44 Inch Chest

Theatre (contemporary, drama)

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  • theSpace on North Bridge - Perth Theatre
  • 19:05
  • Aug 24
  • 50 minutes
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Out Of Bounds Theatre
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains Distressing Themes, Strong Language/Swearing, Descriptions of Graphic Violence, Simulated injury.
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'Now there’s characters in the world who will come along to test you and cause you to doubt yourself, to turn your life upside down and it's times like this, you find out who you are'. 44 Inch Chest by Louis Mellis and David Scinto is a comedic tragedy enveloped in extreme profanity and the stench of toxic masculinity. This abridged theatrical premiere follows Colin Diamond and his unsavoury cohort as they try to remedy the greatest tragedy he never thought possible. Battling hallucinations and the boisterous arrogance of his friends, Colin fights to piece himself together.

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Masked Mosquito 56 days ago


I was really excited to see this production as I am a fan of the writing of David Scinto and Louis Mellis and was intrigued to see the original stage version of the story. Unfortunately I left the show very disappointed.

I felt that the production greatly suffered because of the performances from the majority of the cast. The script's dialogue is brilliantly zingy, precise, muscular and notably filled with a lot of C and F bombs. Because of this, there is a lot of technique required when speaking the lines, especially in terms of the pace and connecting the thought to the line delivery to make it sound spontaneous. Sadly I felt that most of the actors were not able to do this convincingly. If you listen to some of the dialogue in the production's trailer you might understand what I mean (especially how some of the actors shout).

Not all the actors were bad vocally. I felt that the lead actor playing Colin was very strong in terms of how he spoke the lines, particularly the intimidation in his voice and the way he shouted during outbursts. He gave a strong performance with a lot of gravitas that I felt was crucially missing from most of the other actors.

Because of the nature of the script it is vital that the show has a lot of menace and tension. Unfortunately I felt that the performances needed to be much more intimidating for the story to work, especially given the high stakes and as most of the characters are gangsters after all. I think part of this was down to miscasting as most of the actors were too young (in the film the characters are notably middle-aged or older). This to me was most evident with the actor playing Old Man Peanut (despite the attempt to age him with dye in his hair). The actor might be brilliant in other roles but here I felt that his performance was poor, lacking menace or spontaneity, with the monotonous way he spoke his lines being for me the low point of the show.

The actors playing Archie and Mal did a very decent job but could have been better. The actor playing Meredith was energetic but I felt he lacked the menace required and he portrayed the role as very camp which I felt undermined the character as is turned him into a stereotype. I was unsure about the performance from the actress portraying Liz as I felt she did not play the stakes of the situation, but I was unsure if this was a purposeful choice to show that the character was not intimidated by the gangsters. Apart from Colin the best actor for me was the actor playing Loverboy (who had no dialogue) as he provided a lot of the tension from looking so terrified throughout his scenes.

The script has amazing dialogue so if the production had more appropriate actors it could have been a real blast. Here's hoping that there is a revival with another cast.

Rating 2/5

Naomi Sargeant 58 days ago

I recommend coming to watch this slick piece of theatre for the outstanding performances from the cast. In character throughout, gritty and immersed. Some of the best acting I’ve seen during my time at this year’s Fringe. Well done everyone.

Lindsay Seal 59 days ago

Outstanding performances from the entire cast. A Fringe master piece for me. Hard-hitting as befits the era it is from. Not for the faint-hearted.
F...ing brilliant !

Anon 62 days ago

Although there are some strong performances in the show I struggled to find a reason why this sweary piece of gangster drama was chosen to be revived. Rather than coming off as engaging and intriguing it just felt nasty. The main meat of the play focuses on the violent activities and nasty personalities of the gang members rather then any sort of dramatic colour or tension. This made it very stilted and stuck in time rather than vibrant, living theatre. The characters you wish were given more of a voice say little or next to nothing and the ones you wish would talk less say a lot (Meridith being the exception to this). All this combined makes for a production that is confronting on a very base level but is in no way satisfying or tense. I also left the show with the puzzling conclusion of 'why the hell am I supposed to empathise with a man who stamped his pregnant wife in the belly with seemingly no remorse?'

David Quirk 65 days ago

The strong language used in this piece rapidly and effectively gets you into the psyche of the characters and really sets the scene for a very powerful performance.
All of the performers played their parts with incredible skill and it was an immense pleasure to have been able to see this show.

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Deadline News (4/5 stars) 55 days ago

WRITTEN in 1996, adapted into a film in 2009 and now performed in its intended medium for the first time ever, 44 Inch chest acts as a discussion of toxic masculinity and dehumanisation, explored through the vessel of a gangster-esque hostage story.

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The Scotsman (3/5 stars) 60 days ago

They’re the kind of men who have greased back hair, buy their shoes on Bond Street, make liberal use of the “c” word and have a man covered in blood in the wardrobe. ...

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Bouquets & Brickbats (4/5 stars) 60 days ago

It’s a hardcore stew of toxic masculinity that comes across like Harold Pinter with added effing and jeffing, but – once you’ve accustomed yourself to that unflinching invective – there’s a brutal kind of lyricism to what unfolds. [...] those looking for a slice of powerful drama in the final week of the Fringe could certainly do a lot worse than this.

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Ed Fringe Review (4/5 stars) 62 days ago

An unnerving contemplation of masculine identity...

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Ed Fringe Review (4/5 stars) 62 days ago

Gritty, fast-paced and aggressive...

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 65 days ago

Rarely does the stage premiere of a work take place twenty-three years after it was written, but Out Of Bounds Theatre has claimed the honour with their gritty production of 44 Inch Chest by David Scinto and Louis Mellis at theSpace on Northbridge. The play received an initial reading but...

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