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Brand-new original musical drama comedy based on the true stories of Jill Morrell and John McCarthy. His five years held hostage in Lebanon. Her tireless campaign for his release. Events unfolding beyond their fairy-tale reunion under a very public spotlight. Feedback from June previews: 'Delightful metatheatrical production' ***** ( 'Inventive and exciting musical' (David Edgar, playwright). 'Compellingly dramatic with a touch of musical courage' **** ( 'The lyrics are sophisticated and witty' **** ( 'A war-torn love story with mass appeal' **** ( 'One cracker of a show' **** (

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Helen E 98 days ago

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️What a wonderful piece of theatre. Loved every minute of this show. The two hander left me wanting more. The actors were so talented with a natural chemistry. I can’t wait to see where this goes, and to see the show in its full entirety. Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jo Bartlett 98 days ago

5* Excellent, emotional, surprising and brilliantly performed. An interesting premise; a musical based on the real-life of John McCarthy a journalist who was kidnapped in Beirut in the 80’s, I thought, worth a look I thought… I’m so glad I did, this show has an excellent score, is well acted and beautiful sung. When I was there the audience was small, but extremely engaged. Please go and see this show in Edinburgh - I think its potential makes it a future big hit.

Alastair Veysey 99 days ago

A must for see for newshounds and musical lovers, and everyone in between. The human experience of Jill Morrell and John McCarthy is effortlessly told through songs that are beautifully crafted and performances that are emotionally touching. The writing is full of humour but the tragedy of the situation never forgotten. Could this be destined for the West End - I wouldn’t be surprised.

Paul Ashley 99 days ago

The worst show I have seen this week.
The story of John McCarthy and Jill Morrell is a complex and traumatic one without a happy ending. This show presents it in as tasteless and shallow way it can. I should have known better from its description as a "musical dramedy", but I honestly didn't believe it could be this bad. Script and music appear to have been written by an AI bot with the 'blandness' setting turned to max. It was performed by two actors who, although technically competent, had not a fragment of sincerity or chemistry.
This is recent history written for Hello magazine.

Gemma Moore 101 days ago

Undoubtedly the best show I've seen at the Fringe this year!! What an absolute delight. Was not expecting to be on such a roller coaster of emotions. The cast succeeded in creating an intimate space to tell a story that I knew very little about. They brought humour, grief, terror, uncertainty, relief and joy in such a short space of time! Delivered by accomplished, experienced, powerful and sensitive performers. It was a real gem and a pleasure to watch. Thank you for bringing this story to life....

Julie Phillips 102 days ago

Good show well delivered. I’d forgotten so much about this story. Well worth a viewing. We enjoyed it.

Colin Kilbride 103 days ago

This was an engaging show, about an interesting story and the performers were strong.

Chris Daniels 104 days ago

After This Plane Has Landed is without doubt my favourite show I have seen at Edinburgh Fringe 2023. As a big musical theatre fan, this show easily found its way onto my schedule and I was looking forward to seeing it. However, I definitely wasn't expecting it to be such a funny production with such an interesting approach to portraying the timeline of events in this true story. It fully engages you from the outset and there are many laugh out loud moments. The soundtrack is superb! This show is full of incredible songs with strong narratives and beautiful melodies. There are no fillers here. As someone who goes to see a lot of West End musicals, After This Plane Has Landed seems perfect for a London run. Whilst I watched the wonderful performances by Benedict Powell and Claire Russell, it brought to mind the two-person musical Ride that is currently hot property. I see no reason why Adrian Kimberlin and Deborah Harries couldn't have a similarly big hit on their hands here. If you like musicals, you will love After This Plane Has Landed.

Brian F 104 days ago

Really happy I had a chance to see this. These are two top notch singers/actors in a story I truthfully knew very little about. For such a big story they found ways to keep the emotions personal and relatable. Also there felt like a good balance of reverence for heavy subject matter while still finding flashes of humor and light.

Louise Picou 106 days ago

***** Amazing musical, great comedians, you have to go!!

Jay Black 109 days ago

* * * * * Five stars!

‘After this Plane has Landed’ was an absolute treat! My only prior understanding was that it was a musical dramedy based on the true events surrounding John McCarthy and Jill Morrell. Being born in 1993, I had no idea who they were. But anyone I’ve since spoken to who remembers the late 80s seem to recall McCarthy’s kidnapping in Lebanon while reporting on the civil war, and Morrell’s tireless campaign to have him rescued.

An odd choice of musical adaptation! At least, I had thought so until I’d seen it. It sounds ‘doom and gloom’ but really, the dominating vibes of the piece are joy, love, victory, hope, and connection. John’s five years in captivity take up less than half of the play. The remaining time gets into the nitty-gritty of the complicated events that followed his reunion with Jill.

This is all neatly wrapped up in a meta-story which I found very fun! The characters occasionally break the fourth wall to reference the fact that they are in a musical, as if the real John and Jill are meeting up, years later, and re-enacting the events. But when they are in the moment, they are IN.

Benedict Powell and Claire Russell are insanely likeable in these roles, bringing warmth and good humour to the piece. It’s clear that these two actors are having a whale of a time on stage, and it’s infectious. When the laughter falls away to the more serious moments, your heart just completely goes out to them. Powell, as John, more than rises to the challenge of portraying the lowest lows and the highest highs of this character’s journey, and you really feel everything that he feels. Russell, as Jill, is completely sympathetic and believable as someone who never gives up in a fight, and her performance draws you in. As a pair, their chemistry is brilliant, and you really end up rooting for them to succeed.

Adrian Kimberlin’s script is witty, natural and well written, and his musical score is absolutely gorgeous, sung effortlessly by Powell and Russell, whose honey-voices blend deliciously in complex, soaring harmonies. I’m still humming snatches of tune even now. And Alan Magor’s direction has not let the limited space hold it back. He has given the piece a kind of flow of motion that feeds the imagination, and teases out the natural humour and drama in equal measure.

Give your endorphins a leg-up and treat yourself to this one. ‘After this Plane’ has certainly stuck the landing.

Andrew Smart 109 days ago

Who would have thought this could ever work - it does! Beautifully delivered show with lovely harmonies & great storytelling.

Only challenge was that there was no rake on the seats & I struggled to see as much as I would have liked (from row 2!). Thankfully the music carried me through.

Andy Fleming 109 days ago

The new musical After This Plane Has Landed deftly deals with the stresses of a relationship torn apart by a kidnap. Separated for over five-years, John McCarthy and Jill Morrell’s story is beautiful told through the power of song. The kidnapped journalist and the campaigner girlfriend have vastly different experiences of the same event that ultimately impacts their relationship.

Moving, funny and a must see!

Linda K 112 days ago

When I heard there was a musical about John McCarthy and Jill Morrell, I did wonder how it would work, but it does, it really does. In Adrian Kimberlin's hands this is a witty, beautifully crafted piece with moments that left me choking back the tears.
Claire and Ben's portrayals of Jill and John are natural, realistic, and grounded. Their voices are strong but perfectly placed for the 60 seat performance space.
The set is simple, it doesn't need to be anything more, and the storytelling straightforward and clear for anyone who isn't familiar with the events of the time.
With complex harmonies, great music and lyrics, this is a show well worth seeing.

Robert Watkins 112 days ago

Brilliant show. Excellent music and lyrics, centred around a very human story. A ‘must go’ imho

Chris Stanley 113 days ago

Often funny, often moving, and always beautiful to listen to.

This is a fascinating production about a real but really difficult love story that many of us of a certain age will remember, and others will find themselves intrigued to know more about. Wonderfully directed, acted, and sung, it's well worth a visit.

Edward Bullitis 114 days ago

A fascinating true story that has been brought to life by this fabulous production. The performances by Ben & Claire are engaging & captivating, yet fun when they burst into song, taking the edge off the serious nature of the content. Addressing themes of love, dedication, despair & reintegration make this an intriguing show. Highly recommended and would love this show to come to Adelaide(my home town) for the Adelaide Fringe Festival!
(The only challenge for the venue was with the lighting)

Trudy Boyce 116 days ago

A moving ,musical depiction of two real lives and the direction that they take .
Beautifully performed.
Very much enjoyed .

Natalie Newbold 116 days ago

Fabulous songs and wonderful performances, this show is a must see at the Fringe. Funny, entertaining but also tinged with emotion, the story had me riveted from beginning to end. Adrian Kimberlin is a talent to keep an eye on!! 5/5 stars

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One4Review (4/5 stars) 97 days ago

A compelling piece of musical theatre that I would recommend you go and see.

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Bouquets & Brickbats (4/5 stars) 100 days ago

After This Plane Has Landed is a sweet and engaging musical, based around a turbulent few years in the relationship of two real people.

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Exploring events beyond a joyful reunion, under an intense media spotlight and with the fairy-tale expectations of an enthralled public.

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FringeReview 101 days ago

This show will leave you with chills. shock, and admiration for how beautifully these artists have brought a difficult story to life with powerful acting and a compelling score.

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Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (4/5 stars) 104 days ago

After This Plane Has Landed is a turbulent ride through one couple’s extraordinary relationship and a fascinating deconstruction of its collapse.

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North West End UK (4/5 stars) 104 days ago

A light musical about a dark subject.

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