The Art of Skipping

Musicals and Opera (new writing, science)

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'Never been afraid of the dark, only curious for the spark.' Alex Peel is a young and bright astronomer, destined for a life in the stars. Then Alex's life is turned upside-down. Alex is going blind. After working all her life for this big moment of freedom, for her eyes to be opened and released into the mysteries of space, the windows have been shut firmly over her eyes. Follow Alex in understanding whether our destiny is written in the stars and if sometimes there is more to life than in front of our two eyes.

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David Muir 106 days ago

This was my final show of the fringe, and I'm happy I chose it. The subject matter may sound heavy, but in fact there's much more light than dark to this production. Believable and grounded, despite being a musical, this has excellent singing, acting and writing, and even a little dancing; of special note is the sheer enthusiasm and happiness to be on stage that shines out of the lead actress!

Mary Gilbert 107 days ago

This is a must see if you like original writing and a moving, engaging performance. A heart warming story which brought tears and laughter with some good music holding it together.

Khang Le 107 days ago

Beautiful and heartwarming musical. I smiled, laughed and teared up throughout the show. The storyline is gripping, the characters portrayed by 3 very talented actresses are relatable and moving, and the music is just captivating. You’ll go through a rollercoaster of emotions but it is so worth it. A must see!

Alan Coyne (@DoyleELF) 108 days ago

This is a delightful piece, performed with just the right blend of talent & authenticity. The music, the writing, the acting, and the elements of dance all combine perfectly to pull the audience gently along the refreshingly simple and uplifting story. Both characters & performers are utterly believable, and the songs beautifully accentuate the emotional arc of the show. It's suitable for all ages, and I think everyone will find something to relate to in each of the well-drawn characters.

AdrianDeane Brannen-Jurgenson 108 days ago

An example of a familiar story of courage discovered, young love and fear of loss. The central action driver is perhaps not the most common of obstacles (diagnosed impending blindness), but the surrounding story—the protagonist’s varied steps of response to the discovery, and the impacts these have on the two main relationships of her life (her partner and her mother)—are where the true heat of the piece are. And though I thought I was familiar with this series of events and each character’s response, by the final message I was surprised by the impact. Compliments to the actors for bringing a real, powerful honesty to messages I thought I’d heard many times. And gratitude to the playwright for writing originality and extraordinary heart into the seemingly “mere” ordinary.

Marc Antoine 109 days ago

Original and authentic, I recommend!

Thomas Jaffray 112 days ago

A very sweet and moving piece of theatre which leaves you uplifted. Check it out!

Jamie Gane 115 days ago

Absolutely amazing, such an uplifting and heartwarming storyline and an incredible soundtrack to go with it. If you get chance, or even if you don't, go and see it.

Julie Quinn 116 days ago

A brilliant performance by all. Very sensitive with great humour. One not to miss.

Paul Martin 116 days ago

Well acted and produced, original songs, moving storyline and not without a touch of humour. A great watch!

Michael Gordon Shapiro 116 days ago

What a wonderful show. Sincere, touching, and more than a little inspiring at the end. (I was choked up an hour later just from replaying the ending in my head.) The book is extremely well-crafted, laying the expositional groundwork elegantly and subtly, so that when big moments arrive they feel logically set up. Yet the story also repeatedly defies our expectations as to its resolution, keeping us engaged to the close.

The three cast members embraced their roles with authenticity and personality, winning us over almost immediately. The music could have felt more tightly integrated with the story in spots, but that's a small complaint. (Obligatory cheesy praise:) Don't skip this one!

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ThreeWeeks (3/5 stars) 108 days ago

Following a young astronomer on a journey of a lifetime as she discovers she is going blind, ‘The Art of Skipping’ is a very moving musical. Although slow to start, the pacing picks up and soon has the audience emotionally invested. The use of choreography to show the passing of...

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Miro Magazine (3/5 stars) 110 days ago

A new musical at the Fringe which handles its difficult material and constraints well – a pleasant morning performance.

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Miro Magazine (3/5 stars) 111 days ago

A new musical at the Fringe is always an ambitious undertaking. Given the constraints of its venue, The Art of Skipping handles its material well, with composer Megan Hughes wisely opting for a single keyboard rather than an entire band. The simple melody provides a more effective, pleasant background to the domestic story, allowing each voice and message to ring loud and true.

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Musical Theatre Review (5/5 stars) 111 days ago

The score is ravishingly good: melody and harmony lines to die for with delicious counterpoints in a complex yet very pleasing musical structure. Both lyrics and choreography match the high standard set by the music, engaging the audience at every level.

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Musical Theatre Review (5/5 stars) 114 days ago

Through dialogue, song and stylised movement, this is such a beautifully told story. The balance between music and dialogue is completely natural in terms of the show – the music heightening and colouring the world these three characters live in.

All three have exceptional singing voices (although an 11:30am morning start can be demanding for under-warmed voices) but once the duets and trios warm up – wow – exceptionally fine vocal blends that raise the hairs on the back of the neck.

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Broadway Baby (3/5 stars) 114 days ago

This new musical follows the story of Alex Peel, whose life is changed by a diagnosis which will eventually lead to her going completetly blind. The Art of Skipping is an entertaining and touching story with a beautiful score from emerging company Purple Door Productions.Alex is a passionate and determined...

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Ed Fringe Review (3/5 stars) 115 days ago

Sweet and uplifting...

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Ed Fringe Review (4/5 stars) 116 days ago

Sensitive, earnestly performed and sweet...

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