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  • Sweet Grassmarket - Grassmarket 2
  • 16:30
  • Aug 18
  • 50 minutes
  • Suitability: 16+ (Restriction)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Wrong Tree Theatre
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains Distressing Themes, Scenes of Sexual Violence, Scenes of Violence
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'This place is a human rat trap. It is easy to get in, but once in, it is impossible to get out'. Immerse yourself in the infamous Victorian asylum, where identity becomes a distant memory in cycles of routine and human cruelty. Rooted in history, Bedlam follows the journey of a subversive young woman as she uses her deep friendships with other patients to cultivate the beginnings of a revolution. In her attempts to disrupt the asylum's rigorous orders, she brings them into danger of even more horrific treatment. The cycle of Bedlam continues... ***** (Palatinate)

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Dr Stephen Cronin 84 days ago

Extraordinary writing and performances.
A very hard watch.
Some roles are intrinsically showy, Dustin’s Autism, Daniel’s left foot and Isabel McGrady has indeed the part with the biggest mountains to climb.
The whole cast were excellent each contribution perfectly balanced and of high quality, but Isabel took the mountains in her stride even if by the end she had been pummelled almost into submission.
Thank you.

Ellen 87 days ago

Very talented actors and great representation of characters. Uncomfortable in places to watch so be prepared to feel exactly what you would expect given the title and description! Brilliant show, only thing is sit on front row as we were far back and some parts were on the floor so we were unable to see what was happening.

James R 87 days ago


With fantastic writing and exceptional characterisation, Wrong Tree Theatre have created a piece that reaches inside your mind, and twists.
The story of new patients at the infamous asylum takes us to very dark places, and the cast perform excellently. It’s a powerful piece that shows just how far we’ve come from the dark times of Victorian “medicine”.

Kim 88 days ago

Great job team - this was gripping. You should be proud of yourselves for delivering such a class show.

Janet Lovekin 90 days ago

This group of young actors are among the best I've seen at the Fringe. The play is based on real people. It is brilliantly researched and cleverly written. It's a harrowing depiction of the cruelty that humans are capable of inflicting on each other - I came out feeling shocked, but it is so well done and so thought-provoking. REALLY BRILLIANT ! Go and see it.

Jordan Stratton 90 days ago

An experience I definitely will not forget. This performance took my breath away as I was emotionally attached from start to finish. From such an edge of your seat plot-line, well-written script, unique pieces of frantic choreography and great choices of music which created an atmosphere I was extremely impressed. This is a truly amazing show with a variety of superb performances. A definite must watch at the fringe.

Steven Michael 91 days ago

Fantastic performance by such a talented young cast. Disturbing subject matter, well delivered. Watch out for the stand out performance by the worryingly creepy doctor.

Neil McCausland 92 days ago

Excellent show. Very powerful writing, great acting, and a very small space. Not comfortable but not gratuitous. Really worth seeing. This is the one I woke up thinking about the next morning

Zoë 92 days ago

A must see show! This very clever and different piece of theatre is spine-tingling and emotional. The actors create an energy and anxiety that is at times uncomfortable, yet impossible to look away from. Particularly effective is the use of props, lighting and physical theatre, which bring real power to the story, and add life to the historical research on which the writing is based. Sit in the front row!

Annie Howard 92 days ago

This is a must see show - but be prepared to feel uncomfortable- you become aware of the tightness in your stomach developing into a knot as your anxiety progresses about the welfare of these asylum inmates brilliantly portrayed by Wrong Tree Durham Student Theatre .
Fantastic original work !!

David Dobson 93 days ago

An impressive production! The four actors playing the patients in the asylum were excellent. Worth seeing.

IAN WILLIAMS 93 days ago

A little apprehensive before going to show due to subject matter but totally won over. Cast were excellent and, with great direction, made the story believable and thought provoking. Would recommend to anybody.

Imagian 93 days ago

Mental health issues are a current concern receiving deserved attention lately from many well known figures. The availability of support in the last few years has become widespread and better accepted throughout society and this is a good thing. How far we have progressed is graphically illustrated by Wrong Tree’s Bedlam currently showing at the Fringe. Emily Carter captures the horrors of not-so-long ago attitudes and treatments in one of this country’s previously supposed cutting edge hospitals. This shocking insight into the almost medieval conditions and attitudes of those professionals involved is chillingly portrayed by this intense group of talented actors, their director and team. Uncomfortable viewing but thoroughly recommended.

Guy Davis 94 days ago

Shocking, spine tingling and shiver worthy! Carter & Co., take you on a rollercoaster of Victorian emotional turmoil, brilliant directorship with scarily accurate historical references that are particularly poignant for today’s world. Executed brilliantly by cast. Front row seats a must, goosebumps a given!

Jasmin Clunie 94 days ago

Oh my godddd this show deserves so much recognition I went to see it yesterday with my friends and each of us was in shock at how AMAZING it was. I was unsure at first because anything to do with asylums make me nervous put the cast pulled it off so well that it made me realize the rawness of how things were back in those days. Thank you so much for such a powerful performance, as an acting student I hope one day I could do something just as spectacular as what you showed last night.

T. Tobias 94 days ago

A gripping, intense and at times shocking production depicting the horrors of a Victorian asylum. The performances were powerful and the confined space was utilised effectively to convey the claustrophobia of the characters’ situation. It was clear that a lot of thought had gone into carefully choosing the costumes and this really contributed to the realism of the production. The production was impeccable and I was left astounded by the level of talent of the entire cast and crew. It’s definitely a show not to be missed!

Kelsey Christie-whelan 95 days ago

YOOOOOOOO, I was not expecting that!!!! I loved it from beginning to end!!! I love this type of theatre and it is definitely something I would love to do myself! The emotion and tension was right there and you could feel it! I can definitely appreciate the work that was put into this being an acting student myself, amazing amazing amazing!!!

Wendy Phillips 96 days ago

Thank goodness treatment has moved on from when the play was set. Very strong and in places uncomfortably realistic performances from the ‘patients’. The limited space is used very efficiently and with the audience so close, the physicality of the piece creates the intended powerful impact. Go see it!

Joshua Garrett 97 days ago

Compelling writing, talented performances and astute tech make this an engaging and, at times shocking, show. The script is original but holds a sense of authenticity, handling questions of identity which have been asked throughout history. The physical theatre and unison work is at times mesmerising and makes this a play that, on a crowded Fringe programme, is one of a kind. A wonderful show that forces you to engage and ask questions.

Jan Leaver 97 days ago

Excellent performances by the cast gave a distressing insight into the way people with alleged mental illnesses were treated in the past. Some aspects have improved since then, but others have hardly changed at all. Food for thought.

julie chadwick 97 days ago

Watch this show! Each character had you routing for them. Harrowing to watch but mesmerising. Each actor should be proud of their performance. Izzy Mcgrady was outstanding as Nellie. Don’t miss this

Lilly Forster 97 days ago

Great show. Some thinking performances. Sometimes hard to watch. Can't stop thinking about it. See it. It is cheap as fuck, you will feel like you should have paid more.

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 87 days ago

Bedlam is not a comfortable piece, but it strikes a careful balance between horrific and empathetic as it explores treatment inside the country’s most famous asylum. Right from the beginning, it plunges into the mistreatments that have befallen inmates throughout the hospital’s history. With references to the Dr Munroes –...

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UK Theatre Network (3/5 stars) 94 days ago

This is an historically researched piece about how mental health patients were treated in Victorian times, and how wrongly they were diagnosed. We know, from too many stories, that society has not always moved on as it should, but hopefully this and other productions in the Fringe to do with mental health, will help us all become more aware.

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Edinburgh Guide (3/5 stars) 95 days ago

In silent fear and trepidation, three new inmates are checked into the notorious Bethlem hospital. Each has been sent here for a different reason. For Jonathan, the label is sexual perversion. For Matthew – melancholia, Nellie – hysteria. Stripped of their clothes and their humanity, they are completely at the...

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Ed Fringe Review (3/5 stars) 99 days ago

Uniform choreography was used to express the most gruesome treatments used in the asylum, from electroshock therapy to blood purification...

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Ed Fringe Review (4/5 stars) 99 days ago

'the strength of the acting itself was unquestionable'...

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