Ain't No Female Romeo

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  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 14+ (Restriction)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Wales
  • Group: Lita Doolan Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: Strong language/swearing


When a fire rips through Serbia, Peter's Instagram posts of the dramatic wilderness abruptly stop. Following clues in his social media, a 37-year-old gal hunts him down. Her 10-year-long crush on the Conservationist is turned into a one-woman manhunt, inspired by Romeo and Juliet when he goes missing. 'A desperate plea to not live life on a screen' ( Performed and penned by award-winning writer Lita Doolan. Previous work presented at Royal Court, Hampstead Theatre, Sherman, Lyceum Theatre and more. **** (, for previous Edinburgh Fringe show). Should she love or 'click like' or leave?

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Nic Lawton (co-founder of Expial Atrocious theatre company) 45 days ago

"If this is a disappearance, then it's incomplete."

This was an interesting take on such a small part of Shakespeare's original text, focusing on Romeo's disappearance. It's also interesting to see how such a small part can have such a big impact, and spark an hour long theatrical short film. I feel it is a true depiction of capturing a journey online, filming everything you find, using quotes and talking down at a piece of technology that cannot answer you back.
This really did feel like watching an Instagram story. The filters, short snippets of video, close-up angles, speaking into the void. For me, this was a story about obsession. One of the more dangerous sides of love.
I really enjoyed the filming in public, and how Lita captured sections of strangers on camera, which only further highlighted themes of isolation and the longing for in-person connection, to get away from this digital world. The fact that she filmed people from a distance or only their feet was a great comment on not knowing how to connect with people in real-life, but knowing exactly what to say when you're alone with a camera. Which, again, is a powerful comment on the tech-savvy generation of today. And at times, it also felt like she truly was the only person on the search for the illusive Peter.
I also would have loved to have walked past while she was filming in the towns, it would have been so brilliant to listen in on as she came out with some absolutely wonderful quotes. A few of my favourites being "I feel like you're following me," with that classic double meaning and, "Secretly I'm dying to fill my mouth with Percy Pigs." Genius.
The narration and delivery of her lines was very natural and she has a brilliant storytelling voice that really helps to build detailed mental images for the audience. I particularly loved the descriptions she gave of Olga, how she uses a teacup as an ashtray and that she is basically one big walking cigarette. Lita really knows how to describe people, and that is one of my favourite writing styles. Just describing people and their mannerisms.
It was very poetic and I loved that element of the show as it was a bit of an homage to Shakespeare himself, how sometimes the lines can rhyme, and other times they describe love and loss so intensely, you find yourself agreeing whole-heartedly.
'Ain't No Female Romeo' is a desperate piece about longing for in-person connection and becoming obsessed with a false digital life. Wonderful writing and storytelling.
(I also completely agree that Rick Astley would carry you through a battle.)

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LouReviews (4/5 stars) 38 days ago

well-structured, thought-provoking, and of the moment.

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