Baby Paradise: Part One

Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (interactive, performance art)

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  • C venues – C royale - studio 3
  • 20:45
  • Aug 27
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: Germany
  • Group: bambule.babys (Germany)
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains severe strong language, strong sexual themes. Immersive performance installation.
  • Accessibility: May not apply to all performances. Please confirm before booking. See our Accessibility page for details.
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 2 years


Power? Sex? Control? Part One: Meet Baby, a prostitute willing to entertain you with Barbie dolls… Experience a bizarre underworld of desire and oppression. In bambule.babys’ immersive performance installation nothing is safe or pretty. Grotesque codes of trauma, passion, violence are intermingled with writer-director Anna Valeska Pohl’s recollection of her former relationship to a person who has become a sex worker. Retelling the Hades-Persephone myth from a feminist perspective, Baby Paradise explores the barbarities of our over-sexualised culture. In an atmosphere of intimacy and voyeurism, the audience is left face to face with its own nakedness.

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