Beach Body Ready

Theatre (comedy, true-life)

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  • Pleasance Courtyard - Pleasance Above
  • 13:10
  • Aug 26
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Roaring Girls, Absolutely Cultured, Pleasance, York Theatre Royal, Hull Truck
  • Warnings and additional info: This show contains strong language
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It's the season of cutting carbs, hitting it hard at the gym, and shaving everything from the chin down. Summer has rocked up and the media has us thinking about how our bodies aren't up to scratch and there are companies ready to capitalise on that. We've been shamed, dehumanised, and humiliated for how we look and we've had enough. Join The Roaring Girls for a defiantly feel-good show which sticks two fingers up at how the media says you should look. The Roaring Girls are getting Beach Body Ready. Are you?

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John Dewhurst 118 days ago

Cracking show about body image told with great energy by 3 perfectly cast actresses.
The play was both funny and poignant. very much a play for female empowerment, but great fun.

karen motyl 121 days ago

I was really looking forward to this show and I wanted to like it so much more than I did. It's well-staged, well structured and the lovely performers put their hearts into it. But it was too shallow, too safe and too reliant on cliches. I'm sorry ladies but not all fat people hate exercise or dip celery in hazelnut spread, and you aren't challenging stereotypes by reinforcing them.

Eileen Donoghue 125 days ago

A very funny, yet moving show. The frank, honesty of the girls made us all thnk
about how everlasting damage can be done to a person's self esteem and self worth by a simple remark made. However, they then showed us how they are rising above that and are proud to be who they are. Well done girls. You all looked fabulous!

Liz Hobson 126 days ago

Fantastic show, which everyone, particularly women, should see. I love the positive message, "let's stop worrying about how we look and enjoy life, just think what we could achieve if we did this!" Brilliant ladies well done!

Jimmy Scott 127 days ago

A ball of a good time. Three lovely ladies who make you believe that you are worth more than your reflection in the mirror! Thanks lassies.

Guy Clayton 129 days ago

A brilliant, personal, insightful and funny journey into the lives and life changing moments for 3 extremely talented ladies.
See this. It will bust a few myths, and open your eyes to the body image perceptions of three ordinary but fabulous girls.

Maria Buckley 130 days ago

Very funny and then so moving. Heart warming and honest. Loved this.

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Within Her Words (5/5 stars) 105 days ago

Hands down, this is one of the best shows I have seen this fringe. I cried and I laughed, often at the same time. Because it isn't just themselves these brilliant women were talking about, it is for all women everywhere.

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 108 days ago

In our current day and age with consuming media in whatever shape it may take, it’s not difficult to find an advert, article or commentary about the body and how we should look in society. May it be an advert or article on a diet, health supplement, app, make-up, clothes...

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 112 days ago

The Roaring Girls are off to the beach and ask the audience to join them as they learn to accept their bodies for what they are, leave their inhibitions at home and embrace the beauty of the sun on their skin and the sand in their toes. As they bound...

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The F Word 113 days ago

Beach Body Ready has witty takes and wry observations, such as noting that everyone seems to have an opinion that must be listened to about fat bodies, apart from their owners. There are stories about mothers, make-up, food, clothes, sex, love and exercise – written so sharply that they cut through the skin, but so intelligently that I do not note it all until much later.

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Voice Mag (5/5 stars) 114 days ago

From the title, I was expecting a stew of worn clichés like “beauty comes from within”, but The Roaring Girls delivered no such corny, off the rack message. They gave a personal, honest, real account of what it is like to be a body conscious woman in today’s society.

From every chub rub, to small aeroplane seatbelt to putting celery with literally anything to try and make it taste, well, like literally anything, The Roaring Girls regaled the audience in tales every size woman could relate to.

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The Scotsman (3/5 stars) 117 days ago

"Have you spent your hard earned cash to see two fat lasses and a little one take their kit off?" one of Hull-based theatre company The Roaring Girls shouts at the start. ...

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Daily Business Magazine (4/5 stars) 118 days ago

Body positivity is a popular theme at this year’s Fringe. This production might sound like a recipe for ‘worthy’ theatre but Beach Body Ready is far from that. It is certainly a heartfelt shout at ‘the system’ but delivered with a heady combination of bite and humour. It is especially good at treading the fine line between being realistic whilst also being positive and motivating – “I hate my belly but I reckon I’ve got a bangin’ arse”!

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Theatre Extra (3/5 stars) 118 days ago

A perfect demonstration that you don't have to be a boring old fart to make a serious point.

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Ed Fringe Review (4/5 stars) 122 days ago

From the moment Rachael, Jess and Sarah walk onstage it feels like you’re in a room of friends...

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Ed Fringe Review (3/5 stars) 122 days ago

Not a new concept, but refreshing all the same...

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The Feminist Fringe (4/5 stars) 122 days ago

The hype for The Roaring Girl’s Beach Body Ready preceded the performance with good reviews, recommendations and rumours about its fantastic box office sales almost unavoidable. Luckily, I was not disappointed.

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Theatre Weekly (4/5 stars) 123 days ago

So what do we take away from this performance? A fist pumping desire to champion all bodies – tick. A healthy reminder to be kind, as you never know what someone has been through – tick. Perhaps the simplest of all – that a body (and mind) is a work in progress, and though it is frustrating that it never just stays still and does as it’s told or is willed to do, it is what you have right now. So make the most of it.

Beach Body Ready is empowering, honest and a breath of fresh air.

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ThreeWeeks (4/5 stars) 124 days ago

With a mixture of short comedic video clips, bursts of expressive dance and direct interaction, this show feels less like a play and more like a conversation with the audience. Fun, energetic and unashamedly body positive, the three charismatic performers share their personal tales with raw honesty; from struggling with...

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Broadway World (4/5 stars) 124 days ago

Beach Body Ready is an empowering, celebratory piece of theatre, combating body shaming and delving into weight pressures. We meet Josie, Rachael and Sarah, who are taking their bodies to the beach. They reflect on how much fun the beach was as a child, and how our perception changes as...

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The Stage [paywall] (3/5 stars) 125 days ago

Appropriating the slogan from the infamous ad campaign, The Roaring Girls’ autobiographical show is less an exercise in body positivity, more of a call for body acceptance. It’s a raised middle finger to the endless pressure placed on women to look a certain way and take up less space. Rachael...

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The Guardian (3/5 stars) 127 days ago

Remember that weight-loss product ad splashed all over the tube a few years ago? It shouted a question at commuters, in black capital letters: “ARE YOU BEACH BODY READY?” The guilt-inducing answer, implicitly, was no. In their first Edinburgh fringe show, The Roaring Girls pose that same question and reply...

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The List (4/5 stars) 130 days ago

Uplifting celebration of sexy bums and cellulite tums...

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