Bonnie and Clyde

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  • Sweet Grassmarket - Grassmarket 1
  • 20:15
  • Aug 17
  • 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: Thistle N' Thorn Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains Distressing Themes
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Two infamous bank robbers turned killers: Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. They captured the public’s imagination in Depression-era America. This musical follows the small-town waitress and farm boy from their childhood dreams of wealth and fame, through their two-year-long crime spree, ill-fated love affair and ultimate capture and death at the hands of the authorities. Based on a true story, Frank Wildhorn's score combines gospel and blues-inspired music to tell the tragic story of the Barrow Gang and how their lives affected those they loved.

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Rebecca Moessmer 79 days ago

An amazing musical, I didn't know a lot about Bonnie & Clyde beforehand (contrary to my sister, with whom I saw it – and who loved it, too – who already knew a lot), except the most basic facts. I was all the more excited by it and immediately immersed in the setting of the USA in 1930s at the time of the Great Depression, poverty, religion, cool cars, and gangsters. The cast was really great, especially the actors of Bonnie and Clyde were fantastic, both individually and as a couple, and their chemistry was just incredible! It felt so authentic and both had so much charisma (and ambition and vigour and love) around them and they are really great singers, same can be said about the actors of Blanche and Buck.
I also loved the live band and the songs with their blues, gospel, country, and pop tunes (I was very happy to learn that it has already been a Broadway musical before and therefore the soundtrack was available to buy/download). A story and musical that's gritty, romantic, funny, emotional, thrilling, and gripping and that I'd love to see again, if it should ever return to the Fringe.

William McKerracher 87 days ago

I had barely heard of Bonnie and Clyde before seeing this so I can't comment on whether this is a successful interpretation or adaption.

I wasn't sure I was going to like this in the first part. I found the acting mediocre and the scenes rather cliche and simple. (My friends also found the begining a bit dull.) I think this is a case of adapting the source material directly and needing to setup Bonnie and Clyde's background and the context of 30's America. Soon though, this pays off and the play transforms. The plot truly kicks off and is enticing, the character work more complex, the scenes smaller scale and more genuinely emotional and the lead actors are truly allowed to show their skill. It ends up greatly benefitting from it's 1h45m runtime. For the most part, a superb musical.

The acting is generally high quality throughout, even the more minor roles. Singing was strong as well.

One big complaint I have is that the music was far, far too loud. It dominated the singing to such an extent it was difficult to hear the voices. It was a constant annoyance throught the play. My friends agreed with me after and I heard other people talking about it when leaving the show.

Ana S 87 days ago

Yet another musical at the Edinburgh Fringe done by a high school cast. In amongst the lead roles there were some wonderful voices with some strong potential - I would encourage them to continue to hone and strengthen their talent. Unfortunately the entire cast was lacking in energy, contrasting the upbeat and powerful music in a very detrimental way.

SamP 88 days ago

The most talented musical we saw while at fringe! If you have a chance go see these talented young adults perform - The cast is extraordinary.

Olly Manley 89 days ago

I saw this ‘production’ on the 14th August, hoping for a passable rendition of one of the most famous stories about the depression era, but instead I had to sit through this. I’ll start with the positive (just the one) and that was the live band. They were excellent musicians, and the music was the only thing that stopped me from walking out halfway through, so props to them.

The ensemble performance was lacking in general. There were some funny moments, but they were few and far between.

Overall, I was disappointed to say the least. I would not recommend seeing this show on its limited run at the Fringe. All I can say is good luck to the musical director, hopefully your actors will find the right key one day.

Liam G 94 days ago

We saw this last night (9th) on a whim and definitely discovered a hidden gem this Fringe! Production value may not be high but the hard work and talent on stage makes for a beautiful show. The actor playing Clyde was simply fantastic and Bonnie's voice was impressive to say the least. Buck and Blanche were funny when it counted but then brought tears to our eyes with Blanche's song and the ending. Special mention to the younger Bonnie and Clyde who sang beautifully!

The strong lead cast supported by a strong ensemble made for a great watch, and the chemistry on stage was palpable at times. As an interesting show with catchy songs, some laughs and a lot of tears, brought to life with such impressive singing and acting from such a youthful cast, I would very much recommend Bonnie and Clyde!

Lindsey Brown 94 days ago

A great show and a great production! Definitely made us laugh and shed tears, and a special mention goes to Clyde, Blanche and the preacher for their amazing vocals. Chemistry between the main two couples was lovely and at times heart-wrenching (impressive for such a young cast!). The set and direction certainly left something to be desired but the live band and talented cast made up for it. Would recommend!

Susan Anthony 94 days ago

I have seen the show twice now (Wed 7th & Fri 9th) and have been pleasantly surprised that there are two separate casts. For being an amateur production I was blown away by the singing voices on these young people. The two girls playing Bonnie where absolutely fantastic, they brought so much energy to the role and both had very strong, beautiful voices. The two boys playing Clyde really portrayed the character well, and each in their own way, it was interesting to see how they reacted slightly differently in scenes.

The couple playing Buck and Blanche on the 7th were so good at bouncing off one another, their chemistry was so immersive I truly believed that they were in love, forgetting it was all make believe. They also sang brilliantly.
The couple playing them on the 9th were good as well, they brought a new perspective to the husband and wife, it was refreshing to watch. I would just say to them to bring even more energy! Otherwise I really enjoyed this other cast.

Overall my family loved it, my wife was glad I had convinced her to see it and my 2 kids were singing the songs the entire car journey home. An absolute must see!
My only gripe with it was the sound, mics where sometimes too loud or they were left on when cast members went off stage. This happened on both nights so hopefully they sort it for future shows.

Susan Gee 94 days ago

A fantastic show with great performances from all members of the cast, we all (incl 12 year old) really enjoyed it. Outstanding singing by the main characters.

Clara Doherty 94 days ago

Fantastic show with a strong ensemble, and the lead Bonnie (Lucy Hilton) is incredible. Talented, skilled and a dream to watch - don’t miss her! Great commitment throughout the show from all.

Fleur Elizabeth Meston 94 days ago

Amazing show from start to finish with a very high standard of acting. Great singing voices especially in Bonnie (Lucy Hilton). Would highly recommend.

Anon 95 days ago

Went to see Thistle n Thorn’s production of Bonnie & Clyde last night (8th Aug) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not a musical I’m familiar with but loved the music and catchy songs. The four principal characters Bonnie, Clyde, Buck and Blanche were outstanding ! Fantastic singing voices and superb acting kept me transfixed throughout. For such a young cast they really nailed the powerful emotions of the story with excellent on stage chemistry. Supported by a talented and enthusiastic ensemble, this show does not disappoint. Production values a little lacking (set/ lighting) due to limitations of space but not uncommon for a festival show. In spite of this it’s a must see! I laughed, I cried and was griped from beginning to end. Will definitely be going again !

Ali 95 days ago

While Bonnie Parker stood out as an exceptional singer and performer throughout- though above all in "Dyin' ain't so bad" - this production never failed to keep the audience’s attention. With a minimalist set and few props, the young actors in Bonnie and Clyde told the story of the eponymous criminals with clarity, humour and emotional subtlety. Who knew that the challenges faced by those attempting to turn away from crime could provide such entertainment? The music is better than the dialogue and so it was great to have a live band in such a small venue. While all the songs were well performed, the 2 gospel-style numbers and “You’re going back to jail” brought out the best in a talented cast. Clyde Barrow was intense and likeable, and special mentions also for Young Bonnie and Young Clyde, Blanche, and the Preacher. A really enjoyable evening, catch it while it's still on the run...

Anonymous 95 days ago

Thurs 8th August-What a fantastic show! The cast were absolutely fabulous. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, funny in parts and sad in others. Blanche was amazing, thoroughly enjoyed her performance. I would highly recommend this show.

Phoebe Sowerby 95 days ago

I thought this was a fantastic production of Bonnie and Clyde the Musical - the cast had great chemistry and were engaging the whole way through ! I thought the cast member playing Bonnie had a great voice. One of the best productions I have seen at the fringe.

Sam Hill 95 days ago

So went to see this production on the 7th of August I was glued the whole way through had never heard of this musical before but I’m now hooked the songs are catchy and the whole dynamic of the show is one of a kind! My favourite part of this production was the chemistry between Clyde and his brother buck the amazing performance between these two actors was truly amazing on the other hand the poor lightning and set was really distracting which is a shame as you could tell these young performers had put their hearts and souls into this show!

Would very much still recommend! A hidden Gem in this years fringe

Anonymous 96 days ago

Very good show. Would recommend,

Anonymous 96 days ago

This show has you gripped from the beginning. Based on a true story, Clyde is bold, reckless, dangerous and full of passion, this is maintained (actors names not advertised?) throughout the show. Bonnie is beautiful, bright, stubborn and smitten. There is a real chemistry between the leads, Clyde, Bonnie, Buck and Blanche. The standard of singing is phenomenal (special mention to Bonnie, just wow!) and the gospel and blues numbers bring a real warmth to this production. The younger members of the cast really do hold their own too. A few technical 'blips', however, given the theatre space and the fast space of the show, the professionalism was incredible. A 'must - see' show with a young cast who have really put their hearts and souls in to this spectacular production.

Sam Fielding 98 days ago

Such a talented group of people! During the show I was completely immersed as the acting was phenomenal, you could truly see and feel every emotion between the characters. The music and singing was also very outstanding and I guarantee you'll be singing the songs on the way home. I'll definitely be seeing it again.

If you're looking for a show to see I'd recommend this hands down.
Just a word of warning the venue can get quite hot so make sure you have water or a fan.

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