Cover all the bases - make sure you’re ready to enjoy every second with our essential checklist.

Equip yourself with the Fringe Programme

The Fringe is all about finding things to see! Read the programme online, download a copy for later, find out where to pick one up for free or order it straight to your door. How you use it from there is up to you! (Marker pens? Spreadsheets? Colour-coded bookmarks?)

Find out how to get your copy

Download the iOS/Android app

The entire Fringe Programme will also available via our free Fringe App. The app also comes with several nifty features, including ‘Nearby Now’ and syncing your favourites from your account. The updated 2020 app will be released ahead of the Fringe.

Join us on social media

Visit our social media channels and connect with other Fringe visitors and performers!

Tell us how you #MakeYourFringe this year? Use the hashtag and discover something new at the Fringe.

Become a Fringe Friend

Sign up as a Fringe Friend and we’ll deliver your Fringe Programme straight to your door on launch day so you can start to plan your adventure. You'll also receive 2for1 ticket benefits and access to an exclusive Friends Box Office and ticket booking line throughout August.

Try out the Fringe Inspiration Machine

It’s a real-life, physical machine that presents you with a pick’n’mix selection of shows to see. The results include short videos, made by the shows’ artists, to give you a flavour of what they’re like.

We're rebooting the inspiration machine for 2020 and will share more details soon.

Set your watch accurately

Lots of shows won't admit latecomers, and with a quick turnaround between shows in each venue, they absolutely have to start on time - so make sure you're there before the start! You can also schedule your shows in the app calendar so you always know where to head next.

And remember "Fringe Time" days run from 5am to 4:59am, so a show listed as 1am on Friday night is actually in the early hours of Saturday morning. Make sure your tickets are for the right show on the right day.

Plan to eat

Salt N SauceThere's so much to see that it's easy to forget to eat. Don't waste a second feeling faint.

Be safe

We all hope it won't happen, but if you hurt yourself or you find you’re getting run down, NHS Lothian has a dedicated practice especially for visitors to the city during the festival season. The NHS in Scotland also offers a free 24-hour helpline for non-emergencies and self care advice: simply dial 111.

Get map-savvy

Help find your away around town with our interactive venue map. If you like to have a paper map too, a handy fold-away map covering all of Edinburgh's festival venues will be available from all Fringe box offices and ticket collection points as well as sites across the city.

Edinburgh's streets tend to cross one another on two levels, so make sure you know where you're going when you set off, or you might find yourself right on top of your venue with no way to get down onto the street below!

Other top tips:

  • Raincoats trump umbrellas every time; they don't pose a logistical problem in the massive crowds you're bound to encounter and they don’t turn inside-out in the wind (or else you’re doing it wrong).
  • Edinburgh is famous for its special "four seasons in one day" trick, so remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses too.
  • Bring comfy shoes: the festival takes place all over the city - so there's often a lot of walking between venues. Also, the city is made of hills. Many, many hills.
  • If you’re planning to use the bus, make sure you have the exact change for your fare. You can also pickup day tickets or m-tickets with the Lothian Buses mobile app.
  • Some people bring a special satchel for all the show flyers that Fringe-goers inevitably collect. It's a great way to store them all so you can read them at your leisure, and also a great way to keep Edinburgh tidy; you can carry all the flyers you don't want until you find a bin.