American Idiot

Musicals and Opera (musical theatre)

  • Hill Street Theatre - Alba Theatre
  • 21:40
  • Aug 27
  • 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: Sound Events Scotland
  • Warnings and additional info: Scenes of a sexual nature, Scenes of violence, Strong language/swearing
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 1 year


This musical is based on the concept album by Green Day and centres around Jonny, Tunny and Will as they fight to get out of their boring, mundane lives. This talented cast brings the musical to life. The boys leave Jingletown and head for the bright lights. There they find love, drugs and violence but no answers to their problems. This gritty hard-hitting musical has the best tunes ever and it explodes onto the stage driven by its vibrant, talented cast as they bring these characters to life. A must-see for fans of Green Day.

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Katie Hughes 37 days ago

Outstanding. I loved this show. Superb performances across the board, the cast gave their all. I laughed and cried and celebrated with them. I left feeling so uplifted by the performance. I like Green Day but wouldn’t class myself as a super fan so didn’t know all the music. That didn’t matter at all. I was carried along on the journey. Completely recommend. Go and see it if you can before the close.

Thanakorn 39 days ago

I didn’t expect that much, just wanted to find something to watch in my BD by myself. And I picked my fav band for that. If you are a fan of Green Day, you gonna fall in love with the show easily. If not you gonna love those characters and the story as well.

aoife 39 days ago

Really did justice to one of my favourite albums growing up. A very enjoyable show and very well performed by young up-and-comers

Reece 40 days ago

I'll admit I'm not the biggest green day fan so a lot of songs were brand new to me, but still the performers were absolutely incredible giving it every ounce of effort they had. I struggled a bit with the plot line between songs but that may be more at fault with the original musical creators than this team at the fringe. Definitely go and see this!

Bill 42 days ago

Excellent show. Fantastic performance. Highly recommended.

Stuart M 42 days ago

Absolutely love this show and venue. I saw American Idiot on Tuesday and had a great time - although it was VERY difficult not to sing along! Good performances all round - the 3 boys did well! My personal favourite in this production had to be St Jimmy. As soon as he entered the story, the show kicked up a gear and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. A special mention to Extraordinary Girl as well, a small role played very well - definitely a scene stealer.

Well done all

Rita Cunha 46 days ago

Young and talented cast! it was a good show.

Paulo Cunha 47 days ago

Great Show and energetic performance

Guy Clayton 48 days ago

A very talented cast give 110% to this show and the audience loved it. Some sound problems, which was a pity as the cast can all sing well, but in a tiny (and hot) venue without a live band, it was very enjoyable. Expect to see some of this cast on the big screen in the near future.

Scottish Idiot 49 days ago

Went with my son who's a huge Green Day fan and budding actor. He was totally blown by the performances and wanted to immediately rebook! Great vocals from the performers and confident coordination from the cast.
It's an intimate venue yet performers managed to give a big show. Well done everyone, you really entertained! Highly recommend

Ian 52 days ago

Let's start with the positives. Everybody in the cast gives it 100 % of themselves, they really try to make this show perfect (Callan Paterson is really god!), the music is simply awesome and you'll probably leave the show in a amazing mood. But let's be honest - this show desperately needs a live band, much better sound work (in some parts you don't even hear the singing, in other parts the music is so quiet it feels like a funeral) and more effort in the scenography and costumes (not talking about money here, more than of some clever ideas). Overall I'm glad I've seen this show, enjoyed it and if you are a Green Day fan, do not hesitate to get a ticket.

C w 53 days ago

Why why why before the show started did staff tell the audience to sing along no where on the site does it list this show as being a sing along or having audience participation.

If I wanted to hear tone-deaf people sing green day I would have gone to karaoke not the largest arts festival in the world

Green day fan 2 54 days ago

If you like GreenDay you’ll love this.
I have seen this show in the west end and this stripped back version was just as good if not better and more intimate in the hill st venue. Less props and scenery meant the cast had to work harder at getting the acting right a hard task when apart from a few lines this is almost completely sung through so no dialogue to help the audience understand the story arc. With great choreography and direction it was interpreted well. The sound was a bit off in places. The music went up in volume at some points which then made the voices hard to hear. I can only presume this was a one off tech problem. The cast were not phased and delivered a Fast paced, dynamic show with some great immersive moments.
Word to Mr Rickstien the story is about late teens to early twenty somethings. It was age appropriate casting. Refreshing to see this instead of a much older casting trying to look younger.

Green day fan 54 days ago

Lively performance. Performers all young adults. Some pretty good singers but the sound quality could be improved - turn the music and the mics up.

Craig 54 days ago

Just back from seeing the show tonight, young cast have so much talent and it leaves you with a great buzz! Totally recommend getting a ticket!

Mark Rikstein 54 days ago

Please be advised: this is a play performed by kids. Some of them have true potential and at least most of the singing was reasonably on key, but apart from that it’s 100% amateur. We may have read the program wrong and expected a real production of this masterpiece, but alas. Go only if you want to support these high school performers, they put a lot of work in it.

Avril Carroll-Long 54 days ago

This show did not dissapoint. Great performers. The show was very well put together. You don't have to be a Green Day fan to enjoy it but if you are a fan, you will want to listen to this album over and over again after this show. Highly recommend, really enjoyable

Family Review 55 days ago

We visited the show and had a great time. This is a young theatre company with great energy. Do not expect polished performances but instead a great opportunity to see what could be names to watch in the future. It was a shame the singing was to a soundtrack but the stage direction and in aisle coach trip made for good theatre. There was a lot of whooping from what I can only imagine were relatives of the cast which was slightly annoying and uncomfortable.

Kirstin Johnston 55 days ago

Did this show make me want to sing along and fist pump the air ?
Heck yeah.
It was an emotional charged rock n roller coaster of a coming of age ride with a kick arse score.
The cast clearly had “the time of their lives” delivering grit, spit and a hard hit. Impressive vocals and harmonies, spunky choreography and slick delivery. Congratulations to cast and crew.

Andrew B 55 days ago

If your looking for a show that will leave you buzzing and wanting to rebook to see again this is definitely one.Great energy and singing by the cast and clever use of the stage by the director , already booked to see again

S431lab 55 days ago

What a show! I had no idea what to expect and was blown away.This cast are amazingly talented and their commitment to their performance was incredible , had us immediately wanting to come see the show again - rebooked already!

Julie Darlington 56 days ago

What a damn show! Very clear the cast love what they are doing and really care about giving the audience a great show and performance. Top notch choreography and singing too

Daniel Cook 56 days ago

After seeing another musical in the venue in the morning that was nothing but a car crash of bad theatre, I was contemplating not attending American Idiot, but I’m glad I did, what a polar opposite show with great direction, great choreography and fantastic singing and harmony work that was performed by a talented cast who we felt were really energetic and strong.
You can tell that experienced teams have worked on this production and are thinking about the audiences
Save your money and time, just book to see this show

Raine Billington 56 days ago

An incredible performance, we loved every minute of the show last night, it was funny, fast paced and really hit the themes head on. What a well rounded piece of theatre with what seems to be a great team behind it, we will be booking again later in the run. Great show that we highly recommend

Removed 56 days ago

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