Theatre (immersive, drama)

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  • Leith Arches - Ground Level
  • 19:30
  • Aug 30
  • 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: Saltire Sky Theatre
  • Warnings and additional info: Covid safety measures, Scenes of violence, Strong language/swearing


Saltire Sky is back! The critically acclaimed 1902 takes an access-all-areas approach to working-class life in Scotland as we follow four, young, wannabe football hooligans in their quest to see Hibs win the Scottish Cup Final. Pub theatre at its finest, this immersive production has sold out its last three Fringe runs and is back for a fourth! Fresh from a run in Birmingham, grab a pal, grab a pint and get yourself along to see this electric piece of new writing.

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Bryn Johnson & Ariadni 142 days ago

Don’t worry if you’re not a football fan -you’ll still love it. It will make you laugh (and it might make you tear up a little). This show was not what we expected it to be and definitely was the highlight of our fringe.

Veronica Hunter 143 days ago

I have seen this show 4 times over the past few years & I have to say this year has to have been thee best. Outstanding performances from all involved. Bringing it home to leith just made it that extra special. If you haven’t seen the show then it’s a must. 5⭐️ Show with a standing ovation

Becki Shallard 144 days ago

Immersive, fast paced and superbly acted out. This show is a must see for everyone. Location was perfect!

Amanda McKenzie 144 days ago

What a fantastic show. Loved it from start to finish. The actors involved were outstanding and the story line was great 100% recommend this show.

Alice Hancock 146 days ago

Oh my goodness! Best of the fest indeed! We hav been stuck in the UK since we came over last November due to the pandemic, we are originally from Nevada US, Can I just say that blew my f****king mind!

Where are these actors from and why aren’t they in LA? Someone needs to grab these “wee” stars and sign them up ASAP! The acting brilliance is none other than astounding and dare I say it, I am glad we stuck around till august, you have made our year

P.S to the Yobs that went to the little girls room throughout the performance, you’ve paid to see a show, sit downstairs, shut up and enjoy the performance. Well done for dealing with the utter disrespect of that group of thugs!

Big Love

Alice H

Steven Sibbald 146 days ago

Give you 3 pints before the show and have to go out to the toilet 45 minutes into the show and then get told you can’t get back in after they feed you pints. If you go don’t drink before or during the show.

joanne scott 149 days ago

Fantastic show great acting funny and emotional

Debbie & Mike 149 days ago

Wow, what can I say..amazing show and definitely a must to go see!!

Totally blown away with the talent and the raw energy of the whole performance! An immersive experience as the characters engaged with the audience in an intimate setting.

Full of humour, emotion and believable characters all wrapped up in a fantastically written storyline!

We left the place buzzing (and I’m not even a footie fan)

Well done to all - explosive entertainment!

Wishing you all every success

mark griffiths 150 days ago

Absolute adrenaline pumped from the first moment. Intimate, raw and powerful acting of the highest order, felt like we were part of the Hibs crew. Loved every minute of this play- wanted more, would be so pleased if this play could be transferred South to let more people enjoy its muscular ambitions. A great, nae, magnificent work by some fearless, extraordinary actors. Please go see and support. This play must go on. Thanks for the privilege.

Clare Lubin 150 days ago

Excellent show. Sharp writing, good pacy acting. Best show we’ve seen this year.

Alison Goldie 152 days ago

Absolutely brilliant! Amazing play, moving and funny. Superb writing and acting to compliment. Brilliant characters. I don't even like bloody football but this was immense. Can't wait to follow this company more

Neil & Fam 153 days ago

Absolutely brilliant
Superb drama, acting, timing, commitment and location
Best thing at the fringe for us this year
One of the best pieces of theatre we have been privileged enough to see (ever)
Words don’t cover it
Congratulations to all involved, it was jaw dropping

Juliet Barnett 153 days ago

Energetic performances and live theatre at its best . Great venue too

Mats van Es 154 days ago

Absolutely loved it! Funny, dramatic, and very energetic. And you're right on the action as well. This was my first Fringe and I went to a quite a few shows and this was definitely the best!

Theadora Hayes-Hollands 154 days ago

An amazing show!!! The acting was impeccable along with the writing, highly recommended if you wanna see some great theatre ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Helen & Smiler Inleith 154 days ago

Wonderful, don’t hesitate, just go and see what is probably one of the best shows at this years fringe

Graeme Scott 155 days ago

Abso-f’in-lutely brilliant ya c, as Tony hissel’ might have said. Best bit of theatre I’ve seen in a few years. The characters are authentic, so the language is authentic. If you’re a bit sensitive to strong words, then toughen up, or you’ll miss out. Thanks for a fantastic show and excellent, believable performances. Yep; I had a quivery chin and yep, I certainly laughed. Took my daughter and she loved it just as much as me.

Eric Whitelaw 155 days ago

FAN-TAS-TIC. This show had me laughing, crying and heart racing. Not Fringe at its finest, but THEATRE at its finest. A must see!

Sue Pollard 156 days ago

This has to be the best show of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021.
I really can't find the right words to describe a bunch of amazing, fun, lively actors and actress..it made me laugh, it made me cry.
One bit of advice...Go watch the performance..you will not be disappointed

Gary Williamson 156 days ago

Simply put, this show was absolutely brilliant, great acting had us feeling part of the story....very highly recommend and a must see if you want pure theatre entertainment at its best...

David Docker 158 days ago

Seen this every year and somehow it gets better each time we see it ,great story with a chance to sing along, have somie belly laughs and feel real sadness. Superbly delivered by an outstanding cast...a must see ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Martin burroughs 159 days ago

Great show. Very immersive, well plotted with a real tension at times. Deserves to be seen.

William Howard 159 days ago

Funny, immersive, original and gripping. The highlight of our fringe. But make sure u go for a wee beforehand

JD 159 days ago

Great play and fantastic acting, worth a trip out to Leith to watch. No weak links in the performance and nice touches of humour and an interesting set and music. Took 2 teenagers who both enjoyed it.

Clive W 161 days ago

This encapsulates everything that I've missed about live fringe theatre. An up close, exciting and physical show played in the round that gripped the whole audience from start to finish. This is what attracts new audiences to theatre. Great to be back.

Wilma Paxton Doherty 162 days ago

Fantastic show, great plot, fab acting, touched all emotions - a must see!!

Kerry Smith 162 days ago

1902 was a real treat - fantastic plot, incredibly well written and performed by an exceptionally talented cast. The performance seemed to last minutes and left me wanting more. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dave Whelan 162 days ago

Absolutely marvellous play, seamlessly presented and left me buzzing afterwards! Definitely worth the distance!

Julie Cooke 163 days ago

My absolute pick of the Fringe. Fantastic atmosphere, witty and laugh out loud, but dark and heart-wrenching too. Loved the set up which makes you feel part of the action. And had to hold back the tears at the end. A wonderful rollercoaster and a definite must see. If it goes out on the road, I’ll be tracking it down and going again.

Neil Gough 163 days ago

An absolutely brilliant performance. You must make time to see these guys perform a raw and emotional, not all football, play. Yes it's a way out of the city, and yes the venue is peculiar but it is the show of the festival. 100% recommended.

Susan White 164 days ago

I was pretty excited about getting out to see some live entertainment again, but I wasn’t prepared to be completely blown away!
This show had us gripped from the very beginning to the very end. It is so well written and brilliantly performed, and for me was a real roller coaster of emotions - proper guffawing was expected and delivered but I wasn’t ready to feel so emotional! Injecting wee snippets of vulnerability and tenderness into the storyline was really clever. It certainly drew me in, and I had prickly eyes on more than one occasion. But the laughs were never far away.
What a perfect venue too. It’s intimate so that you feel involved in the action but never felt awkward. And very clever the way that the actors occasionally ad-lib with the audience.
Definitely not just for Hibbies or football fans (we happen to be Jambos) because it’s ultimately a tale of passion, adversity, friendship and kinship. And lots more inbetween.
Absolutely brilliant! I cannot recommend this show highly enough. Well done to everyone involved. I’m not surprised to hear this show is taking off big style.

Ian Haywood 164 days ago

Brilliant show. Easily the best I’ve seen at The Fringe. Football fan or not…it’s a must see!

Michael Hunt 165 days ago

A rollercoaster ride of a show. You will laugh, be shocked and feel real emotion for Deeks as he tries to dig himself out of a mess of his own making.
A great show for football fans of any persuasion, and fans of immersive theatre. You won’t regret it!

Hester Siggins-mackie 165 days ago

Absolutely fantastic!!! All the actors were amazing you can't miss this show it really is worth seeing!! Emotional funny and fascinating

Mary Everett 165 days ago

If there were an option to give stars, I’d be giving 5/5 ⭐️ You’ll laugh your socks off, you’ll cry your eyes out, you’ll love it so much you’ll come back the next day to watch it again. Supremely talented cast, flawlessly written script, a truly immersive performance that will have you feeling like a member of the BHSB from the get go! Superb venue that seems like it was built for this performance. You needn’t be a hibs fan or even a football fan to enjoy the talent on offer in this performance.

David Best 166 days ago

Fantastic show. Will make you laugh, will make you cry. You don't even need to support the Hibs to fully enjoy this show. Terrific performances all round.

Jamie Liall 167 days ago

Easily the best show I have EVER seen at the Fringe and I’ve been a fringe-goer for over 35 years now. Never been interested in football, in fact I’d go as far as to say I have an active dislike for the sport, but this certainly opened my eyes to how important it can be in the world.

The acting is phenomenal, one of the actors even shut down a heckler in the crowd to the amusement of the audience but it did not phase them. Sharp, Funny and surprisingly beautiful at points. I’m so glad I was dragged along. Fantastic spectacle, and as little as it means coming from an “Auld Fart” like me. 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Fringebiscuit (4/5 stars) 145 days ago

A high-energy, immersive romp through the rollercoaster fortunes of a Hibernian Football Club supporters “battalion”. Superb acting enriches a script that tends towards melodrama; Saltire Sky Theatre bring poignancy and comedy to a show that understands and celebrates the local community.

The Play's the Thing 145 days ago

an immersive theatre piece

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My Theatre Mates (5/5 stars) 146 days ago

One the most powerful performances I have ever watched’

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Theatre and Art Reviews 153 days ago

The atmospheric setting for 1902 has been set in a disused arches space in an industrial area of Leith. It’s a bit off the Fringe beaten track but I can assure you it’s well worth the trip.

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Broadway Baby (5/5 stars) 157 days ago

Saltire Sky Theatre have created a stunning piece of immersive theatre, that's as uplifitng as it is tragic. It also is also rooted in the spirit of the nation, of Edinburgh, of Leith and above all of Hibs. It could not be peformed in a better place.

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 157 days ago

Slick, spirited, sweaty theatre celebrating the importance of supporting your (football) team

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Corr Blimey (4/5 stars) 157 days ago

There pertains this elitist myth that art and sport (specifically theatre and football) don’t share a common ground, let alone a common audience.


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The Theatre Gal (5/5 stars) 158 days ago

With an electric atmosphere from beginning to end, spectacular performances, crucial subject matters and an immersive experience that heartens both the senses and soul, 1902 is a riveting watch that leaves you with a buzz like no other.

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 161 days ago

Hibernian fans will need no explanation of the title; 1902 was the last year that Hibs won the Scottish Cup, before their triumphant return to glory in 2016.

In this hard-hitting, in-yer-face drama, though – directed by Scott-Dunn and Sands Stirling, very much in the Trainspotting style of the 1990s – we see how love for the team drives our hero Deeks and his friends Sambo, Frankie and Zippy deep into dangerous territory, when Deeks borrows the money for four precious 2016 cup final tickets from a scary local hard man.

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The Student Newspaper (4/5 stars) 161 days ago

You will be hard pressed to find a show that is as undeniably fun this Fringe, and hopefully you’ll be able to see it at many more Fringes to come.

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