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Set in your average nonspecific town, in your average nonspecific time period, Bad Play is a send-up of the American “living-room drama” with an absurd edge. It’s a delirious love letter to Arthur Miller, Eugene O’Neill, and theatrical self-seriousness brought to you by four comedians who have been satirizing genres in LA for over six years. Now they’re taking on American theatre with a play that both mocks and celebrates the storied art form. Described as ‘unabashedly absurd fun’ and ‘a rare gem’ (, Bad Play is better than good, it’s Bad.

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Cool Mike 36 days ago

It's really bad, no really

Does bad mean good though?

Bradley Barlow 37 days ago

Absurd, exaggerated and hilarious, this spoof of classic American dramas is brilliantly written, expertly performed and brings tears of laughter. 5/5

JB 38 days ago

This show is kind of bad but that's also kind of the point. Probably the most absurdist piece I've seen this fringe. Still not sure what to think about it but I'm glad I saw it.

yonatan amiran 40 days ago

One of the funniest most joke-heavy shows I've seen at the Fringe this year.

Saffire Stephens / Z Stephens - Moreish TV 42 days ago

This show is sheer and utterl brilliance from start to finish making you want more as the story of this funny wacky and somewhat dysfunctional family are brought to life and the fun and laughter is non stop due to bad Brad and his family we totally highly recommend this wonderful show and can see this as an American sitcom and we want more

5 stars

Bee 43 days ago

We laughed from start to finish. Beautifully absurd and downright unhinged by the end.
Wasn't sure what to expect. Our knowledge of the genre being parodied was less than nothing so we were worried it would go over our heads. This fear was entirely unfounded

Will Smith 44 days ago

This play was really really funny! It was one of the greatest Fringe performances I have seen this year! The cast were absolutely lovely and came to see our performance of, “There’s A Leak!” and we’re so complementary! Definitely go and see this. It is brilliant!!


Great show, very funny - even down to the actors' make-up. Thoroughly enjoyed the plot which was absurd and well acted out by the 4 actors. Would recommend it to anyone who enjoys farce.

CW 45 days ago

I woke up the morning afterward and couldn't stop whistling the Star Spangled Banner. Five stars

Georgina T 48 days ago

Couldn’t stop chuckling! Had a plot with actually detail whilst still being hilariously absurd, and the actors were the absolute highlight. Would love to go again and would recommend to anyone who sees this!

Dominic O'Sullivan 48 days ago

A spectacular performance from the entire cast with a painfully funny script.

You may have seen similar premises but few have the ability to blend the absurdity of the script with the sincereity of the performances to such hilarious effect.

Clearly a work of passion and love I was privileged to see.

It will make your evening and hurt your chest from laughter

Joe Mather 48 days ago

Incredible show. Coming to our first Fringe performance, my friends and I had no idea what to expect. However I can comfortably say this has set the bar incredibly high for Fringe shows in the future. The acting was brilliant and lines delivered so cleverly. Your Fringe visit won’t be complete until you see this!

Emily 48 days ago

Genuinely one of the funniest plays I have ever been to, my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed this- there wasn’t a moment we weren’t laughing. We met the cast after, and they were so lovely. Best thing I’ve seen by far!!

Saffire Stephens / Z Stephens - Moreish TV 49 days ago

We went to this show not really knowing what to expect but what we got here was a truly great strong but really fun show with a fantastic story of a really dysfuctional family about 2 parents and 2 sons especially centered around one sone namely Bad Crad and without giving too much away this great and hilarious show could well become a household names in theatres worldwide and also we could well see this becoming a truly successful sitcom on Television especially how quickly the audience get to know the characters, this is funny, coll , diverse and hits all the right marks at this years Edinburgh Fringe so please do not miss this one as this is a sure fire hit and we love it and what not sheer brilliance

Sandy jack 49 days ago

This was so clever and funny. Almost like a more adult surreal episode of arrested development. Loved it. Highly recommend this probably be one the best hours you’ll spend at the fringe.

Noah 50 days ago

Is there an award for the show with the most laughs per minute? It would be hard to beat Bad Play.

Dylan 53 days ago

Very funny show. Laughed out loud during the entire 55 minutes. Up there among my favourite Fringe shows I have seen in 3 years of attending the festival.

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West End Best Friend (4/5 stars) 39 days ago

It's a ridiculous script, capturing the essence of the television drama on stage, but it is also ridiculously funny.

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Theatre, Films and Arts (4/5 stars) 42 days ago

A great Fringe comedy with an excellent talented cast.

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Theatre Weekly (3/5 stars) 47 days ago

It is dark humour, but with some cracking one-liners

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Brig Newspaper (3/5 stars) 47 days ago

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