Alan Turing – Guilty of Love

Musicals and Opera (musical theatre, lgbtq+)

  • Hill Street Theatre - Alba Theatre
  • 14:10
  • Aug 27
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: David Kettle Productions Limited
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing or potentially triggering themes
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 1 year


Everyone knows about the code-breaking genius of Alan Turing, but behind the mathematical genius lay a man of great passion. Through his work, he gave himself to his nation and was hailed a hero. But privately, his life was a torment of desire and shame because of the cruel and draconian anti-homosexuality laws of that very same nation. With sublime melodies, this incredibly moving, uplifting and thought-provoking new musical delves into Turing's youthful love of Christopher Morcom and how this shaped his life and work.

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KW 30 days ago

Every performance was incredible but Caitlin Downie as Joan Clarke was a revelation. Go see as soon as it comes to a theatre near you!

Evie Barrie 30 days ago

Be prepared to have your heart, mind and soul taken by turns on a joyful, inspiring and heartbreaking voyage through Turing’s biography, by an incredibly talented cast who display stunning talent at leading your emotions in every way.

I must in particular mark out the lead Jamie Sheasby who gives a most moving performance as a man torn between logic and love, living in a world that doesn’t appreciate or even attempt to understand him. Caitlin Downie caresses your soul with a smooth yet powerful voice, her character Joan allowing the audience to view a kinder, softer side of Alan. Andrew Hornyak as Christopher provides an ethereal, omniscient presence, culminating in a bittersweet yet uplifting conclusion to the piece.

The rest of the cast provide stunning support performing with earnest, warmth and passion.

Musical numbers lyrically and choreographically lead the story along perfectly paced and thoroughly entertaining.

I cannot wait to see this production earn the success it so richly deserves, hopefully meaning a full touring show is in it’s near future.

Fiona Paterson 30 days ago

Loved this show and the rollercoaster of emotions it brings in 90 minutes. A very talented cast brings the story to life as you travel along the journey of Alan Turing’s life.

Janette Telford 31 days ago

Brilliant show. Takes you on a journey to a time when attitudes were very different using wonderful music and acting. I was taken on a rollercoaster ride by the joy, laughter and sadness that was crammed into 90 minutes. Absolutely wonderful performances, especially the lead actor. Telling the story of Alan Turing in a sensitive and emotional way, this deserves to be shown on a bigger stage.

Keng 31 days ago

The show was impressive. The casts brought Alun’s life and his love into reality again. Thank you the writers and performers to create this show.

Emma 32 days ago

Incredible show, one of the best I've seen on the fringe. Please please tour this.

Dawn Lewis 32 days ago

Absolutely loved this. Turing was played sensitively and with a fabulous voice. All actors perfect for their roles and brought to life the sad treatment of a here. Highly Recommend

RayDar 32 days ago

Only two more Fringe shows to go and this deserves to sell-out so grab a ticket while you can! Remarkable performances by all the cast, a real joy to watch. Have a look at the other reviews which will confirm our verdict.
And good luck to the company with the forthcoming tour of the show.

Tanya Andrews 32 days ago

Fantastic show. Highly recommend. Powerful performance and Turing brilliantly portrayed. A must see

Carreen Dew 33 days ago

Jamie Sheasby led a stellar cast in this moving musical tribute to Alan Turing. I loved it. The songs are beautiful and the singing is incredibly powerful. We gave it a well-deserved standing ovation.

Paul Fisher 35 days ago

A powerful musical/play about the absolute genius who was Alan Turing - a story which must continue to be told for all generations.
The acting was superb, the singing was superb and the final scenes reduced me to tears......
DON'T miss this show - it is marvellous.

Thomas Rollo 36 days ago

I would strongly recommend that you try to fit this show into your busy Fringe schedule. Sensitively portrayed and sung and at times very moving, this musical production provides a powerful and touching interpretation of this troubling story.

Iain Stringer 36 days ago

Great new writing and composing here and plenty of heartfelt story line packed into a fine show. A good audience turn out. I recommend you go and see it.
Iain Stringer

Ruth Crawford 36 days ago

You must see this show. Brilliant! Emotionally spellbinding from start to finish.

STEPHEN DAVIS 37 days ago

A moving show with an outstanding cast offering a fascinating insight into the time-period and its values. I would happily watch this one again. It deserves to go far.

Andrew Shillaber 37 days ago

First time at the fringe having booked up everything in advance - fortunately I had 4 hours free one afternoon so this was my only spontaneous purchase. It would have been so easy to focus on events - his trial or the code cracking but this was refreshingly about the man, what was important to him, how he felt, what he thought about. I was very moved by this quality and highly creative performance and feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to see it. I felt sorry for the cast as none of us clapped after the songs until the end but I think that's due to the fact we were all mesmerised and didnt want to disrupt the flow. Everyone certainly showed their appreciation at the end. Congratulations and thanks for making this a real fringe highlight

Jesse Hostetler 38 days ago

Alan Turing’s life story perfectly encapsulates the human and societal cost of valuing conformity over diversity. This show tells that story brilliantly. The actor playing Turing truly inhabits the role, and the entire cast delivers great performances that are engaging from start to finish. Highly recommended!

Wendy Bondin 39 days ago

A man who gave so much in our war effort and rewarded with nothing in recognition of his efforts. A sympathetic insight to his life and times. Fabulous acting and musical performances. Everyone should know of Turing and his story.

Ian Ritchie 40 days ago

A beautiful piece (a play with songs) about the life of Alan Turing.
It seemed to me that it got the relationships (with Christopher Morcom and Joan Clarke) just right. Also his trial for indecency and the 'special treatment' that he received seemed to ring true.
A brutal government couldn't allow him to continue unfettered as homosexual even though he really wasn't any risk to anybody. ****

Johanna Hartley 41 days ago

Guilty Of Love was excellent- quirky with good music, good storyline and well worth grabbing tickets while you can. Shows humanity at its best.. and its worst. I laughed and cried.

Priscilla Chan 44 days ago

A truly good production and cast. Jamie Sheasby's on-point performance brings Alan Turing's thoughts and emotions to life, transporting one into his complex world. A tear or two (buckets in my partner's case) likely to be shed while watching Jamie completely inhabit the role of Alan Turing. Thank you for bringing this important historical narrative to the Fringe!

Amy Smythe 44 days ago

What a beautifully directed and performed show. A talented and committed cast held the audience for the full performance. My twelve year old son and I left the theatre so moved by all we had seen and heard. Everything you would hope for from a show at the fringe. Thank you.

Fabian 46 days ago

What an absolutely fantastic and beautiful show. The actor playing Alan is absolutely phenomenal and absolutely deserves some sort of award. I cried.

The main song is something I immediately want to learn because it's beautiful and was sung so well. I really hope there's a way to buy a CD!

Also want to say thanks to the theatre as I was feeling a bit sick midway through the performance and had to step outside. They helped me out, offered me lots of glasses of water, were very kind and let me back in when I was feeling better. Lovely to be genuinely cared about as a person not a ticket.

Ali de souza 46 days ago

What an excellent show, full of heart and courage, telling an important true story with sensitivity and originality that is rich in detail. It is imaginative, compelling and poignant. Great singing all around, and especially from Jamie, who plays Alan, and Caitlin, who plays Joan.

Justyn Comer 49 days ago

Excellent! Really enjoyed it. High quality production. Should / could be in much bigger venue. Well worth seeing.

Keith Burns 50 days ago

Excellent performances and writing. Particularly the lead actors but all the company brought this important but tragic tale to life. A tear was shed in the last act because of the beautiful way they concluded the story.

Janet Griffiths 50 days ago

This was a brilliant performance by all the cast but the lead actor was particularly good in the role. It was moving and depressing in equal parts but a story that needs to be told so we never forget the power and cruelty of the state.

NIcole M Kingsley 51 days ago

Amazing show. Not a single weak link in the cast. Story was told beautifully and I can’t recommend enough going to see it. brilliant!

Eric B 51 days ago

I laughter, I cried, i was moved by the harmonies, I heard a familiar tale, I learned some new things. The lead actor is brilliantly cast and gives a moving performance throughout. The supporting cast effortlessly moves from solid theatre performance to professional quality solo and beautiful - at time intense - vocals. I expect seats will soon get hard to come by given the smallish venue.

Jonathan Brough 52 days ago

Absolutely brilliant in all respects- one of those rare shows that genuinely makes you a better person once you’ve seen it. Pure genius.

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