Aca-rrested: Behind Bars

Music (a cappella, comedy)

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  • theSpaceTriplex - Big
  • 16:10
  • Aug 24
  • 50 minutes
  • Suitability: 3+
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: The Bristol Suspensions
  • Warnings and additional info: -
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The Bristol Suspensions are on trial for crimes against a cappella! The 16-piece mixed a cappella group from the University of Bristol are being tried for various a cappella-related crimes and need your help to find justice. Described as 'a group at the top of their game' (, The Bristol Suspensions are renowned for their electric stage presence and incredibly high energy performances, mixed with moments of comedy. The group enjoys performing an eclectic range of musical genres and styles that is always entertaining! This show will shock, surprise and above all, deliver top-notch a cappella!

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  • Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
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Donnie Zuo 29 days ago

These kids can surely sing, dance and beatbox! A clever narrative tightly weaving together one after another amazing song covers. That refreshing and explosive energy of youth just blew us all away, regardless of age. One of my best Fringe experiences this year!

John R Simpson 30 days ago

A vibrant, energetic and very accomplished show. Outstanding singing performance.
One of the best around.

Ros Harwood 31 days ago

The energy and talent the Suspensions demonstrate in this show makes it a fantastic watch! The range of songs, with some well known favourites, engaged the audience and the clever links in the story make the show a good laugh! Would really recommend seeing this show!

Caroline Johnston 32 days ago

Couldn’t believe how good this show was!!! Myself and my two kids were completely
Mesmerised by the incredible skill performed by every member of the suspension team. Thanks for a fabulous Fringe experience guys we will be stalking you from now on!!!

Duncan 32 days ago

The Bristol Suspensions put on a show filled with energy, impressive choreography and tight harmonies. A cheesy and fun dialogue connects the wide range of songs, with truly breathtaking solos. Easily one of the best A Cappella groups at the Fringe.

Wesley Tea 32 days ago

This show was fantastic! The musical arrangements were all of a highly professional standard and the script was hilarious. I would recommend to this show to anyone who is searching for a feel good, family friendly show!

Jacob 32 days ago

A fantastic display of musical ability; every member held their own with outstanding solos, with impeccable blend and cohesiveness.

The songs were broken up with hilarious sketches, showing off all the talents of the group.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming, musically tight, side splitting show, this is the one for you!

Chad 33 days ago

I cannot recommend this show enough. The Bristol Suspensions put on a masterclass in what contemporary A Cappella should sound like, proving why they are international champions and have been one of the best A Cappella groups in the country for the past five years. The script was funny, self deprecating and kept the audience in stitches between the outstanding musical numbers. Individually, the Bristol Suspensions are incredibly talented; as a collective they are a force to be reckoned with. If you are a lover of music, I guarantee you will love this show.

Alfie 33 days ago

Amazing! The Suspensions doing what they do best - combining EASILY some of the best arrangements and vocal performances that UK acappella has to offer with a hilarious script and concept. The audience were rivited by the whole thing, laughing along with the jokes and amazed by the quality of the choreography and singing, which is to be expected when each and every one of the group's members are as talented and funny as they are! If you enjoy music in any way, or are just looking for a really fun and impressive performance, then the Bristol Suspensions' show is fantastic way to spend an hour at the Fringe. Keep up the great work guys! :D

Artur 34 days ago

It's an increadbly funny show! The singing is breathtaking (I've got goosebumps under the whole show) and the coreografie is just really compact and well done. I recommand this show for everyone who loves music and likes to have good time. It is enjoyable for the whole family so if you have kids bring them because they are going to love it. I love you guys keep up with the good work!!!

David Hill 34 days ago

Great fun and an excellent way to fill a an hour in the afternoon. I was astonished to find out they were'nt all trained singers but simply students getting together for fun. A nice mix of upbeat and quieter numbers with some great soloists. The beatbox guy was impressive too.

Peter and Amanda 34 days ago

What a fantastic show this is! From the moment the Bristol Suspensions burst onto the stage, their energy, enthusiasm and sense of enjoyment is palpable.

Their songs are arranged to showcase the many different skills they possess, creating countless tuneful harmonies in a variety of musical styles. These are complemented by outstanding choreography and a fast-paced comedy script which cleverly ties the whole thing together.

What is apparent from the first song is how much the group are enjoying performing ... their team spirit is infectious and makes for a first class feel-good show!

If you see one A cappella show at Fringe, make it this one and you won’t be disappointed!

Grace 34 days ago

Utterly fantastic! It was an absolute joy to watch this group perform. Their stunning vocals were complemented brilliantly by energetic choreography and an entertaining script. Every member of the group was clearly a brilliant soloist in their own right, and the musical director has done a wonderful job in producing some beautiful arrangements that demonstrate the mesmerising harmonies that the group is able to produce together, as well as the vocal prowess and range of each soloist.

I loved the script, the courtroom-style storyline brought an extra dimension that I’ve not seen in other a cappella shows, and their versatile repertoire showcased their talent not only for high-energy, upbeat numbers, but also for powerful, moving performances of the more emotional songs.

An absolutely brilliant experience watching this show, I will be booking tickets to go again tomorrow! Cannot recommend it highly enough!

Laura 35 days ago

The fantastic and slick vocals were let down by a panto-esque script full of what we’re obviously “Bristol Uni” inside jokes. The impressive but sometimes unnecessary riffing as well as 3 minutes in which the soon-to-be-graduates faced each other (backs to the audience) as they sang left a taste of self indulgence. I enjoyed all the vocals and most of the choreography but the acting and script writing gets a 0/10.

James Gates 35 days ago

Fantastic entertainment. The choreography was slick and visually eye-catching and matched well with the lighting. Step-out soloists were great - particularly the women.

However, it brought to mind the question of what is ‘good’ a cappella? Is it entertainment or does there have to be musical integrity. The debate is flawed. It can be both and it should be! This show only had the entertainment factor.

The music itself needs work. The tuning at times was bleak and often chords were not recognisable. The backing vocals also need to be sharpened up - this is not helped by how loud the soloist mics are tuned up.

They commit to the plot of an a cappella court room fairly well with some ‘committed’ acting but at points it is really cringeworthy and just not funny. The music needs to be improved before you can get to the comedy.

You’ll be entertained at this show but if you’re a real music fan look elsewhere.

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