Brave Space

Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (circus, immersive)

  • Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows - The Beauty
  • 11:00
  • Aug 27
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 0+
  • Country: United States
  • Group: Aloft / Rhymes with Purple
  • Warnings and additional info: Audience participation. This performance is in an intimate space and may be unsuitable for those who experience claustrophobia. All accommodations will be made.”
  • Accessibility:
    Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
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  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 2 years


Brave Space is the building of a blanket fort, sneaking under a hoop skirt, an impulsive congregation in the tiniest of tents. Starting as a puddle of fabric on the floor, it grows to encompass a wondrous world of circus. Intimate and low tech, the audience sits nose-to-nose with an all-female cast of bold physical artists to build the world we want to live in, even for only a few shared moments. 'Brave Space imagines a kind of dystopian utopia, in which peril is made present but survivable, even beautiful. Its living, beating heart remains constant' (Chicago Tribune).

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Albert Lin 23 days ago

Brave space = safe space. It was a great way to start our morning of fringe and the audience was drawn into an intimate space together with surprisingly audience participation. The themes was about creating safe spaces and taking care of each other was palpable between the audience, performers, and intersection of all of them. They set the tone with initial requests to wear masks and to be aware of helping out the other members of the audience. Beautiful co-creation of the performance space that itself was full of grace and loveliness. Comfycore circus. 5/5

Hellen 36 days ago


Powerful, graceful, emotive, an incredible immersive circus concept

Hannah Bryant 36 days ago

One of the most incredible experiences, we were all blown away!

Katherine Murray-Clark 40 days ago

Absolutely beautiful, an emotional, tender and wonder-filled performance. More emotive than any physical theatre I’ve seen, you leave having experienced something together. I loved the invitation to see the world from a new perspective.

Paul Moran 40 days ago

BRAVE SPACE by @aloftcircusarts is a delightful, dynamically-staged showcase of agility, creativity & transformation. The audience is encouraged to embrace the changing space & the performers show passion, trust and playfulness throughout. Loved it!

Lara Matthews 42 days ago

In this show you may not be comfortable but you need to be brave, you will be safe, warns the director of the performance as we enter. And she is true to her word.

Throughout the performance you are in among the performers either standing, sitting, or lying on the floor to view them.

You can see clearly the effort, and power it takes to display these skills of balance, strength, dexterity and flexibility. For me the time flew by as I was caught up in the beauty of the spectacle.

This is a special performance which can only hold a limited audience. Make sure you are one of them before the end of their run.

Katy Wales 43 days ago

This show blew me away and I left feeling so inspired and empowered by the artists ultra femininity and strength. The tent creates a sacred space which you can't help but feel held and a part of the spirit and emotion of the story being told. Both myself and my sleepy 2 year old were in awe from start to finish, you must go see!

Zoe Arnold-Bennett 48 days ago

Just go!

Jeff Martin 50 days ago

Incredible!! This show completely immerses you. It’s beautiful and intimate, daring to bring you closer both physically and emotionally into the performance, a true gem!

The Masked Banana 50 days ago

An incredible experience. A performance of strength in every meaning of the word, Brave Space wraps you in a long, joyful swaddle of love, trust, challenge, and belonging. Make time to see it, and when you do, make the space for yourself to become peacefully immersed. I had to have a quiet walk in the meadows after, so serene was the glow it left. An unexpected and wonderful gift of a performance all around.

Jo Carnie 50 days ago

We loved this show, immersive, thrilling, beautiful. We didn’t want it to end. A must see.

Toby 52 days ago

Wow. Just wow. You’ve never seen physical theatre like this. It’s intimate, entirely absorbing, and incredibly unique. Go see this one of a kind show!

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 47 days ago

Rarely, if ever, are we afforded this view of aerial circus work and this brief but beautiful moment is unforgettable.

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edinburghfestivalsforkids (4/5 stars) 47 days ago

Visually stunning, with serene and graceful performances, Brave Space is an oasis amongst the hustle and bustle just outside – create time and space to allow yourself to be fully absorbed…

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Edinburgh Guide (3/5 stars) 51 days ago

At 11am in Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows, this is a particularly family-friendly show; children’s faces are a joy to watch here, as they witness the marvels of strength and grace around and before them. For adults, it is equally fun and hearkens back to intimate moments from childhood: collectively dashing under a parachute in gym class, cocooning yourself into a blanket fort with your siblings, scooting under your mom’s giant skirt, to name a few.

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