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Following an acclaimed US run, Richard Saudek (Stage Award winner for Acting Excellence, Fringe 2016) performs a twisted and highly physical romp at breakneck pace. Created by physical comedian Richard Saudek (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally Fringe 2016), TV and film composer Jesse Novak (BoJack Horseman) and director Wes Grantom (Eager to Lose at Ars Nova), beep boop is a multimedia clown show, exploring our obsession with technology and our increasing loneliness in a world full of connections. ‘If silent film-era comedy and Black Mirror had a baby it would be called beep boop’ (

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Conor Izzard 105 days ago

One of the best shows I’ve seen at the Fringe...
It’s quirky, funny and beautifully executed.
Highly recommend. Would love to see more of the Artists work.

JillMM 118 days ago

This show is beautifully and creatively conceived and expertly executed. Such a joy.

Steve Ashman 119 days ago

This was brilliant! I thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish. Highly recommended.

JM 120 days ago

This show is an absolute winner. Very enjoyable, funny, and timely. Spot-on mime work mixed with sophisticated sound effects really merge to make for a wonderful experience. Go see it!

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The Stage [paywall] (3/5 stars) 106 days ago

Beep boop. That’s the noise of the phone in your pocket, or the iPad in your bag, or the laptop on your desk. It’s also the title of Richard Saudek’s one-man physical comedy, created with New York-based collective Crowded Outlet. The show is essentially an hour-long mime that satirises our...

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Voice Mag (5/5 stars) 110 days ago

Beep Boop is also constantly subverting audience expectations, often playing with metatheatre, bringing in new concepts, and even directly involving audience members. However, for such a unique play that so expertly plays with audience expectations, its ideas about technology are disappointingly shallow and wrote.

Silly, inventive and wild, Beep Boop is a masterclass in modern clown comedy that will be fun for all ages.

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Broadway Baby (3/5 stars) 114 days ago

Most of you are probably reading this review on a portable device right now. When was the last time that you stood up and looked around? Or the last time that you left home without your phone? Written and performed by Richard Saudek in collaboration with Crowded Outlet, beep boop...

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 115 days ago

Like the Boy With Tape on his Face if he'd just stepped out of a grave, a figure emerges, squeaking and slurping, his spider-like hands moving in the dark. ...

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FringeReview 116 days ago

This is a one man mime and physical theatre show with a live digital soundscape, exploring society’s obsession with online life via our ever near smart phones and other digital devices. With grotesque physicality, the main character’s sunken eyes and sallow skin and darkly comic behaviour reveals the depth of...

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Bouquets and Brickbats (4.5/5 stars) 120 days ago

Physical comedy is one of the hardest things to pull off successfully. Because its practitioners sometimes make it look ridiculously easy, we’re sometimes fooled into thinking that it actually is; but it only takes a few moments in the company of a gifted mime artist to appreciate how rigorously they have trained themselves to reach such levels of perfection. New York-based performer Richard Saudek is a brilliant exponent of the form. And today, in a very hot enclosed space on the Edinburgh Fringe, it certainly doesn’t look easy. The sweat is literally raining from him as he manipulates his face and body into a whole range of frantic contortions.

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ThreeWeeks (5/5 stars) 120 days ago

An amazing physical comedy exploring technology’s centrality to modern life, in which Richard Saudek wholly embodies the role of a neanderthalish Mr Bean, whose obsession with technology causes violent withdrawal the moment he tries to divorce himself from it. Although billed as a one-man show, the true brilliance comes from...

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The List (4/5 stars) 122 days ago

Highly technical clown show explores the stupidity of technology...

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Fest (3/5 stars) 123 days ago

Human dependency on technology, particularly mobile phones and social media, is an easy topic to have a pop at. It’s fair enough – there are a lot of problems that have arisen along with it. This physical clown show focuses on loneliness and self-absorption that can be a by-product of our...

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 125 days ago

Without its main character saying a word aloud, beep boop speaks volumes to how we have become a slave to our handheld devices. The show pairs excellent classic clowning with superb sound effects, to tell the story of one man’s struggle against the power of the technology, the ease of...

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