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The Griffen Collective present Antiques by Ted Smethurst. Worn out by the city, young couple Sam and Lucy move to the countryside, searching for a peaceful rural lifestyle. They arrive in the village of Little Dickingsworth: picture perfect and untouched by modern life. The villagers like it that way and don't take kindly to change. Perhaps Little Dickingsworth is not as charming as it appears and your new neighbours don't play nice with strangers.

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Don Lizzy 25 days ago

absolutley massive like west ham, don lizzy and the smeth absolute class, everyone else is a bit of a timo werner type flop but thats edinburgh heratige for you

Robin 32 days ago

Great light hearted and amusing satirical entertainment from a group of enthusiastic and capable performers.

Tom Plenderleith 32 days ago

Great show! Hilarious and witty. Also, the cast are lovely. Always a delight to speak to on the mile! Check it out

Polly 33 days ago

Abysmal. Self-preservation kicked in and I shut down my brain in order to protect it through a painful 55 minutes.

The actors, and presumably the writer too, were all very young so a lot can be forgiven there. Everyone is allowed to fail and learn. I'm sure they still had a great time putting this together.

Nica Louie 33 days ago

Frankly, no. Nice effort but not worth our time. Weak script and amateurish performance.

José Mourinho 33 days ago

This is Edinburgh fringe festival heritage.

K and J 33 days ago

At first I was skeptical with these reviews. However, upon viewing I was pleasantly surprised. The charming little town of Dickingsworth brought chuckles, thought provoking themes as well as the odd chill down my spine with fleshed out characters. Having a same sex couple was fresh and showed how theatre is progressing. The set design of 6 boxes allowed for a creative set piece to occur with talent within the set design department emerging. Although could be seen as ageist, it is a satirical, hyper realistic and absurdist play after all. I would recommend this show to those willing to laugh at others or even themselves, with themes of Little Britain teased within resulting in a more joyful viewing was overall achieved.

Jo 33 days ago

Excellent show. It's just like visiting Royston Vasey and the use of masks makes it really creepy and unsettling. Plenty of laughs from a talented cast. Great satire on English inability to face change and the future.

Sarah 34 days ago

I loved it! The use of masks were extraordinary and gave the whole play a very creepy under tone. The characterisation and posture of all of the elderly characters (which isn’t supposed to be an accurate representation of all the elderly community) really helps the audience see the juxtaposition between the young couple and the rest of the town. I booked it on the day of the performance through the QR code which was very easy to use. Overall I was very impressed with the cast of Antiques. Well done!

Ross Stephenson 34 days ago

Great show! The use of masks were sublime, comedy on point and amazing use of set design. Thoroughly recommend a watch!

Robert 34 days ago

Very funny and well observed absurdist comedy. Brilliantly written and acted by a cast of exciting rising stars. It made me both laugh out loud and take fright about what the future holds! Its the best thing I’ve seen all week! I recommend that you get to see it while you can.

Julia 35 days ago

Very well executed piece of new writing. Cast totally committed to their absurdist characters and excellent creation of foreboding, sinister (but comical!) atmosphere. Really enjoyed it!

Simon 35 days ago

If you are a fan of Little Britain or League of Gentlemen then Antiques is the show for you. A brilliantly written script, full of fun and laughs, with a range of interesting characters portrayed by a very talented group of individuals.

Sionice 35 days ago

What a fantastic show! Once you allow yourself to
enjoy the absurdity you will have a blast! The writer is extremely talented and the full cast are so committed to a brilliant show!
Well done all involved!

Gabriel 36 days ago

Great satire on little englanders and the idea that our identity is formed by looking back to the past and resisting change. Very inventive set design and some excellent absurdist moments.

Pat 36 days ago

Truly awful. Think other reviews must be from relatives and friends. Seriously ageist, not all older people are bent over and walk with sticks but according to these young people they are. Maybe if the characters had simply been unusual or quirky it could have been okay but as it is, it is dreadful and offensive on a lot of levels. 55 minutes of my life I won’t get back.

Annabelle 37 days ago

Very entertaining and interesting, unique dramatic style used to introduce quirky characters. I enjoyed watching and learning about the secrets of Little Dickingsworth. Definitely recommend!!

Andrew 37 days ago

Wonderfully entertaining play, well written and acted with simple but effective props. Lots of laugh out loud moments. Well worth watching. I won’t be moving to Little Dickingsworth any time soon………

Catherene Tibbs 37 days ago

Wonderful play by talented new playwright Ted Smethurst. Funny, thought provoking, and with an interesting angle on ageing and attitudes to change. Loved it! Fabulous performances by The Griffen Collective. Don’t miss it!!

Nicola Warrick 37 days ago

Just saw Antiques by @thegriffencollective at Greenside Nicolson Square. Fabulous quirky, funny and thought provoking ensemble production full of energy with creative set and masks. Challenging our views on “outsiders” and change.

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