks of talent but poor material - not that funny - might be getting too old for student reviews but just didn’t do it fir me

Richard 46 days ago

Really pleased we saw this show. Truly original, clever sketches with laugh out loud lines. Sold out the night we went and the mixed age audience clearly enjoyed it. Good to see a diverse group of talented writers and performers carrying on the tradition of the Footlights. Some stars of the future here.

Denise S 47 days ago

What a fantastic show! A great night full of laughs, had a really good time with my husband. Highly recommend.

P.S. thank you for the little slip with the review website link on, can never remember links!

Diana M. 49 days ago

The show was really great and spent most of the hour laughing. The format was well-thought, symmetrical and, for me, it worked well.
It's definitely worth it! Well done Cambridge - you win yet again against Oxford :)

Emily Jones 51 days ago

Such a fun show! Would really recommend. The hour flew by and a cast full of future stars

Elfreda 52 days ago

I like to see Footlights each year I visit Fringe. Still pleased I did but a gentler approach than I have seen before. So a good hour spent giggling but maybe not as cutting (edge) as previously; nonetheless it’s worth a look.

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Edfringe Review - Natasha Leake (4/5 stars) 36 days ago

All in all, this was a performance which was creative, funny and full of new ideas. Well done to all involved!

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Edfringe Review - Katie Kirkpatrick (3/5 stars) 36 days ago

The Cambridge Footlights offer sketch comedy undeniably worth seeing

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