Baby Reindeer by Richard Gadd

Theatre (new writing, solo show)

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  • ROUNDABOUT @ Summerhall - Roundabout
  • 18:25
  • Aug 25
  • 1 hour 5 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Francesca Moody Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: Strong Language/Swearing, Language of a sexual nature. No latecomers.
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'I looked at her, wanting her to laugh. Wanting her to share in the joke. But she didn’t. She just stared. I knew then, in that moment – that she had taken it literally...' Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Richard Gadd has a chilling story to tell about obsession, delusion and the terrifying ramifications of a fleeting mistake. An unmissable debut play directed by Olivier Award winner Jon Brittain and produced by 2018's double Fringe First-winning Francesca Moody Productions. 'Frankly magnificent' ***** (Fest). 'A true one-off' ***** (Daily Telegraph). 'A mercurial talent' **** (Independent).

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Heather Stewart 153 days ago

I felt emotionally drained and completely shocked by the justice system by the end of this performance. This is a soul laid bare with a very disturbing and compelling story to tell. Richard Gadd gives everything to this show, I don’t know how he finds it within himself to give such an intense performance every day. The best show of my Fringe.

Christina O'Beirne 153 days ago

Intense. Memorable. Thought provoking. Immersive hour of story telling that will leave you glad you’ve never had a stalker (hopefully)

Elaine Butterfield 154 days ago

Powerful and disturbing tale told so that it hits you face on and you can't forget it. So worth seeing - thank you.

Kindall Goble 155 days ago

Richard Gadd. Once you’ve seen this performance, [Seen? More like after you’ve taken the plunge.] that’s all the review you need. Such bravery. He grabs you by your private bits and charges into the fray. You have no choice but to follow. He exposes his inner self, telling a true story you might think came from the twilight zone. He must have the stamina and persistance of Sisyphus to play this out daily. At this writing there are still a few tickets left. Snap Them Up!

Philip Healing 156 days ago

This show is now almost sold out for the entire run and it should be. It's a story of how a life can be turned upside down when someone won't leave you alone; and I'm putting that mildly. This is a harrowing, true story told with heartbreaking intensity. You'll realise how easy your life is after seeing this. Not for the faint of heart.

David Sharp 160 days ago

As the other reviews say, this is an incredible performance and show. Incredible production. Totally captivating. Gripping.
I'm not sure how I felt about it and that's one of the great things about it. I don't think I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure I was meant to. I was certainly in awe of the performance and the show has lived with me and made me think.

Bunriots 162 days ago

An amazing performance that grabs your attention from the beginning and holds it there for over one hour of the most intense, powerful, shocking, moving, exciting theatre I’ve ever seen. I cannot comprehend how he manages to do this every night. Sheer perfection, professionalism and brilliance. An absolute must-see.

Sean Davis 165 days ago

Baby Reindeer by Richard Gadd (*****)
The standup comedian tells the true story of a middle aged high powered lawyer who has been stalking him for more than five years, and how the legal system has been of little help. This is not intended to be humorous, and his projection of her text messages, and replays of her voice messages provides powerful evidence of how the woman could use her legal training and past stalking experience to avoid the behavior that the legal system needs to justify a response. Despite a recent temporary injunction, he does an excellent job of conveying how she has haunted his life and mind for years, and even now attacks his family using insidious techniques.

This was the 8th most enjoyable of the 43 shows I have seen so far this year. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website:

Penny 167 days ago

How Richard Gadd can deliver a performance of this intensity and depth of emotion night after night, I will never comprehend. His bravery and strength are admirable. Superbly written, staged, and delivered. Very moving.

CK fringegoer 169 days ago

Impossible to describe and difficult to forget. Powerful stuff.

Local Lass 169 days ago

Incredible 5 STAR theater leaving the audience thrilled and stunned! Huge respect to the writer/actor delivering an astonishing and profound show I won't forget. Outstanding!

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The Times [paywall] (3/5 stars) 149 days ago

Richard Gadd twirls in the middle of this small circular theatre, a blur of anger and anxiety. He’s a 30-year-old man with a story to tell, a complex tale about a woman named Martha who used to come and sit at the bar where he worked. “Maybe it’s the fact...

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Exeunt 151 days ago

I once read in an interview with the poet Luke Kennard a criticism of creative autobiography (in this case, of poets such as Seamus Heaney) that I found interesting. Kennard told the interviewer: “it troubles me when I feel like a writer is trying to present themselves in the best...

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Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (4/5 stars) 151 days ago

Men are supposed to be invulnerable. When threatened, they're expected to deal with the source of the problem and shut it down. Things are not meant to get under their skin. Big boys don't cry.That's one o...

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UK Theatre Web (5/5 stars) 151 days ago

Performed with passion and skill this is a disturbing and powerful piece of theatre.

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One4Review (5/5 stars) 154 days ago

This show is most definitely theatre. Although tackling some similar territory to ‘Monkey see, Monkey do’, there is absolutely no release of the tension here. The show charts his relationship with Martha, a customer in a Holloway bar he worked … Read More...

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The Independent (4/5 stars) 154 days ago

So yeah, Baby Reindeer is not a laugh a minute. But Gadd confesses that, early on, he found Martha’s mania “compelling”. And audiences absolutely will too....

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The Stage [paywall] (5/5 stars) 157 days ago

A woman walks into a bar. It’s not the start of a joke, but the end of Richard Gadd’s comedy career. In 2016, after running 10k on a treadmill every night while revealing the psychological trauma of long-repressed sexual abuse, then winning the Edinburgh Comedy Award, it seemed as though...

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Broadway World (4/5 stars) 157 days ago

Baby Reindeer is intense. So is the design in Jon Brittain's constantly projected text messages, voicemails and clip-outs that hit Gadd in the face time and time again. The onslaught of contact with Martha is relentless and difficult to absorb. Imagine how it felt - and still feels - for...

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ThreeWeeks (5/5 stars) 157 days ago

Rotating fast on a turntable centre stage, Richard Gadd begins to talk. He explains the foul, threatening voicemails we’ve just heard, explaining that they’ve come from the woman who relentlessly stalked him for years after he made one mistake. Her name is Martha; she calls Gadd her “baby reindeer”. And...

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 158 days ago

FOR THE LAST three years, the Scottish-born writer, actor and comedian Richard Gadd has been involved in the high-risk business of making solo performance out of his own personal experiences and traumas. ...

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British Theatre (4/5 stars) 158 days ago

Richard Gadd won the Edinburgh Comedy Award for his show Monkey See Monkey Do, but since then his life has taken on a frightening and sinister turn. [...] Men are talking at the Fringe, and this is a powerful piece.

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Miro Magazine (4/5 stars) 158 days ago

Baby Reindeer displays the world through Gadd’s constant, on-guard eyes, and for a split second his fear is universal.

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The Student Newspaper 159 days ago

It’s hard to criticise someone baring their soul, and thankfully there is little need to here, Gadd being especially convincing when reliving his outrage and delivering hoarse descriptions of his torment.

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The List (4/5 stars) 160 days ago

Devastating theatre from Edinburgh Comedy Award winner...

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Edinburgh Guide (4/5 stars) 161 days ago

Award winner Richard Gadd performs a tense and deeply personal view into his complicated relationship with an unbalanced stalker. Martha is a middle aged woman who met Gadd when he was working as a bartender. By offering her a free tea, he lights the powder keg. A chain reaction leading...

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Broadway Baby (5/5 stars) 161 days ago

Richard Gadd pours a free cup of tea to a stranger at a bar – she comes back. Richard Gadd pours a free cup of tea to a stranger at a bar – she comes back. Richard Gadd pours a free cup of tea to a stranger at a bar...

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Fest (5/5 stars) 162 days ago

Just as Richard Gadd's award-winning 2016 standup laid bare the sexual confusion and abuse that once lurked in his comedy's subtext, Baby Reindeer directly reveals the stalker that has devastated his life and swept away his boundaries between performer and fan, private life and professional. Unfolding at the same time...

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Time Out (4/5 stars) 162 days ago

In Richard Gadd’s Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning stand up show ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’, he carefully buried the lede, only revealing towards the end that as a younger man he’d been groomed and sexually abused, and that this had subsequently taken a terrible toll on his mental health and confidence. Now that...

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Whats On Stage (4/5 stars) 165 days ago

Scottish writer and actor Richard Gadd has an unnerving knack for taking personal experiences and transforming them into utterly compelling, disconcerting pieces of work. His award-winning 2016 Fringe stand-up set Monkey See, Monkey Do could quite easily have sat neatly in a theatre section of a Fringe brochure. So it's...

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British Theatre Guide (5/5 stars) 165 days ago

Look for tickets... It’s fair to say that former Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner Richard Gadd has not had an easy life. His show Monkey See, Monkey Do, for which he won the award in 2016, detailed his experiences of being groomed and abused as a young actor.His new show, Baby...

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The Guardian (4/5 stars) 165 days ago

If you followed Richard Gadd’s career up to his Edinburgh comedy award-winning Monkey See Monkey Do three years ago, you might think he’d had his lifetime’s fill of trauma and that happily, it had culminated in that cathartic triumph. Among its several startling achievements, Baby Reindeer leaves that notion in...

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