Bloody Difficult Women

Theatre (political, new writing)

  • Assembly Rooms - Ballroom
  • 14:30
  • Aug 18-21, 23-28
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Wind of Change in association with Cahoots Threatre Company
  • Warnings and additional info: Strong language/swearing
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Tim Walker's acclaimed Bloody Difficult Women played to packed houses at Riverside Studios in London earlier this year and its run was extended because of popular demand. It sees the tumultuous political events of recent years played out in a power struggle between two determined women. Walker's intensely human account of the case Gina Miller brought against Theresa May makes for revealing – often hilarious – theatre, but, ultimately, it's a tragedy where there are no winners, only losers. The story is brought up to date in a dramatic finale. Get social: @BDWplay.

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Crispian Denby 34 days ago

I enjoyed this show, but I like to get a different perspective on stories that are so familiar, or else learn something new - neither of which were there for me here. That said, if you like politics, then see this.

Stephen Allen 38 days ago

An enthralling production of political reality. Performed well by six actors all demonstrating their own qualities. Clever use of backdrop and enjoyable inside view of the power game.

AB 39 days ago

Completely absorbing. Much mention has been made of the repulsive Paul Dacre, who was played with great panache. But all the characters were played wonderfully, not least Theresa May; so old school and out of her depth, one could almost (but remembering her policies as Home Secretary perhaps not quite) feel sorry for her. Recommend 100%.

Alex, Perthshire 40 days ago

Wonderful play and i think i am correct in writing that all that was mentioned on stage was pretty much what was said by the participants in real life.

I just wish that those who had known what a slippery and dishonest politician Johnson was, had used that knowledge to neuter him before allowing him and his ilk the reins of power.

Re the language by Dacre, i again believe this is how he genuinely speaks...Mind you if i ever have the misfortune to come across a discarded Daily Mail i do tend to speak in a very similar fashion.

WILLIAM Tough 40 days ago

Excellent play very well written and acted out. I feel sure that it’s largely factual and that really worries me! Particularly the apparent influence of Paul Dacre. What a sad and divisive individual. Go watch.

Agnes Joyce Wells 40 days ago

I think the actors show have had microphones. I had to strain to hear most of the times. It was an interesting play however.

Joseph O'Hanlon 41 days ago

Very good show, as a political nerd I really enjoyed it! I liked the fact that it was more complex than Gina Miller all good, and Theresa May all bad - the nuances of the female characters' positions were I think well brought out. I agree with the comments that some of Paul Dacre's swearing could have been cut out.

Jon Brewerton 41 days ago

We loved this. The characters were really well portrayed. Paul Dacre, in particular, seemed perfect. Really enjoyed it

Philip Kerr 41 days ago

A timely reminder of a stormy UK political period with high tensions . Foul mouthed Dacre vs the Judiciary is one of the battles brought out . Well worth seeing


The venue is nice, easily accessible, spacious, with goodline at the performance. The actors are talented, wonderful, and seasoned with a good handle on the material, and do not disappoint across the play. I aprticularly liked the set, as well. It was smart and challanging - as one act closed the performer(s) did not go off stage, but remained rpesent in the shadows.

What I did not quite like was the play itself - it was a bit shallow approach to the material and so clearly written from a male perspective that it really missed to seize the opportunity to provide a truly critical perspective on the events at hand.

It starts out promising, setting the framing by an intersecting introduction of the two female protagonists only to lower itself to tropes and another male dominated performance showing little more than what anyone could have seen or read in the papers.

Finally, and I am no stranger to using expletives frequently, nor is it a critique of the actor whom I thought to be quite good - to create a character whose lines primarily consist of the two words fu#& and cu%* is just lazy writing.

If you expect to learn anything through this play, you will be disappointed but it truly is a wonderful performance acorss the board.

Ian Ritchie 49 days ago

The story of Gina Miller's battle to force a stubborn Theresa May to get Parliament to debate triggering Article 50.
The main characters (Theresa May, Gina Miller, and Paul Dacre editor of the Daily Mail) clash in excellent performances.
The script, set and performances were all excellent even if, only a few years later, we've forgotten what the fuss was about. ****

Douglas Peters 50 days ago

Enjoyed the show, although I also struggled a bit with the volume and diction, and I was sitting near the front. We could have done with a few less swearies from Paul Dacre. After the first fifty or so fs we got the point. Worth seeing despite my minor criticisms.

Tony Ozell 50 days ago

Though this play covers events we are all familiar with, it gave a lot of emotional context to the push and pull the of the post-referendum events. Trying to put the square Brexit promise pegs in all the round Reality holes was a disaster we are living through even now. To watch how two women of similar strenghty of character but of clashing views may have dealt with events behind closed doors made both of them seem slightly more sympathetic. The portrayal of the Mail's portrayal of Paul Dacre was as slimy and repulsive as I've imagined him to be. The writing is snappy and fast moving, the acting is first rate. Highly recommmended.

Gilly Dennis 53 days ago

Enjoyed the show ,but couldn’t hear all of it due to poor diction. Please be clearer

Sheena P 53 days ago

This was excellent, but beware, lots of swearing!

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One 4 Review (4/5 stars) 37 days ago

Overall, some very good performances, particularly the two leading ladies, and an enjoyable 90 minutes of theatre that I would highly recommend.

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Lost in Theatreland (3.5/5 stars) 40 days ago

Jessica Turner is wonderfully awkward in her portrayal of May, creating a genuine and accurate characterisation of the former PM.

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Broadway Baby (5/5 stars) 41 days ago

Directed by Stephen Unwin, this play is refreshingly bloody and wonderfully difficult. It refuses to be silent: is uncompromising, mouthy, unrepentant… and exactly what we all need to hear.

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UK Theatre Network (4/5 stars) 44 days ago

Andrew Woodall’s magnificent performance, however, had us all laughing, so explosive is his character.

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The Student (5/5 stars) 166 days ago

To say there is a lot to unpack in Tim Walker’s Bloody Difficult Women at the Assembly Rooms would be an understatement. It is a timely study of post Brexit Britain and our politics, the rancid hatred that governs our divided society, and politicians who, in the last few years, have more often than not been more concerned about their own control, or lack thereof, than being morally upstanding. These themes are explored through the lens of Miller v Secretary of State case, where Gina Miller and Theresa May are compared and contrasted as two ‘bloody difficult women’.

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