American Idiot

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  • Hill Street Theatre - Alba Theatre
  • 18:40
  • Aug 25
  • 2 hours 10 minutes
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: Edinburgh Little Theatre
  • Warnings and additional info: Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Strobe Lighting, Strong Language/Swearing
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 1 year


Follow Johnny's life as he moves from small town America to the bright lights and party life of Tinseltown. Green Day's iconic musical will blast you out of your seat as this superb cast cast their spell.

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Peter MacCeòl 52 days ago

Clearly the worst production of American Idiot there has ever been. The venue didn't work at all. Too small. The fact there was no band is just a joke - bands for MT don't get any easier than for AI. A lot of ideas taken from the AI's anniversary tour which is totally cool as long as they are well performed which they weren't. LX really simple and even though it was so simple it didn't work at all. Simply looked like lights were not rehearsed with the cast a single time. The worst choice of mics ever. I have never seen so big headsets in an MT production in my life, they were almost the size of handheld mics, on the top of that they were going all over the place with the cast not really knowing how to use them, which was also causing the tripping all the time. Vocally and visually the cast didn't handle the show at all. Most of the vocals were forced although the chorus's charmonies were mostly on point so good job here, but still, principals weren't chosen right for the roles, except for Johnny. The boy did really well. The show is well overpriced. Have seen much better productions for almost half the price, such a dissapointment. Overall, still a long way to go for you guys. I'm probably not going to go and see any shows from yous next year unless the prices are down.

Loz Whitaker 56 days ago

Entertaining and high energy. St Jimmy was very good. A very good show! (Maybe the set could’ve been a little but still a great show)

B Ram 57 days ago

Amazing show. Cast gave it there all and was very energetic. I have seen 2 productions of this already and this was the best one yet! Will not disappoint!!

D Fraser 57 days ago

Absolutely amazing show. Would totally recommend it.

Lisa 58 days ago

I was really excited to see this musical as it has been on my list for years. But unfortunately it didn’t live up to the hype for me. The artistic choices were confusing, such as the ensemble who were dressed head to toe in black including covering their faces. It made no sense and was very distracting. The vocals were ok but I had no idea of what was going on in the story and left in the interval so I could catch up with my group instead.

Andrew` Thoms 59 days ago

Last night I went to see my collegues in the ELT’s production of American Idiot.

I was blown away! Ive seen two versions of AI previously but what puts this production to the top of the pile was the storytelling. The three lead males power this musical along with their characterisation, personality and singing. Especially Jonny ( Frankie Cusack). Tunny’s ( Alex Matthews) and Will’s (Stuart Mitchell) voices blending effortlessly leading to superb harmonies.
St Jimmy ( Kerr Mckinley) was disturbingly creepy as he lead Jonny on his downward spiral. Whatshername ( Dominique Haig) was alluring and oozed all over the stage adding to the palette of voices but with a softer edge.
Very strong supporting performances from Becca Wicksted (Heather); Zoe McRae (Alysha); Gavin Blakie (Favourite Son); Ruth Harris (Extraordinary Girl); Beth Hogg (Ensemble) and Carly Peters (Ensemble / Understudy) made this production, for me one of the best Ive seen and certainly the best show Ive seen this 2019 fringe. I really liked the use of the Unknown ensemble in their black hoods. Slick choreography and seemingly effortless backing singing throughout the whole production.
Maybe it helps that I know the performers involved? But I know a fantastic production when I see and hear one! If you get a chance. Go see it! Dont be an “American Idiot”

Well done!!!

Anon 60 days ago

While I truly, truly respect the energy of the cast involved here - I have to join a couple of the outlying reviewers amongst the overflowing positively and say anybody watching this should really measure their expectations.

Huge GD fan, and always happy to give amateur performances a go, but the vocals were really off (with occasional exceptions) and the whole thing really fell flat because of that (not to mention the jarring presence of the all-black chorus mentioned in other reviews).

Hate to leave a negative review and again, respect the energy of the cast but can't help but question if I'm watching the same show as some of these other reviews...

Maureen Frizzle 62 days ago

Highly energised performance, all actors to be praised.

Amie Renton 62 days ago

What an incredible show.
Everything was just sublime.
Paid more to see the tour production and wish I could have paid more to see this one
I cried at 21 guns I cried at whatshername I even cried at some of the best acting I’ve seen in a musical
What a show incredible incredible INCREDIBLE

Natalie Rutherford 63 days ago

Came to see this show after a recommendation and honestly it did not disappoint. Being a green day fan anyway was a bonus but the level to which each and every actor performed was astounding. Everything was executed so well and even when little challenges or accidents happened on stage, the show continued on without even a hitch and the actors handled it perfectly.

Tim Jackson 63 days ago

Wow! My wife and attended this production last night and we loved it, we’ve seen the most recent tour and honestly we preferred this show, the singing was fantastic, we loved the choreography but most of all we thought the acting was outstanding! You felt as if the characters were real, the stories came alive on stage and a special mention to the man in the wheel chair and his solider girl whose connections on stage were highly believable, as well as the two that were left at home, the scene with their friend was so believable I had to stop myself from jumping out my seat to break it up! Which was a total highlight of the show
We loved it and will be back again before the end of the run
Great to see such actors with such talents

Audrey Whitehead 64 days ago

Having never seen the film I had no idea what to expect. The character who played the lead Jonny was very good. A lot of the cast were dressed in black with their face covered. No idea why. It was advertised as 12 plus, glad to see it’s been changed to 16. High energy show. Glad I went.

Anon 64 days ago

Having read some of the reviews on here, I went to see this production with high hopes. However, after viewing the performance I feel an honest review is needed to ensure anyone who is unsure about going knows what to expect.

Throughout, the performance is energetic and the cast gave it their all, making good use of the small venue with some audience interaction.

However, the story is not helped by some of the production choices. As mentioned in other reviews, the chorus are dressed from head to toe in black, including masks covering their faces. This didn’t make any sense and continually pulled you out of the story, particularly when the chorus interacted with the main characters. In other productions, the entire cast are dressed as punks and I can’t understand why the director chose to hide away half of the performers. If I had not seen previous versions of American Idiot, I don’t think I would have followed the story.

The quality of singing wavered throughout, in places the cast did really well with difficult parts, but in other spots, it was jarring and off-putting. The choice to use character voices in song is understandable but negatively impacted what otherwise would have been a more enjoyable performance.

Having seen other similarly priced amateur musical theatre productions at this years’ Fringe, I felt that this was overpriced in comparison. The other shows included larger casts, live musicians and higher production value. If this had been priced at £5-8, I would be less inclined to make critical comments.

Again, the cast gave it their all but the show didn’t live up to my expectations based on the price and other reviews.

Catt Whitson 66 days ago

Show: 12/8/2019

They did Green Day's work complete justice, hitting every note in every song. Whether you are a life long Green Day fan or you have never heard of them or the musical, you will love this. The cast were brilliant, amazing acting skills with such genuine and emotional performances that totally drew you in, fun and energetic audience interaction (I was completely honored when St Jimmy kissed my hand), they were amazing.
They had me in tears, it was such a beautiful performance.

I would also recommend that you stick around for a few minutes after the show, possibly with a pen and paper, to show the cast some love for their hard work. When my best friend and I asked them to sign our tickets tonight you could tell they were honored and appreciated the praise.


Niall the Manc 66 days ago

One of my favourite musicals and I have seen the professional touring show multiple times as well as a number of amateur productions and I have to say I think Little theatres production holds its own. There were a number of inventive uses of the relatively small stage and changes in this production which I thought were both inventive and exciting. For example having the Extrodinary Girl played by a soldier makes this a far more interesting character than the usual nurse. The three lads and Jimmy all brought great energy to the roles - I loved the interactions between Jimmy and Johnny and Johnny himself was a stand-out - better at embodying the role than most of the professionals I have seen play it (hats off mate).

The night we went the audience sang/muttered and stomped their way through this thoroughly energetic performance.

Overall a 5 star performance by the cast and a really enjoyable night out. Well done!

Emma Erskine 68 days ago

Excellently written, story was very hard hitting but made valid points about how life can take you in different paths. The singing and performance was amazing. A few times I had goosebumps. Well done to all involved in this production. High standard that I was pleasantly surprised at. My only criticism would be to up the recommended age to 15+

Cat Cook 68 days ago

Absolutely fantastic show from start to finish!! Voices and energy on par with a west end performance! Overall experience could even beat that - more intimate with the smaller venue and the cast cleverly make use of the entire room rather than just the stage. Every cast member - main characters or otherwise - a clear star in the making .

10/10 must see (especially if you're Green Day daft like me!)

Stuart Mcelhone 69 days ago

Went and saw this with my friend the other night. Was worth much more than the £12 pound ticket. The 3 main characters held their own as well as a great supporting cast. I never knew what it was about it was a very quick 2 hrs that I gotta say bring a tear to my eye. Keep up the hard work guys its paying off . Highly recommend going to see this musical .

Stunning show 69 days ago

American idiot!! Wow! What can I say, what a vocal triumph! I do not think Iv heard better in the west end. Congratulations on such a well put together performance with such a talented cast of guys and girls even the small roles where the highest quality vocals and performances. I was blown away by this show and will probably drag more friends along to see it again. *****

Vix and Samantha 69 days ago

If you see only one show at the Fringe this year, this is the one to see. Everyone of those young people are stars in the making. Amazing energy, high emotion and every actor was totally in character for the whole performance, whether in the spotlight or in the background. We can say no more but totally and utterly [email protected]#$%&g brilliant!!

Rosie McAlpine 69 days ago

(Apologies for the following review as I’ve realised it is quite lengthy!)

I caught this performance last minute yesterday evening and it was good! My boyfriend and I had already seen the tour at the Edinburgh Playhouse and we both agreed that neither was better than the other vocally/acting/dancing wise, equal to professional! The only comment we collectively made was about the chorus in the baggy black clothes and weird masks. We felt that there’s no need for this as it was distracting and added virtually nothing to the story, if anything it confused us as two or three members of this large cast never got to show their faces until their bow which in our eyes is very unfair. Looking at the comparison from seeing it at the Playhouse, it seems that the chorus are there as the main character’s friends and because they’re hidden it gives nobody any leeway to bounce off each other and at some moments makes the main characters look awkward and unsure of what to do, ‘Letterbomb’ standing out the most prominently where the girl singing clearly needs company. If the goal was to add mystery or the element of shadowing/lurky/creepy characters to the show, which we think we worked out was the case, it did not work and looks silly. I am personally a fan of Liam Rudden’s but I’d honestly expect more from him as a director. We plan to return nearer the end of August in the hopes that changes are made as this cast is bright and talented, but is unfortunately being overshadowed by an unneeded and somewhat daft concept.

Julie Ross 69 days ago

This was a fantastic show performed by some brilliant actors. I loved this show-well done and good luck for your futures! x

Nicole Whells 70 days ago

Overall a super high energy and entertaining show, having seen the recent tour I found this a far superior experience. Being closer to the action you felt involved and could take in the incredible action of most the cast, shame some faces were hidden the whole show, when new faces popped up in act 2 I was hoping they all had featured parts. Some bold choices took the show to a more gritty and interesting place, overall a brilliant show, if you love greenday or even if you dont, it's one to see! Ps. It does get warm, bring water!

Zak Majid 70 days ago

The Show was terrific, me and my friend had a great time and thought the show was really well written and performed and was worth the money.
The leading girl had an absolutley incredible voice! Was really impressed.
Would definately recommend

Tracy Borthwick 73 days ago

Having spent a day at the Fringe yesterday it ended with me going to see American Idiot. This is a jewel in the crown that is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and definitely one to go and see! The 3 lead boys have you invested in them and their stories straight from the off and the moving ‘Give Me Novocaine’ exceptionally performed by Stuart Mitchell was a particular highlight for me! Being so close to the action, you feel yourself being involved in the very centre of the story. You hope for these boys, you cheer for them and you feel deeply crushed for them in equal measure and that is solely down to the incredible performances of 3 extremely talented young men ably assisted with standout performances by everyone else on the stage! This is a bright, talented young company who exude enthusiasm and professionalism in abundance. If you only have the chance to see one show this year at the Fringe then make sure American Idiot is the one!

Craig Hannan 73 days ago

Fantastic energetic production, with excellent cast. Faithful to the broadway original, a must see for Green Day fans, and anyone that likes a good show.

It did get hot, bring water.

Ryan Dickson - Wheaton 74 days ago

INCREDIBLE. After doing this show last year, I didn’t think I could get anything new from it but I did, what a fantastic cast with hard core brutality in the more gritty parts yet an elegance in part that people can overlook, for example 21 Guns. I really loved this production and think that their concepts played well into an ever questioning audience! Finished off witg the best rendition of Good Riddence I’ve heard in a while, topped off with a Standing ovation! well done to all involved. We are trying to catch it again before we go home, WELL DONE

Anonymous 74 days ago

Very high energy, fantastic vocals and choreography, but absolutely hated ensemble/dancers in masks & all black. Absolutely. Hated. It. I hate the concept and honestly think it ruins the show entirely. Partner, friends and general audience around us believed the same during open discussion at interval. Was very tempted to walk out but stayed as I simply love Green Day and like I previously said the cast are wonderful. Shame some talented faces aren’t getting their moment compared to the majority. It’s a real shame. 4/10.

John Aitken 75 days ago

Really enjoyable high energy production with an equally as fantastic cast, bring your water as it can get rather warm. But as Greenday fans and lovers of this musical we loved it

Anonymous 75 days ago

It’s not what we expected. Disappointing, left half way through.

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Edinburgh Guide (4/5 stars) 69 days ago

Bursting onto stage with the energetic opening number and wonderfully cheeky audience interactions, the company set the scene for American Idiot. The set suits the show, with the different levels on stage allowing clear visibility of the different scenes. The three leads playing Johnny, Tunny and Will embody their roles as...

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