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Ding! The world is ordered, the food is good, everything runs on time. The bell dings, the trunk opens, the system begins. But this time, it is 8:03 and the world is changing. An original, non-verbal physical theatre piece where clown, farce, and absurdism meet to create an unusual world where predictability gives way to flying gloves, cookie jars and a storm at sea. Experience this touching story of encountering the unknown. Recipient of multiple Hollywood Fringe awards. Bring three coins.

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Peter Mills 30 days ago

Having no idea what to expect, I was totally enthralled and engrossed by one of the best shows at this year’s Fringe. It would be impossible (and unfair) to explain what the show was about so all I’ll say is that if you ever get a chance to see this company in the future, take it!

Jeffrey 36 days ago

***It's only running a few more days, make sure you see it!***

8:03 is its own curious world. It's also very much ours. The fun of viewing is discovering how things unfold for the three meticulous persons on stage, while catching flashes of real life – the strenuous, farcical bits – staring back at you from the clockwork of the cookie factory.

Also (they'll still let you in if you forget, but really) bring 3 coins!

Stuart Arnott 40 days ago

This show was utterly charming. And it was also rather profound. Three worker's regular routine starts to go awry, and their society starts to break down. It was actually quite profound. Beautifully performed by three terrific performers. You'll have fun watching the show, and you'll still be thinking about its intricacies hours later. A proper Fringe show. Highly recommended.

(Oh, and one of the performers is SnubbyJ (the TikTok RimbaTunes guy)!

Ian RM 40 days ago

All of life in 50 minutes of silent rebellion, seduction, sword fights, music, shipwreck, and redemption as our three heroes fight the terrible toaster tyranny. Packed with wordless insight and tons of laughs. You will never look at rubber gloves the same way again. Definitely see it - and bring three coins!!!

Ruth A 41 days ago

Skillful, funny, beautifully timed, beautifully performed. I've seen 23 shows this week, and this is one of my favourites.

Katie M 41 days ago

Quite absurd! As it is meant to be. Very clever, warm, amusing and bemusing. A fun 50 minutes that leads to discussions afterwards about what it is all about. Great timing from the performers too.

Maarten Rischen 45 days ago

18 shows in for this years Fringe for me, including the biggest names on the bill, and this show is still #1 for me.

Brilliant in its concept, execution, performance and dedication; through its simplicity it reaches the farthest ends of the human experience; clown but heartachingly real. And no, I’m not a well willing friend praising them to the heavens, I’m just a random Fringe goer whose life has been changed by three guys and their cookies.

Pernickety Pumpkin 46 days ago

Clever, fun and very well performed! Full of wonders in every sense of the word.

Thomas 46 days ago

A quirky, funny show that plays like an experimental version of the Three Stooges. When a normal, daily routine goes awry, it reveals all-too-human emotions of jealousy, inspiration, and--surprisingly--a sort of religiosity. It's (almost) entirely wordless, so relies on the physical, comic skills of the actors.

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