Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Theatre (new writing, lgbtq+)

  • Pleasance Courtyard - Beside
  • 12:55
  • Aug 28
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: Scylla's Bite
  • Warnings and additional info: This show contains audience participation, scenes that mention sexual assault and coercion and distressing or potentially triggering themes.
  • Accessibility:
    Audio enhancement system
    Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
    Relaxed Performance
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Cassie is a hot mess. Jo is playing it cool. When a sleepover erupts with a phone-call break-up, two women get ready to light it up and burn it down. Through raging reflections, cathartic cooking shows, and treadmill therapy, these best friends must face the realities of their romantic relationships and the toxic truth behind them. An upbeat, queer and honest exploration of consent, self-love and healing. Cassie and Jo invite you into their rom-com gone wrong. And who knows... maybe you need to break up with your boyfriend too.

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General venue access

  • Audio enhancement system
    Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
    Relaxed Performance
  • Accessible entry: Queue in courtyard on far right. Entrance via gentle ramp.
  • Wheelchair access type: Permanent Ramp

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Be aware that this show features:

  • Performer goes into audience area
  • Loud/repetitive/high pitched/unexpected or overlapping sound
  • Characters expressing anger
  • Heavily dialogue-driven scenes
  • Permission to move around and make noise

Show does not feature:

  • Total Audience Black Out
  • Flashing Lights/Strobed Lighting
  • Distinctive smells
  • Special effects (e.g. smoke/bubbles/pyrotechnics)
  • Latex balloons
  • Audience required to walk around
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Fiona 35 days ago

A touching and funny show about navigating unhealthy relationships, handled very sensitively by two amazing and talented young actors. Highly recommend this show for anyone who is going through, or ever has gone through a tough relationship. Be warned - it doesn’t hold back!

Allison Smith 35 days ago

An amazing heartfelt, warm and funny portrayal of a sensitive subject that everyone should see. Talented writing and talented relatable acting. Abbie and Rebekah are sure to go far.

Ella Hilder 40 days ago

This show called me and my friend out too many times. We were each one of the two. Painfully relatable, hilarious, deep, real and with well realised concepts. I especially loved how they dealt with relationship grief and red flags during dating.

Herbert Vititoe 43 days ago

Wonderful sensitive and emotionally charged players really felt their roles well worth the seeing

Katrijn Govaert 45 days ago

Mature and sensitive. I wish I had known so much at that age.

Alison Ritchie 47 days ago

Great performance by 2 talented actors who delivered an amazing script covering a difficult subject area sensitively, with appropriate humour and empathy if I was visiting for longer I’d def go again

Sue Jameson 47 days ago

This show took me back to the many and various experiences and mistakes I made as a young woman. I am so glad that women can be so honest and reflective. I cried. My son wasn’t so keen but all the girls loved it.

Bex Hoff 48 days ago

This show was great! The performers are fab and it was an engaging story. I would recommend to read about the show before going as the material is quite emotional and took me a bit by surprise.

Alice 49 days ago

I haven’t cried this hard at theatre in a long time and i mean that in the very best way - wonderfully touching and charming and gut wrenching all in one sweet hour, absolutely recommend !

Rachel M 49 days ago

A funny, touching and vulnerable portrayal of womanhood and queerness. A truly moving performance and a fantastic cast, would highly recommend!

Alice 49 days ago

Really enjoyable show, very touching and somewhat unfortunately relatable. Funny, heartwarming and a lovely narrative on the trials and tribulations of being a queer woman.

Tom 52 days ago

A great time! Heartfelt, funny and grounded. Fully recommend

Alasdair 52 days ago

A great time, well performed and well realised. If I had a boyfriend he’d be going right in the bin!

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All Edinburgh Theatre (3/5 stars) 49 days ago

A labour of love

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The Student (4/5 stars) 50 days ago

I’d really recommend paying a visit to Break Up With Your Boyfriend – just be warned that if you have a boyfriend, you may leave wanting to break up with him.

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