Bare: A Pop Opera

Musicals and Opera (musical theatre, theatre)

  • RSE Theatre - Wolfson Theatre
  • 12:00
  • Aug 19-28
  • 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: Edinburgh Little Theatre
  • Warnings and additional info: Scenes of a sexual nature
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At St Cecilia's school, Peter and Jason have a hidden love affair, but what happens when this is exposed to their family and friends? A riveting piece of musical theatre brought to life by this talented and dynamic cast. Lots of lives are touched and damaged when secrets and lies are exposed in this musical theatre classic. A Catholic education brings its own problems, and when teenage angst and sexual awakenings are thrown into the mix, something has got to give. ELT bring back this sell-out show which is a must see for musical theatre lovers.

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MG about 22 hours ago

Remarkable. Must see. If they do want to tour it should sell out around the globe.

Rosie 3 days ago

Bare is an extremely challenging show to pull off - and I must say that Edinburgh Little Theatre do a good job of it.

My main takeaway from this production was how strong the cast are as an ensemble - no matter what is happening on stage, every actor is giving entertaining reactions and allowing the personalities of their characters to shine through. It is clear that the cast have good relationships with one-another and this transpires well in the group scenes. Some stand-out performances for me include Diane, who was absolutely hilarious throughout and gave this small role so much character that it made it impossible to take your eyes off her. Lucas was also memorable and livened the show with his rap - another example of an actor tastefully making a smaller role bigger.

Well done to the cast and crew!

S 4 days ago

Great show - the cast relish every moment on stage, working together as a strong ensemble to tell this at times funny and at times heartbreaking story. Bare will have you reaching for your hankies and then reaching for your phone to tell all your friends to go and see it! Well done ELT.

Melanie Tolson 4 days ago

Knew nothing about this show before seeing it. Have seen it twice now and enjoyed it even more the second time round. I think the cast do amazingly given there is no use of head mics. The songs go from up beat to tear jerking within minutes and certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s truly a funny, gut wrenching musical Whirlwind of a show leaving you wanting more at the very end but the plot has no more to give leaving you emotionally hijacked. If you only see one show this year this is it. Everyone’s role makes the whole jigsaw of characters and emotions fit. A massive congratulations to everyone Involved in BARE. You deserve it

David Dobson 4 days ago

This is a very demanding musical to perform and the cast should be congratulated for tackling it so impressively. There were no weak links whatsoever; Jason and the member of the ensemble who performed the Rap number were particularly outstanding. A show not to be missed!

O 6 days ago

Having never seen the show before I thoroughly enjoyed this production as a first experience with this musical. The main cast do a wonderful job carrying the heavy plot and provide wonderful vocals. and the ensemble do an outstanding job constantly entertaining even in between scenes moving sets. wonderful experience would absolutely recommend.

Aaron 7 days ago

Great show! Didn't know anything about it going in and really enjoyed it. Want to give a special shoutout to the number by Mary and the Angels.

F 7 days ago

I’d heard so many good things about this show that I had to see it for myself. I’m glad that I did. It was an excellent production from a vibrant, energetic cast. There was laughter and tears, but mostly tears, as the story unfolded. Superb performances from the main characters and the ensemble. The upbeat and emotive numbers were equally well executed, with beautiful renditions of Quiet Night at Home and Where was the Warning, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Jason and Nadia’s genuine portrayal of their sibling and family relationships as well as their inner turmoil was memorable. Their acting was spot on. The unexpected ending only added to the flow of tears. Well worth seeing again and if you haven’t seen it - you must!

Kirsty Cleland 7 days ago

So, I'll start by saying I came here to support a friend. But I have to write a review to say how blown away I was. The cast were superb, in every way, those harmonies, that acting, just all of it. It did feel like it took them a bit to get warmed up in the first song but after that, flawless! I took my boyfriend who isn't hugely into musicals and is forced to watch me in them but we were both teary throughout the second act. I didn't know anything about this show but so glad that this production has introduced me to it. Everyone involved should be very proud and I hope the audiences grow more and more each day.

Julie Dickenson 8 days ago

What a fantastic show, we loved the sentiments and some of the nuances were truly flawless! The only thing is you can tell some of the leads, especially Peter and Ivy are vocally tired, it’s a long run for them all and the show is more than worth the time and the ticket. Go and support this company! They have really brought the musical to life. Great praise to everyone involved.

Mark Davies 9 days ago

As someone who longed for the revival of this show, I was not disappointed today, this cast brought what some say as an outdated show, right into 2022! Stand out performance have to go to Jason, Matt, The nun and the mum, who made the entire audience feel like they could really understand what they were going through and you really felt for them emotionally.

The ensemble were incredible, funny and made the show in parts that you may have ran the risk falling flat

The only let down for me was the volume and ability from Peter, at points you could not hear him and he didn’t match the energy or the acting ability of his counter part.

Overall, this is a show I would not miss this fringe, and the ending will send chills, go see it

Raul Castruita 9 days ago

It was a great show that really made me feel it was by far one of the best shows I saw at the fringe ever my friend took me here without context and I left both appreciating them and kinda hating them because ow that hurt, Over all the show acting and music had me leaving saying “thank you and I low key kinda hate you”

Samantha Andrade 9 days ago

So I’ve loved this Opera for a while now but I have never had the chance to see it live. So I jumped at the opportunity to see it here and it was absolutely incredible, I watched it with some friends who had never heard of it and we were all in tears by the end. The smaller theatre made us feel closer with the actors and the ending when they had all the photos absolutely broke me, it would be an understatement to say I fell apart. We were the last to leave the theatre because we had to just take it in , but all in all an incredible production and a must see.

Jack Houliston 11 days ago

Amazing show, phenomenal cast with extraordinary musical and acting talent. I'm so honoured to have watched it. thankyou!

L Joyce 11 days ago

Bare is a modern classic of queer musical theatre and it famously demands a LOT from a young cast. And if I’m being brutally honest, this production isn’t seamless. But with such an endearing cast, I’m willing to overlook that because when it really matters, this cast turns it out and still manages to make this show every bit as gut-wrenching as it needs to be. I’ll admit as a superfan of the musical, I was skeptical when the show started (monday morning ain’t easy for any show, let alone this one), by the end I was an emotional wreck.

Special shoutout to the ensemble who don’t miss a chance to shine and the performer playing Ivy, who’s performance of All Grown Up leads the show from good to great in its eleventh hour!

Eve 11 days ago

If you only see one show at the fringe this year, make it this one. With a fabulous cast and direction worthy of a Tony award, Bare brilliantly portrays the historic struggle of the church and the LGBT community as well as the tragic reality of the people caught in the in between. The love between Dylan McLaughlin (Peter) and Ryan Buist (Jason) was beautiful and genuine making their untimely ending both a Shakespearean masterpiece and heartstoppingly real. 5 stars across the board.

Stephen 11 days ago

Absolutely fabulous show, really well performed by the whole cast, with some big vocal performances in a mic free venue. Extremely emotional at the end and really shows what talent there is out there. Special mention for Ivy, goosebumps during her solo, along with fabulous performances from Peter and Jason throughout.

T 11 days ago

What a brilliant show! The whole cast gives us so much to watch but especially the two leading men are offering deep, well rounded and contrasting characters. Thoroughly enjoyed the actress who played Sister Chantelle and wish she had even more songs. Other supporting characters were all impressive too. The musical direction is on professional level that could easily compete with some West End productions and I am glad that Edinburgh Fringe Festival gets a cast that understands this is not just a pop score! Sing, baby, sing! 5/5

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