Al Murray: Landlord of Hope and Glory

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Citizens of Hope and Glory! A new tomorrow beckons. One that smells reassuringly of yesterday, but with Wi-Fi. One last heave and we will be there. And when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Although the going won't get tough and anyone who tells you it is going to be tough is lying. Come join the Pub Landlord and step backwards into the future. 'Stand-up gold' (Guardian). Contains rude words.

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chris page 92 days ago

Given some of the negative comments perhaps this show should have a warning sticker such as ' If easily offended don't come ' but judging by the full house on our visit most people either knew what they were going to get for their money or had seen a clip/heard of his ' Act ' before. This is NOT the Al Murray comedy hour it is The Pub Landlord a character created and used by him over many years performing to sell out crowds and more than one run in the West End of London. As for picking on the audience go to any comedy club and you will see/experience exactly the same night after night and worse. For the record WE enjoyed the show. This was COMEDY not real life. FFS.

Julie Phillips 97 days ago

By far the most expensive show we’ve seen this year. Was it the best? No.

Jenny Murray 98 days ago

A little too much like the mean kid at school bullying in the playground whilst the stupid kids laughed uncomfortably. I understand that it's 'satirical' but the fat shaming (calling them diabetic and throwing bags of crisps at fat members of the audience), racism and misogny along with mocking and patronising the band supporting him just is not that funny be it in character or not. Deeply resenting the 20 minutes of my life I gave the show before heading home for nap...

Gary Horne 98 days ago

Maybe two or three good one-liners in a mediocre and tired performance. Pretty awful.

Jo Roberts 99 days ago

What a treat the pub landlord on great form putting the world to rights.

MS 102 days ago

An ok performance, but I'm not really a fan of insulting people as a way to get laughs. I felt the performance lacked a bit of direction overall, some funny bits, but quite a nationalistic jumble. Maybe I was just expecting a different Al Murray in this performance.

Simon Hadwick 103 days ago

Cleverly assembled routine. Yes - it’s non PC but that’s all in character. Al Murray still seems relevant. We’re all fed up of Brexit but he makes it extremely funny & entertaining. We saw a show by another established name (who interestingly has chosen not to allow reviews!) which was not quite in the same league. When you’ve been around a while it’s not easy to stay at the top of your game but he’s still right up there & looks like it’ll not be last orders for the pub landlord for a while yet !

sharon brown 103 days ago

The most expensive of our show purchasers but worth every penny. Been a fan for a long time and we were not disappointed!! Yes some non pc comments but hes a character comedian and thats what we were looking for. Fantastic. Dont sit too near the front or you'll get wet!!!

Lewis Evans 103 days ago

A good solid performance with laugh and some great audience work. The last song very cringy but I can forgive that against the other bits.

Wife and I rated this 7.5 out of 10.

Gordon Barron 103 days ago

We’ve been loving Al Murray from the comfort of our sitting room for years, so this was too good an opportunity to miss. He’s still in a 1970s timewarp, serving up awkward and sometimes painful nostalgia with a pint on the side. He probes your prejudices and hidden opinions with a sharp pen, yet leaves you wanting more. Great stuff.

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The Scotsman (3/5 stars) 100 days ago

You don’t get the usual load of old Fringe rubbish from the pub landlord. ...

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The Wee Review (3/5 stars) 102 days ago

Al Murray first debuted his Pub Landlord character at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1994. Since then, the irate, internally-conflicted publican has gone on to enjoy massive success, including selling out some of this country’s biggest venues. This year, Murray returns to Edinburgh with Al Murray: Landlord of Hope and...

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