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Two Interpol agents investigate a series of international art thefts while simultaneously committing the crimes in this madcap comedy. The two performers frequently swing into side characters while serving their counterpart on stage, as our main characters, guised from the world on two fronts, navigate the murky waters of subterfuge in a family forged after fleeing from foster care.

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Iain Stringer 38 days ago

A mad-cap farce from this comic duo, working though a cockney-rhyming tale where no one is to be trusted. Out two talented actors navigated through accents, dialects and multiple characters at quite a pace. Shame it was their last show.

Bill 45 days ago

Forget about trying to really follow the plot and just enjoy the madness of it. Jasmine Dorothy Haefner gives a fantastic performance.

PJ Vickers 47 days ago

Crazy, character heist comedy. Two “wrong ‘uns” take us through this cockney caper of forgeries, double-crosses and disapproving parents.
The show has great spirit, but I would love to see these two fab performers in something more developed. A great swirl of ideas and invention here, but as they say themselves, through the ever-present screen titles, let’s look out for the sequel. To be continued…

Christian Hege 47 days ago

Hassan Hope and Jasmine Dorothy Haefner take on an Olympian task, playing so many roles in rapid succession -- with character, costume, and accent changes -- that I lost count. This was a feat of virtuosity and endurance, and a celebration of what the theater can do, that real life can't.

I'd love to see this show go further, maybe using lighting shifts to imply the tiny set changes (instead of requiring Hassan and Jasmine to move the furniture!). I'll be following these two.

Lilith Allen 48 days ago

We’re so glad we went to see this show! The two person cast had a great energy, and there were some really funny moments! Interesting story that is definitely worth a watch!

Jennifer 49 days ago

2 Faces is a very entertaining play!! The performance was very fun and fast paced. The acting was phenomenal with both actors bringing authentic character and energy to multiple roles!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining storyline!!

Curtis P 56 days ago

Thoroughly enjoyed 2 Faces! Both cast members are very talented, energetic and worked extremely hard during the show. 16 scenes with 8 characters is an impressive feat in less than an hour! The show was funny, quirky and fast paced. Overall, had a great time watching it and would watch it again!

Mike Lemme 56 days ago

Most impressive show I've watched at Fringe. I have no idea how they were able to do all of that in an hour!

John Handscombe 57 days ago

Oh my word! My first show of the fringe and so very bad! But before I rip it apart I have to say it was so bad I sort of enjoyed myself.

A NY company who may well not have even been born in the '90s have decided to write (the first episode) of a play set in Dalston in 1991. Occasionally the accents actually hit somewhere in the UK (not Dalston), but I can't describe the joy of the Wikipedia Cockney Rhyming slang!!! It's so funny! Just not intentionally. Especially as nobody's told them you only say the first bit, so instead of Bees for money, it's Bees and Honey. Sort of undermines the point, but I love it nonetheless.

Finally, the plot (if you can call it that) is so flimsy there are captions between scenes explaining what's happening. Except that at some point the captions become a conversation between a parent and child in America. No, I have no idea why.

OK, so I now feel really mean for writing this review, but it's done from a place of joy! If you fancy a dose of what the Fringe is all about, get really drunk and go and see this show. Also, the place was packed, so they're doing something right. Just not sure what...

Laura Rennie 57 days ago

This is the worst play I have seen in years at the Fringe. There was more time and effort spent on the 'production' of the show than the actual plot. We left before it finished because we didnt understand anything that was going on. Gutted about this as I thought it would be really good.

IJC 57 days ago

The play description sounded great, however we came away disappointed. I’m sure the actors are talented, just not at doing British/Cockney accents. People left half way through and other members of the audience fell asleep. The storyline was hard to follow, you had to rely on text projections to get a feel for what was going on. Not worth paying to see.

Sumotartan 60 days ago

Always impresses me when two performers take on a multitude of roles and hats off to both performers for doing so. But saying that I was really disappointed in the show, barely had the laughs I was expecting and only the projected screen which kept the story going in between switch arounds salvaged this. Won't take anything away from the acting but the changing of scenes was too quick and the story didn't gel at all in my opinion. Just wasn't entertaining enough for me and I kind of lost interest halfway through.

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